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  1. Thanks so much for pointing out that problem - I fixed the link!
  2. Just fixed the link - sorry about that! I had one guy offer me $800 - and from the little amount of research that I've done, I thought that was low. Another guy was supposed to drive out from California and give me $1100, but he flaked out. I was willing to take that figure, so I guess I'll start there. ($1100) Thanks! John
  3. Hey all - total newbie here - looking to move some gear. I bought all these new in 2002 - they are in perfect working and cosmetic condition. 2 RF-5 fronts 1 RC-3ii center 1 RSW12 sub These are all in Phoenix, AZ. Here are the details and photos.....not sure on price.....looking for offers. Thanks! http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/4227002291.html
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