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  1. I have some low end contractor grade Velodyne subs that absolutely hate having their AC power cables anywhere close to any other power cables and get angry just as you describe. Try plugging the sub in somewhere else and make sure the cable is isolated from other power cables.
  2. Anthem Statement A2 on Cornwalls and KG's. Sounds good with everything so far.
  3. Who? I'm glad Miles is there. Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson surely require no introduction. George Duke: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Duke We recently lost an american treasure.
  4. I am glad this old thread was brought back up. I think most of have always believed SS was best at bass reproduction & tubes had the best mid range, or at least that was my experience. Since I started down the bi amp road I have never tried a different amp for my bass, thinking at the very least my Crown K2 was a good choice for the bottom end. . I have tried several different amps on the top end with very noticeable differences. If the quote above by djk is correct I have been missing out on another opportunity for improvement. My set amps on the top are zero feedback & the Crown has a dampening factor of 300. Would love to hear from other bi amper's of there experience that they have tried matching both amp's with no feedback or not matching. Need to get motivated & dig out some of my other zero feed back amps & try them on the bass. May bee the Bat vk60 or the Moondogs (uppps just sold the Dogies) Dang sold the First watt F3 as well - live an learn. Well i managed to get about 20 hours on a new Decware Torii PP 25 watt dual mono on my Cornwall III's. This PP is voiced very closely to the Rachael that I have around 40 hours on. Both have the stock tubes. Lots of EL34s and 5U4s in here. Straight out of the pelican case, this thing was already throwing out a great image. I finished re-configuring everything this afternoon. Have the Rachael's variable output feeding an input one on the Torii for a full tube bi-amp of Cornwall base box with an Eminence N320T/Selinium bi-radial midrange, and a B&C DE120/Faital Pro elliptical HF. Feeding the Rachael with the dedicated stereo outputs of an Oppo 105. Connected digital coax to the Oppo is an M-Audio sound card. Straight FLAC 44.1 Redbook rips. For a system that isn't even close to being broken in, this is nuts! I'm really looking forward to getting some serious time on this setup.
  5. take a look at Susan Parker's amplifier design. http://www.susan-parker.co.uk/zeus.htm Very nice, thanks for the link Moray. So many circuits, so many tubes.
  6. Yup, I would like to see a SS section also. I have a lot of this stuff and I'd like to say my Oppo connected XLR to an Anthem Statement A2 sounds wicked good through my 2 ways. And I would love to see what and how others are using their stuff. And who doesn't like photos anyway?
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing about Mr. Pass but he has commented before that SS is his game. I believe he has said he owns and listens to an SET amp. He mostly uses mosfets in his Firstwatt amps because of the pentode like curves and his very own Pass SIT's have a triode like curve and he likes to use these active parts with as simple circuit as possible. The one I am listening to right now is the single stage amplification F6 which is a push pull amp. I also own two SE Firstwatt amps. Every one has a different sound. My next build is going to be a SET though. Any one have any thoughts about this schematic? http://diyaudioprojects.com/Tubes/6EM7-SET-Amplifier/ Where do you find the 8H 150ohm choke and the 1H 50ohm chokes? I have found a 10H 262ohm choke at Parts express and a 1.5H 56ohm. I am thinking the values would work with maybe a R1 resistance change for L1. I see beautiful real walnut furniture with a nice tub amp inside! I don't know what it is about walnut. Sweetens my tubes somehow. Makes me want to make some walnut bridges for my cables
  8. Yes, S/N up around 20 is good, of course more is more better. Yours is really bad and your attenuation is marginal. I would just ask for second tier support to start with when you ring up the provider.
  9. Re: Nelson Pass - If he can voice a transistor to sound like a tube amp, just imagine if he sat down to make the best tube amp evar. Regarding Decware, about a third of the page down Steve convinced me to by the Rachael. I have tried to explain this in my own words but the figures he shows really top it off: http://www.decware.com/newsite/TORII.htm
  10. Sounding more like some dorky DNS stuff. You may want to make sure your router is configured with an alternate DNS server. If you only specified one then when it's dorked so are you. I've had broadband since I can remember, don't really know squit about DSL. Good luck JL!
  11. I thought it was really cool that I could "listen" to my older brothers vinyl with one of my mom's sewing needles. Had to get your head pretty close to hear any fidelity lol. To this day, he is probably wondering why his albums sounded so bad.
  12. After your ISP resets your connection and doesn't see a problem from their end, power down all your network gear. Power it pack up after a few minutes, routers first, then switches. After everything is rebooted if it is still wonky, log into your router and make sure your settings are correct, no dupe IPs if your static routed, have a DNS source and do a DHCP release/renew. If it's still acting up after that check for cabling issues. Forgot to ask, wired issue or wireless issue?
  13. It's called "externalizing costs." Instead of actually debugging the software at their cost, they let customers do it at their cost. I always wonder how many billions of man hours on earth have been wasted turning little knobs in Miscrosft Windows? And it's JUST an OS! It doesn't even produce anything! Imagine spending hundreds of hours each year rewiring the ignition switch in your car!! Let's make the wires RED now! Let's make the key turn the OTHER WaY~~~ YIPPEEE!!! lol...ms sucking the life out of the country for 35 years. Folks seem to love it for some reason. Oh that's right, I'm the only person in the world that doesn't own their stock.
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