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    HT-2015 Khorn with ALK extreme slope network, belle, all modified by Volti Audio. Heresy2, B&K AVR 507, OPPO BD95. 2 channel Tannoy Canterbury SE, Line Magnetic 219ia amp, Supratek Cortese preamp, Modified Lenco L75, denon 103r , Rel 212se subwoofer.

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  1. Discgolfer123

    WTB ---- ALK Crossovers for My La Scalas

    I am in Houston and have both, if you are down this way your more than welcome to have a listen and compare. Tim
  2. Discgolfer123

    Line Magnetic 518ia SOLD!

    Congrats to buyer and seller.
  3. Discgolfer123

    WTB- Volti Audio K-Horn upgrade

    Congratulations, to buyer and seller. The upgrades are worth every penny.
  4. Discgolfer123

    Khorn False Corners Free ( GONE )

    Very generous offer glad it all worked out.
  5. Discgolfer123

    WTB Record Cleaning Machine

    https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis8iaih-vpi-16-5-record-cleaner-tweaks another on the Agon. I’ve never had an issue with mine.
  6. Discgolfer123

    SOLD - Khorns in Houston

    Congrats to buyer and seller no surprise these didn’t last long.
  7. Discgolfer123

    klipsch Corner Speakers

    Sorry to hear of your loss GLWS
  8. Discgolfer123

    Single Belle with Volti upgrades (SOLD)

    Yes sir!
  9. Discgolfer123

    Single Belle with Volti upgrades (SOLD)

    I have a pair of EV cabs similar to Korn needing some TLC, would sell with the Belle for package deal of $1,800. Tim
  10. Discgolfer123

    Electro Voice Georgian-Khorn SOLD

    Bump lower price
  11. Discgolfer123

    Single Belle with Volti upgrades (SOLD)

    Bump with lower price
  12. Discgolfer123

    WTB: IPhone 6

    Sent PM avguytx
  13. Discgolfer123


    Guy reached out to me when I was inquiring about iPhone that had been sold.
  14. Discgolfer123

    iPhone 7 plus 256 GB

    Is iPhone unlocked? Interested I have T-Mobile account would it be compatible? thanks tim