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  1. That girl has a great voice but one song does not make a singer

    However with the nature of these shows and the stupidity of the producers to couple stupid song selections with contestants that can't handle a style is frustrating to watch

    I hope she does well and stays true to herself

    However if the music machine industry has anything to do with it she will be gobbled up and left in a heap

    Sorry if it sounds negative but we have all seen how very few contestants and winners have fared in the past

  2. It's happening all the time now

    Journalists and reviewers just cut and paste a company press release and if they feel creative - just add some words of your own

    Definition of a press release is an advertisement that reads and sounds like an everyday conversation

  3. Well if were to break it will not be that part, looks like it's built like a tank, Nice looking machine work.


    Yes they are hand turned on a lathe


    Materials are a combination of Brass and Alluminium

    The brass section is also height adjustable and there is a small round coupling plate for the spike


    Ohh and the Turntable is a Garrard 401

  4. A lot of people use 7" port lengths, for a little tighter bass.

    Marvel - Would that be dependent on what drivers are used ?

    I may devise a sliding port length system the next time I am in the mood to pull the cabinets apart and give it a try

    For those interested

    I have measured the Bass extension cabinet of my La Scalas that were built by the Original Poster - @sootshe






    I've always wanted to try this mod. Does anyone have FR curves of before and after this mod? I like that it is easily reversible.

    See one of Marvels old threads - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/91448-la-scala-bass-mod-again/

  5. It seems that the links in this thread do not work. Can anyone direct me to the "Doghouse Plans"? I have some La Scalas, and want to add the ported box......I also sounds like I need to sell the stamped Crites woofers and buy the cast version. I am using Eliptrac 400's and Al's Universal Network. I have a friend who is putting the finishing touches on his KHorns, and I MUST blow them out of the water...but I do have the BMS 4592 MID compression drivers..as an ace in the hole....


    Thank for any links

    This link is for the bass bin discussion - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/91448-la-scala-bass-mod-again/

    And on this link go to post #3 and download the PDF Drawings - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/115643-la-scala-2-plans/


    Is anyone else unable to find


    I don't think I've seen a total thread removed before. Pictures that some felt were inappropriate, I have no argument with that even though I'm the one that went over the line there. But the whole thread. When I tried to access the thread I got a message that I was not authorized to see it. Or some such statement. The only way I can get any access is by clicking on ******** liked a post you made in Dealing with a forum member

    In honor of the founder of Klipsch I call B$

    If is indeed still on the forum the I readily apologize for any insinuation.

    Just tested it for you mate

    Same result even after logging in

    My search was also via Google


  6. Good bit of reading on the subject we are discussing

    The only application for copper foil inductors - where high DCR is acceptable and low ACR may be beneficial - is as series inductors in small dome midrange circuits.

    Well I believe my crossover build falls within the North Creek preferred parameters for foil application

    That being the foil inductors are only fitted to the mid range and tweeter sections

    Furthermore the midrange also has a primary solid 3mm copper coil before the foil coil so it's a series inductor

    Weather by design or a guesstimate - Glad I am doing something right ( I think ?)


  7. I stopped using the Sledgehammers from Madisound. For every four or five they sent me, I would get one where the laminations were loose, and you could slide them back and forth. They may measure well, but they're poorly made. Do the measurements show that?

    The Erse Super 'Q' inductors aren't dipped in anything, just wound -- another example of a poorly made coil in my opinion.

    Janzten at least has the sense to make an attempt to remove the air from the between the windings. I like their products.

    The UT iron cores are well made and rock solid. I'm having those made on the larger frame, with the larger wire and wax impregnated.

    Thanks for your expert clarification of how an item is treated in manufacture can affect it's performance

    I forgot to mention that I used the Jantzen wax foil coils in my crossovers for the very way they were treated with wax in there manufacture

  8. Foil Inductors, why the new trend?

    Where are you seeing this "trend"?

    Google it.

    There are a lot of companies pushing foils as the best choice.

    I also saw in one of the threads here on the forums one member removed the Litz in favor of Foil. Seems like a step backwards.

    I have a few but quit using them because Hepa Litz performed better for my application.

    ALK and I have been running a few tests, seems although the Litz has the highest Q , the Foils came in second. Both were a far cry better than solid for HF.


    You mentioned a member changing from Litz to foil inductors

    That would be me - but a little context is in order

    All my speaker drivers fitted to the La Scalas differ from original and fitting foil inductors was an experiment to see if I could get some more definition from the mid and high range

    As you indicated in your post - it's what suits ones application

    The change to foil inductors were also made in conjunction with other components so the build has to be seen as a recipe of many ingredients

    The end result is delicious


  9. My 2 cents on this subject

    Measurements are necessary and I believe invaluable in raw data to get one to the final result quicker

    It measures the htz parameters thank you very much

    However the data can be flawed when one tries to set a preferred sound signature (EQ) in a room only with measurements

    Many things can corrupt that measurement

    The worst offender is the software - The modelling data assumes to much or not enough - of what an ear can and can't do

    Then there is the room dynamics

    Then the persons musical taste preference and how one actually listens to music

    And last but not least the marriage of all the components used

    Not withstanding that - what one person likes another may not - ( similar to food )

    The ear in conjunction with the other senses have the last say to ones individual preference

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  10. The Cinema F-20 came on line today, and did not, perhaps, piss off the neighbors as cause them to shelter in place. The missing octave was found on the Virgil Fox direct to disc recording classic from Crystal Clear. Having performed a smoke test with no signal, I let the Black cartridge down into the lead in groove and turned the volume to twelve o'clock. No real noticeable change on the initial 8 and 4 foot stops that open the Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. However, at bar 9 the run up the minor scale starts on a low D well below the clef. My teeth chattered, the lights visibly vibrated, and I was sexually stimulated as my private parts were massaged at 16.5hz. My son entered the room and shouted that stuff was moving around on his desk. I told him to call a priest. While my fight or flight instinct said "Run like hell..." I stuck it out and sunk into the music with eyes closed and could feel what one really feels in a great space. Powerful, yes. Loud, yes. But not really threatening at all once you convince your mind that earthquakes really don't happen in Houston and that the full range sound of a great hall is really possible even in a 12X15 space.

    Some tuning to do. Crossover isn't as transparent as I will make it. But, I just guessed at the settings.

    Huge thanks to Carl, Lonelobo, and, of course, the PAW. Pictures will be posted once I get the room straightened out.


    I pissed myself laughing at the - Call A Priest - line for a good 15 minutes

    That's classic and congrats at getting closer to Nirvana ;)

  11. thanks for all inputs. so I'm going in with some BB plywoods. I should also build a big vacuum bag and try my skills on veneering. I'll use baked and sanded (flat?) veneers. they seems to be a better choice. I don't think there is a problem in apply veneer on the playwood even the curve walls but I doubt I can trim it well after the vacuum process. I may use a router to trim the edges.

    Very good Arash

    The better you prepare the ply finish under the veneer the better the finish will be on the surface

    Also be careful with glue ripples underneath the veneer as it will show on the surface

    You may also consider pre glued veneer - this has heat activated glue and can make the job easier I am sure glue formulas have come a long way and this type of product may prove to be superior

    I recommend that you do some research

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