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  1. Sent you PM Tim
  2. When I upgraded mine local CL was the ticket. GLWS
  3. GLWS use the same for movies, they will unscrew light bulbs in my house
  4. Would you separate the subs? Tim
  5. There was an original pair for sale in Arkansas late last year, might be able to search older listings on avalability.
  6. It appears all but the tweeter where stacked film, having issues with one speaker. New to all of this have always just ordered caps from Crites. Will test all to see if out of spec. Thought while in there might be good to replace all. However if it's not needed even better. thanks tim
  7. Curious these have different volt ratings, I am trying to replace caps in JBL L65a cannot find anywhere what volts they are rated for. Would 100v be enough? Thanks Tim
  8. Is it ok to mix diff brands of capacitors?
  9. Sent pm
  10. They look great, wish it was local sale
  11. I believe I have one available if still looking Tim
  12. Delivered safe and sound, thanks again. Very generous offer. Tim
  13. Sent a PM
  14. Looking for headphones to use with marantz pm11s3. If somebody has a set that want to sell or good recomendation that would be great. Thanks Tim