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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. I have followed a few of the leads you all have posted and am pretty sure the x-over and the mid horn are Speakerlab/ DIY clones. The front grill is also probably from Speakerlab. However, I still can't determine if the bass bins and the top cabinets are Kilpsch or clones. The mid horn and front grill look like they have been kinda forced into the top cabinets with some screws and caulking. The tweeter is original Kilpsch (or so says Ebay). I guess my next step it to take a peak at the subs and see if they match up to anything. And yes, the Crites upgrades for the crossovers is something I have looked into. I have also considered a DIY wood mid-horn upgrade with a new grill and cloth...something funky and cooler than black. Volti Audio might be an option some day, who knows. Thank again for the feedback, i'll keep looking and asking around on these. I guess if they are clones then it's kind of a relief, I certainly feel way better about hauling them to a house party. Cameron
  2. Hi Klipsch forums, This is my first post here, so thanks in advance to the community, you guys rock. About 6 months ago I came across a pair of Klipschorns for sale locally here in Alaska (I’m terrified to think what the shipping might have been on these) for a steal at $800. I checked them out and they sounded absolutely, completely amazing. They are in great shape and all the major veneer is near perfect with a few pieces of veneer side stripping missing, shouldn’t be too hard to fix. The seller inherited them and didn’t know much about them but thought they were from 1986. I have been doing my homework on the Khorns but I am having a difficult time figuring out exactly which model/year these horns are. I more than suspect the crossovers are not original and am wondering if the mid-horns have been altered by some previous Klipsch fan in the past. I have tried to match up the x-over with the photos by Crites and these certainly don’t fit. Here are some photos of the x-over, tweeter horn, mid driver, and the overall speakers. Any help with the ID of these things is appreciated. And any advice for future upgrades/restorations for a young guy on a budget is very much appreciated. Oh, I currently have them running off a Marantz 1060, at least until I build my dream tube amp. Thanks again K-forums, as I learn more about these knockout speakers I’ll be sure to give back to the forums. Cameron W …. And for the record, I paid more for these speakers than I did for my car.
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