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  1. A short doco for the heavy metal fans
  2. A classic rock album is on the Garrard tonight and I’m sure most people love it Artist - T Rex Title - Electric Warrior
  3. Genesis with Peter Gabriel in full control of the stage
  4. I need to say that this is pretty good Have a listen and pay close attention to the nuance and tone
  5. Guitarist/singer best known for his work with Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, in addition to long solo career Artist - Nils Lofgren Self titled
  6. Glad to hear you have a good pressing ‘And also glad you enjoyed the music The 2 Sixto releases are just fantastic and yes he passed away last year
  7. And the bloody multi nationals probably don’t pay tax in Germany either? That’s me alright I just placed a pre order on a 50th anniversary half speed record but it won’t land till the end of March If you want to join me in my madness then follow the link https://www.paulmccartney.com/news/band-on-the-run-50th-anniversary-edition-out-2-february
  8. Every 3 months I pay close to $5 k to the tax man And multi nationals pay zero it’s not fair
  9. I know that my good forum friends in the USA and Europe are in the midst of freezing temperatures But we have a heat wave warning in place today with 35+ C but the killer is 90% humidity The best option is to be holed up with the aircon on and play music in between tax paperwork So first up is Artist - Fleetwood Mac Title - Rumours
  10. A record chosen at random and glad my hand landed on this album Artist - Pavlov’s Dog Title - At The Sound Of The Bell
  11. Now a bit of art rock with an artist that doesn’t get mentioned often Artist - Gordon Giltrap Title - Airwaves
  12. Another rainy day in Brisbane And a great day for record spinning My Puffin DSP phono is getting a workout Artist - David Gilmour Title - Self titled First solo album
  13. @JohnJ any progress is good but music makes the world go round
  14. This one of my favourite tracks by King Crimson Enjoy Walking On Air
  15. ‘’That was very enjoyable, thanks for sharing
  16. A timeless live album is spinning now Why do I love this band more than I should Artist - Genesis Title - Live
  17. It’s the most brilliant album - you need to add it to the collection mate But first have a listen to the album and I’m sure you will agree Bass – Jeff Berlin Drums, Percussion, Liner Notes, Producer – Bill Bruford Guitar – Allan Holdsworth Keyboards – Dave Stewart Vocals – Annette Peacock
  18. All great albums Mike , do you have Rock Goes To College ?
  19. I know you will appreciate this next video as the musicianship is over the moon Genre is prog / jazz fusion Enjoy a track from Bill Buford - Rock Goes to College
  20. It’s a rainy day today in Brisbane and good record spinning weather This next spin is a jazz setting from a master drummer Artist - Bill Bruford Title - The Bruford Tapes Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/1969352-Bruford-The-Bruford-Tapes
  21. ‘It’s time to give it a spin but I hope your pressing is good, however as I noted that to the eye my copy looks perfect Yea that Floyd LP had a chunky gouge in it - hard to miss
  22. They replied with apologies, adding that I can keep the defective LP - and offered me a replacement or refund I chose a replacement as I want that blasted album 🤘🤘🤪😎
  23. Update on the Richard Wright - Wet Dream album Still to many skips I did not have 100% success in removing debris from the grooves and have decided to return it as a manufacturing fault So I’m just waiting on a reply to my email of displeasure
  24. We are having lots of natural Phenomena and wars around the globe Natural with abnormal weather - floods in Australia Freezing cold in the USA Tsunami in Japan War in the Middle East So this album was picked as I flipped the record titles and was begging to be listened to Title - War Of The Worlds Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/3531873-Jeff-Wayne-Jeff-Waynes-Musical-Version-Of-The-War-Of-The-Worlds
  25. I guess you know the story behind this next record. I have either misplaced my original copy or lent it out and was not returned? So I purchased the new limited edition that was remastered by Steve Wilson My copy is visually perfect its just beautiful, but needed a very very deep clean due to many skips on first test play Artist - Richard Wright Title - Wet Dream Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/28427713-Richard-Wright-Wet-Dream
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