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  1. Still on the hunt! -Jim
  2. Thanks for that but can you shoot me a link? Or, is it the one that was posted a while back with the creased woofers? -Jim
  3. Thanks!!! I'm really pumped for it. -Jim
  4. Mains in a 2.2 channel mostly-music system I'm putting together. -Jim
  5. Updated the title to reflect that I'm now after just 1 BLACK RC-7. Thanks! Jim
  6. Woops, sorry. I’m in Brooklyn, NY! I think I’ve got a black one located, so now looking for 1 more black one! Jim
  7. Hey guys, I’m looking to buy 2x RC-7 center channel speakers. If you have one or two you’re looking to sell, please shoot me a note. thanks! Jim
  8. Hey all, looking for a pair of RB 75's. Shoot me a note if you're thinking of selling! Thanks, Jim
  9. He's looking into doing a half order. I know someone on audiocircle is interested in a pair too....so there's 4x. -Jim
  10. Lol, you're right. I don't need that much space to do it. Buuuuut, something else....he's out of the flatpacks and not sure if he'll be getting any more in. -Jim
  11. Oh, totally would do it myself if I had the work area to do it....just don't. -Jim
  12. Hey guys, looking for a pair of these near to NYC (or willing to ship). Thanks Jim
  13. Jdubs

    WTB: CF-4s

    Yes indeed. I reached out to several of the folks but it didn't work out in any of the cases....so, I'm back to square one after giving up for a while. I've been using QSC HPR-153i's in the time since I stopped looking for the CF-4s...and they are awesome....but CF-4s are what I REALLY want! Thanks Jim
  14. Jdubs

    WTB: CF-4s

    Hey all, I'm in the market for a pair of CF-4s....either close-ish to NYC or shippable. If you have a pair you're looking to part with, shoot me a pm. Thanks! Jim
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