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  1. Thanks. Those look nice. Since there's really nothing wrong with the originals, I'll keep as-is for now. Good to know that down the road there are options, if ever needed.
  2. Hi, This is a bit difficult to describe so please bear with me... I just received a pair of vintage Cornwall II's (commonly referred to as "verticals" I believe). Neither speaker indicates which one should be the left or the right, just that the woofer should be always be as close to the floor in either vertical or horizontal mode, suggested by the directional arrows on the back. Since these are "verticals" and in their vertical placement, one speaker has the squawker and tweeter installed more to the left side of the cabinet, while the other has them installed more to the right. I have them up such that the squawkers and tweeters are as far apart as possible (outboard rather than swapping both speakers and having them inboard) as suggested from pictures on the web. Is this the correct recommended setup?
  3. Gentleman, thanks. I have viewed the posting on the Crites website and a post from a Klipsch forum member Groomlakearea51 on this topic. They appear to disagree with respect to letter codes "A" through "H" as shown below. Groomlakearea51 does reveal the background behind their research, which does appear extensive. Thanks again for any further insight. Crites website posts this information... 1962-1983 Letter format A = 1962 F = 1967 K = 1972 R = 1977 X = 1982 B = 1963 G = 1968 L = 1973 S = 1978 Y = 1983 C = 1964 H = 1969 M = 1974 T = 1979 D = 1965 I = 1970 N = 1975 U = 1980 E = 1966 J = 1971 P = 1976 W = 1981 ...while an excerpt from Groomlakearea51's post: shows this: "YEAR OF MANUFACTURE (1955 THROUGH 1983 ONLY) A = 1955-63* F = 1968 L = 1973 S = 1978 B = 1963-64* G = 1969 M = 1974 T = 1979 C = 1965 H = 1970 N = 1975 U = 1980 D = 1966 J = 1971 P = 1976 W = 1981 E = 1967 K = 1972 R = 1977 X = 1982 Y = 1983 * Cornwall's & La Scala's used "A" 1963 and "B" for 1964; the first Cornwall to use a letter code was 3A09, shipped in August of 1963."
  4. Hello and I hope the forum can help with this please...Does the "G" referenced in serial number "1G323" (for example) on a retro Cornwall II refer to the year 1968 or 1969? Thanks and regards.
  5. Absolutely. Makes sense to me. Seeing bare threads initially led me to suspect that parts might have been missing or lost. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks and I understand. This sounds like a good suggestion, but I'm trying to keep this as original as possible. I did not upload my attachment correctly the first time, so trying again. As you will see, there appear to be two "bare" threaded posts underneath the two slotted screws. It appears (but I do not know) that there may have once been a couple of (possible) nuts (which are now missing) which would have screwed on to these threads and secured the two speaker wires? If not, do I simply use the two slotted screws to secure the speaker wires and ignore the threaded posts? Thanks again
  7. Need help please as I just received these speakers last night for a refurb. Could someone send me a pic (or give advice) of what the speaker terminals are supposed to look like on a Cornwall II from 1968? Mine look like the attached pic and I suspect it may be missing something but not sure? Thanks
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