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  1. Did Klipsch discontinue this? It appears you can no longer purchase? Shame, I have an application where this system would be perfect!
  2. I heard LSII's once and thought the bass was lacking (compared to the Khorns I had). At $10k, I would hope/want a full range speaker. They do look nice though...walnut is cool . Hope my dealer picks up a pair so I can listen to...
  3. I notice the sub in the picture. Do you NEED with LaScala's?
  4. Heard a pair of Chrous II’s yesterday. God I wish Klipsch would launch a III version. The Corn III is good.....but damn a Chorus III would be REALLY special.
  5. Looking to buy a MINT pair of black or walnut Corn III’s. I live in Belmont, MI. Let me know what you have. 😊 Thx btw.... willing to drive a few hours from my home for pick up.
  6. How did you get the wrinkles out? Also, how did you mount?...hot glue? Thx!
  7. Hi, How would I go about ordering? I thought a few years back Klipsch posted the company that made the grills for them. Anyone know the best way? thx!
  8. $15,000 ( Y I K E S ! ! ! ) and 6 weeks to build.
  9. Wish K would say how much and when starting to ship.. 😁😡
  10. I did😀. I had to cancel them. I’m ready now.
  11. To anyone that saw the AK-6 at the factory demo... is it smaller in size? In the blurry posted pic, it appears to be smaller????
  12. Any more news or pics? Just bought a new home and I'm very interested in this new Khorn....
  13. Klipsch AW-400 Outdoor Speakers, Pair, Like New Condition Purchased new by me and used only for surround sound duty for about 90 days, then boxed up since. They were never installed outside. Other than a few finger prints, no dings, dents or scratches. They work perfectly - zero functional issues. Sell for $185.00, and includes standard ground shipping Sorry, no international, AK or HI sale.. Please pay via PayPal or COD at pick up...I eat all fees and shipping. 🙂 Will ship from Crown Point, IN All packaging, manual, brackets included....Everything as came from the factory. Thank you for looking!
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