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Community Answers

  1. Updated. Cleaned them up a bit and took new pics
  2. I've got a super nice black pair of Klipsch Chorus I. Great condition, 9/10, perfect grills and badges. I'm in the southeast Denver area, not willing to ship. Asking $900 or trade for a nice gaming laptop for my wife. Will add pics soon!
  3. About 10 hours, but that stuff isn't worth $7k used. More like $700-800.
  4. I wasn't able to sell mine until I got down to the $350 area. I can't remember the exact dollar amount. They don't sound much different than F-3's or KF-28 so, as a buyer, I don't think I'd pay more than $300
  5. There's a few free items in it for you! I'm interested in these KEF bookshelf speakers: https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/ele/5974717063.html I'd pay the full $300 and you can keep/sell the center channel, the two Klipsch RS-25s, and that Monster power center. I'm in the middle of selling my current speakers and should be ready to buy by this weekend(Feb 11). I'd really appreciate it!
  6. Somebody local came and picked these up today.
  7. Yeah, it's worse than a crease. I'll get a closeup pic later today
  8. The cabinets are quite rough. I've filled in a lot of the chips with paint and there is a good amount of damage where the mid horn mounts on right(in the pics) speaker. Tried my best to glue the pieces back in.
  9. Not sure what to do with these. Part them out? Does anybody want the whole bundle? I've got a pair of Tangent 400. They use all Heresy II parts, including crossovers. One of the woofers has a frayed edge, it's still together and usable but 3/10 condition. The other woofer is in pretty good condition 8/10, just a couple of surface nicks and wrinkled dust cap. All the horns look great. Crossovers look great. Tested them briefly, sound like heresies. I took them apart, but forgot all the part numbers. I'm sure you guys know. Pretty sure it's: K-24-K woofers K-53? Mid horns K-77 tweeter horns I'd like to pack and ship everything together as one package, if possible. Don't really know how to price it. I'm thinking $200 for everything + shipping. Let me know what you all think!
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