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  1. Thanks Tigerman - How did I find this place - We are all in this world recipe called Klipsch Speaker Owner Another recipe to follow
  2. A light snack that's yum Ingredients Focacia bread cut close to 1" thick lightly toasted and brushed with olive oil Fine chopped tomato, onion, parsley, Grilled Haloumy cheese - ( A cheese that was invented in Cyprus ) Mmmmm Yumm
  3. A short time ago I posted a daytime photo of Brisbane from the Valley side view I was at the same location yesterday at sundown and snapped these shots
  4. Hi jorjen I used the standard Duelund resistor in that possition because the cast was/is not available in the value I required except on order Yes I think the Duelund have that something special about them as we'll
  5. If you ever take a holiday in Brisbane Australia then give me a holler
  6. Here is a photo of the top view with labels All that remains now is the Jentzen Inductors - wax flat wire to replace the Solis twisted wire coils and the box frame to finish it off
  7. A few days after the hookup wire was finished, resistors arrived A day was chosen to do the changeover The resistor upgrade was completed And while having a listen to the system after our handiwork with some coffee to calm the nerves the mail man delivered another parcel. The Vishay 1837 0.01uF 160v foil capacitors. So we fitted these in. The Vishay's are used for shunting internal inductance of the parent capacitor The transformation is amazing the extra detail we could hear in some instruments is nothing short of amazing A very worthwhile changeover In My Humble Opinion
  8. An update is in order for the crossover build While I was waiting for the delivery of the resistors and 1 uf Vishay capacitors in the mail, I made some hook up wire for the drivers to the external connection of the crossovers I used 8 TC Kimber cable in this application with great results
  9. Member @Paul29 was after some - only a couple of weeks ago
  10. I was recommended to purchase this CD ( so I did ) Bella Fleck - The Flight Of The Cosmic Hippo It's Jazz Fusion style but the bass is a good test for any system
  11. I highly recommend the bass reflex sub cabinet Although the drivers have been upgraded they easily reach 30 htz and below Coupled with good crossovers the bass is fast, accurate and vibrates the house https://vimeo.com/95931681
  12. I believe it's this - got the info online and took a screen shot
  13. Update I have been testing the crossovers - giving them some burn in time, and have found them very agreeable Sound is beautiful at this crossover point @ 500htz for this setup combination Myself and the builder of the crossovers, have given a score of 9 out of 10 I will however tweak the crossover minimally by replacing or adding 1) Pathaudio earthed Resistors to the tweeter section 2) Mills Resistors to the tweeter PCB 3) Duelund standard Resistor 4) Jentzen flat wax Inductor Coils to service the mid and tweeter sections I feel and hope that these tweak additions to the crossovers will take the La Scalas to another level and then I will sit and enjoy the music forever more ( famous last words ) Just taken a short video ( hope it does the system justice )
  14. Where is the espresso coffee on the beverage choice
  15. Would you believe me if I told you that my wife plays the Accordion and has done so - since she was 12 years old She reads music and still plays her Titano Accordion from time to time Cheers
  16. I have used 2 ALK crossovers The Universal and Currently the Gentle slope AP12-600 + AP15-6000 Crossover Now while I'm using the AP12-600 + AP15-6000 Crossover the Universal has been stripped and repurposed with the any extra parts required to make this See thread and comment - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/149952-alk-crossover-design-on-single-exposed-board/
  17. The inductance coils I have used were actually made professionally at Mike Lenehan Audio in Australia http://www.lenehanaudio.com.au
  18. Don't need a baking oven for 2 crossovers Dean In any case Northern Australia is at times hotter than an oven
  19. Thanks Dean The whole design was checked and rechecked and tweaked for simplicity at every stage These crossovers came together and the design grew as an organic procedure between myself and the expert He told me that he had the odd midnight brain wave and also made a few changes at the last minute.
  20. A good point The actual size of the boards is 18.5" X 14.5" (470mm x 370mm) And the distance between the large coils is from memory 8.66" (220mm) at the centres I haven't collected them yet but can confirm when they are in front of me This distance is baced on Troels Gravasens recommend distances If the crossovers display issues during testing we will rotate
  21. I'm sure you all like to know the main parts used in the build Capacitors Jentzen Audio Cross Caps for the Bass section Jentzen Superior Z caps for the Mid and Tweeter section Sonicap in all other areas Duelund resistor for its sonic signature All wiring is silver plated stranded copper with teflon coating Solder is the Mundorf silver / gold mix The terminals are Audiophile High-quality 5-way binding posts The fully insulated design prevents the accidental shorting of speaker wires And I really like the free-spinning metal ferrule feature on the tightening knob, this allows for a secure connection. Will also use gold plated copper ring terminals on hookup wire and speaker wire connections
  22. Have had a crossover project in the works since I became the owner of the La Scalas That project was to make the ( originally two piece ) gentle slope exposed crossover fit into a single board design that will be exposed to view & showcase the crossover and have easy access to the Autoformer attenuating section for db adjustments as required I am more versed in Mechanical Engineering so I have employed an associate to build the crossovers for me for a small cost and the offer of a listen on the system when it's all connected up The Crossover design is loosely based on the ALK gentle slope type AP12-500 & AP12-6000 configurations As all the drivers in my speakers are not standard - some changes needed to be made The original design of these crossovers was - as a two piece system as that fits the Klipsch Heritage range We put our thinking caps on and have come to a design agreement and tweak for a single board based on Troels Gravasens observations as we have plenty of available board space We have designed this build as a single board - all coil distances are to Troels recommendations The layout design was made maximise neatness and avoid component interaction. We did not forget that the attenuators being transformers also need to be treated as inductors for spacing issues. Soon after we simplified the connectivity of all three driver sections on the crossover alleviating many connection points, and a new schematic was drawn up (I won't post the schematic as ALK the designer has removed them from the web site due to plagiarism) This crossover still has the separate mid range and tweeter attenuation features for fine tuning First we did a basic layout of the components on the floor with the view to tweak as needed for best performance and fit A close up of the tweeter attenuator - This component will allow me to tweak db volume to suit speaker placement and room size The coils for the Bass and Mid sections are hand wound and weigh over 3 pounds US -approx 1.5 kg each We chose and used a good speaker colour match plywood board - and started the component fit You will see a set of wire cutters and the tape measure @ 500mm to judge scale The crossovers are finished - my associate has done a fantastic job and has emailed me a couple of photos of the finished crossovers For all soldered connections Mundorf Silver/Gold solder was used I chose to use a Duelund resistor to service the Bass & Mid range Top side layout Underside Will apply finishing touches in the form of - 1) A frame that will incorporate in the design grab points for easy lifting 2) When funds allow I will have a perspex cover made for dust protection ( like a TT cover ) 3) Labels for connection identification points 4) A Klipsch logo or badge to each board as a finishing touch
  23. The Bass cabinet is the standard 24" square However when the sides and back were doubled with a second piece of plywood that increased it to 25.5" Great Plains 399 specs - http://www.greatplainsaudio.com/downloads/399series.pdf As to my video capabilities I'm terrible at it - but will give it a go ( I think I have a Vimeo account ?) All I can offer for now is my system showcase thread -https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/149033-showcase-your-system/ Cheers
  24. 43 inches in height by 33 inches deep by 50 inches in width. I would like at minimum 60 to atleast 400hz. If I can go lower than that great. I'm looking for the cabinet to best my pair of dbbs if there is one.I originally built the dual jbl 2242 bass bins to replace my dbbs, in modeling they would play well out to over 500hz, but in reality they drop like a rock after 320hz.From 35-320hz I have not heard better bass than the dual 2242's, they sound like the dbb's on steroids. Another idea is to use the mid driver down to 300hz but I'm having a hard time finding a tractrix horn that will work that low. Have you seen the newest Eliptrac 240 htz horn See forum thread for more detail - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/147252-eliptrac-240/ And the site http://www.fastlaneaudio.com/horn-kits.html
  25. The mid range driver I use is the Great Plains 399 with my Eliptrac 400 - and they operate at a range of 500 htz to 15 kHz and the Tweeters are the JBL 2404H “Baby Cheeks” tweeters. ( They would probably be considered as super tweeters ) Wonderful combination just wonderful
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