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  1. Still deciding which way to go but I will use LCR of the same speakers for sure.
  2. The OP did not mention screens, but I disagree on both fronts. For video, sure an AT screen has less gain than an opaque screen, but you don't need a super light canon for one either. I have no problems with this using a BenQ W6000. For audio, my mid-grade screen has about a 1 dB attenuation that is pretty even, so no EQ required. They will be behind an acoustic screen.
  3. I am looking for a little advice in picking speakers for my home theatre. Anyone ever compared the Cornwalls to the JBL 3677's in a Home Theatre setup , where occasional music will also be played. I am wondering if a setup of Cornwalls as LR and a single Heresy as the center channel would be advised. I know that it is best to use the same speaker as LCR, but was trying to trim the costs a bit. My other choice would be to use two Cornwall III's as the lr and get an older cornwall for the center. Any advice would be appreciated. Does anyone know how the JBL line handles music. Thanks
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