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  1. Anyone have the pricing per pair yet on the new Jubilee? Thx much
  2. They sounded very flat to me. Maybe I was just spoiled...I’ve owned, Chorus’, Khorns and CW’s. JMHO....the Fortes were not even close. I was super disappointed.
  3. Thank god. The III’s are/were.....well, not so good. I owned a pair for only a few months. Completely underwhelmed with their performance.
  4. Shocked Klipsch doesn’t offer these in the distressed oak. If the lambs wool cloth is an issue, pick another grill material....but don’t let THAT be the reason not to offer. I would buy a pair for sure. The distressed oak is beautiful. Totally agree on the grill configurator. Btw, I’ve ordered special Klipsch grills (different stock grills) from my dealer in the past....HUGE pain the butt for him AND it takes forever to get them. Look at how JBL does on their Classic 100’s...3 different grill cloths are available.
  5. I personally think the distressed oak is beautiful. Can you “special order” in the CWIV???
  6. Feel free to shoot me a message here on the forum and I’ll send you my PP address. Thx much
  7. I have a brand new pair of black, Heresy III grills with logo’s. Never installed, Smoke free. $98 total, included ground shipping. Sorry, AK, HI or international sale. “jnc” on Audiogon for feedback. Thx much
  8. Why is the Heresy sold in the distressed oak and not the Cornwall? Anyone know? thx
  9. Hmmm... have you tried them or listened to speakers with and without to even have a valid opinion? Sorry....but 110% disagree with you. Normally I don’t believe in “tweaks” like these. I’ve heard Focal Sopra 3’s with and without. Definitely an improvement. Also have them on my McIntosh XR100’s and they work fantastic. I didn’t post here to validate the Iso GAIA product. To each his own my friend. So, back to my original question.. Has anyone installed GAIA’s on a Heresy or Cornwall? What is the easiest way? Thx much
  10. When will info be on the site?
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