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  1. Looking for a pair of KLF-10's. Located in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. What is a fair price for a nice pair of these? $400?
  2. Thanks. The 2600A has been sold. The NAD 1700 preamp/tuner is still available. Having troubles replacing the photos with just the NAD 1700 so will leave as is. Description and price adjusted.
  3. For sale are a NAD 1700 preamp/tuner in excellent condition WITH the hard-to-find original remote. Typical of this era is a little crackling/static during volume control. The controls could stand to use lubricating however I did not do this as not sure the appropriate way. ORIGINAL box and original styro-foam packing along with the original owners manuals. $325 shipped to CONUS or best offer.
  4. Selling my NAD 216THX 2-Channel amplifier in excellent condition. I am the 2nd owner. The original owner had added a cooling fan as they had the amp in their electronics cabinet. I left it hooked up however can be easily removed. I do NOT have the original box however am very experienced at packing and shipping A/V equipment safely. $275 shipped to CONUS.
  5. Selling my NAD 1600 Preamp/Tuner in excellent condition. I do not have the original remote however would include a pre-programmed Logitech remote (Not shown). I do not have the original box however very experience at packing and shipping A/V equipment safely. $250 shipped to CONUS
  6. Selling a nice used Rotel RSX-1056 with silver face. Original remote included. Do NOT have the original box however lots of experience shipping AV equipment and will be packed for safe shipment. $225 shipped to CONUS or best offer. Product Description The RSX-1056 is Rotel's most affordable surround sound receiver but certainly doesn't sacrifice performance or features! The high current amplifier section puts a full 75 watts RMS per channel at your sonic disposal (that's with all five channels driven simultaneously from 20Hz to 20kHz with no more than 0.05% THD!). In the real world, this is far more power than you'll find in other products that provide only two-channel ratings. Of course, superb power supply design helps here as does careful parts evaluation and selection. But that's simply part of Rotel's Balanced Design heritage. Concerned about future needs? A larger room, for example? Or, an eventual move to full 7.1 surround capability? The RSX-1056 features a "Redirect" option that handles all of this with the simple addition of a two-channel amplifier for the front channels. How's that for an "enjoy now and enjoy more later" approach? Rotel hasn't forgotten convenience either. The RSX-1056 provides analog and digital connections for up to seven additional components. The RSX-1056 even allows you to re-label inputs, assign inputs, perform advanced bass management and equalize channels. Advanced microprocessors from Crystal Semiconductor handle Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS ES Discrete and Matrix, DTS 24/96, DTS Neo:6 and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding and provide several music modes for your enjoyment, too. Three component inputs and internal video transcoding let you see the best picture possible regardless of your source. The RSX-1056 is perfect for custom installations. There's an RS232 interface, multi-room, multisource with composite video, three assignable 12-volt trigger outputs, discrete on/off remote control command codes, rear panel IR inputs, and a detachable AC power cord. A fully programmable remote control is standard.
  7. Selling a nice used Integra DTR-9.9 7.1 channel A/V receiver in excellent condition.Unit is well built weighting in at almost 54lbs!More Info: http://www.integrahometheater.com/Pr...7xcLNVBa8Uq18AOriginal remote included. $375 shipped to CONUS OBO
  8. Selling a nice Rotel RSP-1068 Pre-Amp/Processor A few scuffs and scratches however the front face presents well as shown in the photos. Including 1 remotes with the RSP-1068. $250 shipped to CONUS
  9. Selling a nice Rotel RSP-1068 Pre-Amp/Processor and Rotel RMB-1075. Both are in good working condition. A few scuffs and scratches however the front faces of both present well as shown in the photos.Including 2 remotes with the RSP-1068. $650 shipped to CONUS.
  10. Still looking for anyone looking to sell an unused iPhone 6S Plus that was originally used either on Verizon or Sprint Network.
  11. Looking for a nice used iPhone 6S Plus for my son's birthday. Must be in very good to excellent condition and fully functional. Prefer 64GB version and any color but Rose Gold. Should have clean IMEI/ESN and no issues with iCloud (not locked). Please PM me if you have one.
  12. Thanks guys. I actually made a deal with the seller. $350 which also includes some other AV equipment which I should be able to sell off and recoup another $50-$100 on so should end up being a pretty good deal. Working out a pick-up time either today or tomorrow.
  13. No upgrades to drivers or cross-overs
  14. I actually found a pair of Klipsch Quartets here in the Milwaukee area. Oiled oak, consecutive S/N's. Grilles and all drivers in good shape. What's a fair price for these?
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