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  1. Thank you all! I keep reading and searching for the correct amp and you are all so helpful!! I will keep you posted if anything arises, i would be greatful if more members would share their opinion!! Lina
  2. Thank you all for your replies and your kind words! I really appreciate it!! I understand that Yamaha bigger models as mentioned in these series will drive my rf pretty easily. Are they neutral? I wouldn't want my speakers to change the way they sound! Are there other brands that I could also look? I want to be definitely sure before proceeding sorry if I am bothering you with all these questions! Lina
  3. Hello I am a proud owner of Klipsch RF-7 ii for a couple of months now. I bought them new and i would really appreciate your help and opinions for a matching amplifier! I am leaning towards transistor amps, although i prefer the sound of tubes..! Which amps would drive my RFs correctly and powerfully enough? How many watts do my RFs need to play beautifully with a transistor amp? Thank you all in advance! Lina
  4. Hello all New girl in the forum, needs your assistance! I bought two weeks ago a set of Klipsch RF 82 ii and I would like to know which amp best matches these speakers. Thanks in advance! Lina
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