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  1. Hello Robert, I am interested in seeing what you have, I would love to find the Chorus but not having any luck with that. Your price is within may budget but the drive might be a bit far, I'll google it and see. Kirk
  2. Will pick up if not to far from Lumberton NC
  3. Thanks for the advise, it's very helpful. I have raised my budget a little and now have another decision, I have found a set of Chours II for 850.00 and a set of Forte's for 795.00 I like both and the price is close. What are your thoughts ? Kirk
  4. Hello to all, I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I need some advise on which vintage Klipsch speakers to shop for. My budget is some what flexible, but lets say around 500.00 My listening area is the garage, 20x25 with concreet floor and insulated walls. The system I use now consists of RF-82 (mains) SB-3 (seconds) Marantz 2230 with a Rotel RB1092 power amp jacked into the pre outs, then a Dual 1219 TT thats run threw a Little Bear RIAA (chines) tube phono stage. Overall I like the sound I have now, but I'm curious about the sound of the vintage Klipsch. I'm looking for a large sound stage with thumping bas and bright highs, I mostly spin classic rock. Thanks for any advise you all can give. Kirk
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