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  1. C20 Dimensions: 7.5" H x 19.8" W x 6.47" D Too tall for the current set up. Will I be disappointed in the C10? Brian
  2. Many thanks for the advice. Although the question was naive, it seems the veterans on this forum are very generous and eager to help. I will certainly get a C10. But, if anyone asks, I will claim that (after extensive research) I selected a C10 for the center and then added some F10's later for right and left. I was quite surprised to learn that a third F10 (assuming there was room without redesigning everything) would work well as a center speaker. It is easy to get the impression that "center speakers" are specially designed for that function. I hate to ask, but will I get banned from this forum if I continue to use my old Sony speakers for surrounds without springing for the Synergy Surrounds (currently $159.99 a pair on Newegg)? Brian
  3. Just purchased the Kipsch Synergy F10 speakers and want to add an appropriate center. Should I restrict my search to only the Synergy centers, or can I consider other Klipsch centers. Or, more importantly, what other centers are there (<$200 and no taller than 6.5") would be a reasonable match? Thanks for any advice you can give. Having some high frequency hearing loss and a quality center seems essential for hearing movie dialog. Brian
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