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  1. Has Klipsch said when? Thx
  2. More pics....pretty please. Price and available been announced yet (like the CW)? Will be interesting to see the port and the back and recommended placement of the new design. Thx
  3. See my post with copy from Insta. ^^^^^^^^
  4. Here it is. Note Heresy IV statement....
  5. Weird.. I thought on Instagram it stated both a new Cornwall and Heresy. I guess Iā€™m dreaming. My bad.
  6. Anyone know if the 15ā€ driver has a cast frame or formed metal? Also, is this a new driver design or repurposed from the CWIII? From the outside, It appears to be a standard $100.00 Eminence Kappalite (or similar).
  7. Strange that Klipsch would post pics and info on the new CW IV , but not the H IV...
  8. Any pics yet? thx ( Mod Edit: I'm adding a photo to your post just for you. Service is our middle name].
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