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  1. Nope. Its Skywalker. Sent from my SHIELD Tablet K1 using Tapatalk
  2. Been watching PEII in 4K and also watched Patriots Day. PEII is simply outstanding, and is reference material for 4K. I'll admit, after the initial bombings in Boston, I didn't really follow the search for the two brothers. Not because I didn't care, I was simply too busy with a 1 year old. That said, I found Patriots Day to be a very well done movie. I enjoyed how it was paced and learning about what went into the search and all the sacrifices made along the way. The best part, as I'm sure you can guess, is all the amazing stories of the people affected by that Monday and the days following. And, how they chose to deal with and overcome what happened to them. Another great one from Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg.
  3. I had a lot of luck with the Crown XLS 1502 running my KLF20s.
  4. -9.5 is better. I use a MiniDSP and keep my sub out through the receiver at -10. I raise my trim level through the mini. The only time I raise it through the receiver is for music. Yes, pure bypasses Audyssey and only runs the l/r and no subs. I never use Pure.
  5. I would advise moving the sub on the right in the picture. Is there room behind you? Maybe it's just my preference, but I think you lose a lot from a sub when it's placed in an open space like that. Just my .02
  6. Having 2 THTs might make me biased. But, honestly for what I have in them, and the fact that they can go with me when we move, they're hard to beat. I understand that a f20 might have more output. But, I would rather have two more THTs. I've said this before here, and I'll say it again. I've never, ever, ever heard a bad noise come from either sub. No matter what I do. I'll break the damn house before those subs give out. IB interest me. Maybe one day, when we're in our forever home, I'd consider one. But, until then....it's THTs for me. I plan on building 2 more, sometime. I'd like to know what Youth decided on. Did you ever get to hear a THT?
  7. Youth, your new setup looks awesome! Congrats on the pickup, that's a great deal on LaScalas Typed on a tiny keyboard, excuse any grammatical errors.
  8. Then I'd take the sub back, assuming it's new. Sounds like a bad sub. Typed on a tiny keyboard, excuse any grammatical errors.
  9. Do you have the sub hooked up to the sub out? Where's the gain nob set to? Crossover? Could be several different things. Could also be that you got a defective sub, it happens. Typed on a tiny keyboard, excuse any grammatical errors.
  10. Godzilla is pretty good. It's filtered and clips, but sounds pretty good. It's a fun one to throw on. I guess I should give Looper a go; own it but I've not watched it since my dad and I saw it in the theater.
  11. Looks great Scrappy. I'm planning to replace my front three with 1299s and volt 8s for the back 4. How hard was it to learn how to veneer? Looks like you've been doing it for awhile.
  12. Rock Chalk all the way to the Championship!!!
  13. Man, I'd love to have a third......but you're over 10hrs away. I'll think about it. I'm selling my Denon, decided to go back to separates. Never mind, just measured my door to the basement, 31.5". No way it's going down there. Crap!! Sorry man. GLWS, I love mine. Great sub for the cost.
  14. I'd start with 20hz, or higher if you'd prefer. Typed on a tiny keyboard, excuse any grammatical errors.
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