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  1. +1 Recently had the opportunity to pick up a nice HK930 with wood case and matched it to Fortes. I am very impressed. Sounds so nice together.
  2. What a remarkable job. They look fantastic. Can I put my order in? 😁
  3. Nice score! These are actually pretty nice sounding little speakers. Good luck with your repairs. 👍
  4. I’m going to check out Deep House Radio today! Thanks
  5. Radio Paradise! https://radioparadise.com/player
  6. Great Gig in the Sky! The woman’s vocals are incredible!
  7. FWIW i have a Sansui 8080 connected to Fortes in a basement set up. Amazing! i recently acquired an HK930 (with wood case) and have it connected to a second set of Fortes. Absolutely amazing! good luck with your quest! 👍
  8. FWIW, I love your motivation! Someone will be very happy thanks to you 👍
  9. That’s a very under rated pair of speakers you have there. I have a pair and absolutely love them. If you weren’t so far away I’d snag them. GLWYS!
  10. Hey there. Man that’s a great deal. I’m going to look into them. Thank you
  11. Hey everyone! So I am seeking a pair of Klipsch Kg 3.2s, in nice shape. I don’t know what it is about this particular speaker, but to my old ears, they really, really sound nice. And as such I’d like to start building a small yet robust system for my Son. Id also be very interested in a pair of Cornwall’s, locally, in good condition. Im in Salt Lake City 84120 for shipping purposes. Thanks!
  12. Hi, If you ever get to the point where you’d consider shipping, please let me know. GLWS!
  13. Camouflage by hiding in plain sight! I have used this method of concealment successfully myself many times lol
  14. Lol a peep? That’s an interesting combo, but I like your style! More power to you 👍😊
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