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  1. Mornin' folks. Gonna be a good day to goof off and get outdoors.


    Steve ... welcome back and hope your grandson is feeling better.


    Chuck ...dietary supplements may help but I'm not too far behind you and I gotta say this getting older schitt is not for sissies. Don't have anywhere near the energy I used to have. Maybe get it checked out with the Doc.


    Have a good day guys and cheers.

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  2. Mornin' all. Hope your Mom's Day was good. Had fun with family and kept the tunes rolling. Gonna try to work in some jammin' time with my guitar bud this afternoon despite his recent (mild) stroke. He's a pretty amazing guy and insists he's ready.



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  3. Happy Mother's Day Deliverance style.


    Miss the days when my mom was still around and we could send flowers. Better Half Unit's family is coming by today for dinner and looking forward to it.


    Gary ... congrats on your band's success.


    Have a great day guys.

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  4. Happy Friday, all. Sunny and mild in our neck of the woods.


    MKP and Boss .... bless you for all you are doing and going through. in my book, the best docs are the ones who not only have the technical skills, but also carefully LISTEN to their patients and their families and incorporate that information in all their decisions.


    Have a great day folks.



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  5. Morning gang....


    The grandkids were delivered to the house this morning. My daughter dropped them off on the way to her school. The BOSS left earlier to go to moms. So I'll hang out here till the bus comes.... Then off to the shop for me..... The BOSS will join me there later...


    OH Boy..... all this talk about martinis......I started drinking martinis at the end of my drinking career. When I worked at Honda of Seattle me and the shop foreman would go out for lunch. I would get a beer or two or three or  :blink:....... anyway he drank martinis.... I'm like what the hell are you drinking???? He said you never had a martini??? Ahhhh No I said.... At next lunch I ordered one of those bad boys.... OH man that was it.......  It was on...... I loved those things..... I still liked my beer, but new drink was the martini... But it seemed I developed a allergic reaction to them...... On more than one occasion I woke up in strange places..... these places were cinder block rooms with bars on the doors :blink:

    The people there were not friendly :angry: They didn't seem to "like" me a whole lot....and when I woke up I would always be banged and bruised up :o...... Then I would have to speak to this man with a black robe behind this big bench.... He didn't "like" me ether.... Before I spoke my escort would take off these silver bracelets they would put on me.. Man they hurt...The escorts also had these "stick" on them.... I think they call these sticks a Billy Club... Never had the chance to meet "Billy" .... But I don't think I would like him...

    I'm a slow learner sometimes..... But I finally found out that if I stopped drinking stuff with alcohol in them I wouldn't suffer with these allergic reactions... God.... I was such an A$$ hole....


    Hey... The worst stuff I drink now is this coffee stuff.... and I just finished my 2nd cup.... I gotta roll.... have a good day my friends.....


    Great pics of all your guys dogs :)


    MKP :-)

    Ditto, MKP. I haven't seen fit to trigger my 'allergy' in a couple of decades.

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  6. Mornin' gang ....just a quick check-in.


    My music playing partner/bud had a mild stroke yesterday but looks like he'll recover, at least at this point. Good friend and a really fine guitarist. His name is Jack. Any prayers appreciated.


    My boozing days are long past, but the martini contest is a riot. Good luck. Another sunny day out here .. gonna take advantage. Cheers guys.

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  7. I didn't realize NAD made AVR's I thought they only made 2 channel integrated and amps, that's good to know. The only thing I can see though about the NAD's is they don't have 4k support which I do require.  It seems like no one here really has mentioned Marantz. Is that brand all hype? What do you guys think as far as Marantz vs Pioneer? 

    Marantz has always paired well with Klipsch. You'd have to do your due diligence (read reviews, consumer comments, etc.) but I can vouch for the Marantz AVR 7005 and 7055 separates in our Klipsch KLF HT system. (KLF-30's, 10's and C-7).They replaced a Denon AVR which did just an 'ok' job but was tinny on the high end and less than adequate otherwise. Marantz made a huge positive difference.  I suspect that the Marantz AVR's do a good job too. Probably worth checking it out. Take a look at separates too ...I certainly don't regret it.  Best of luck.

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  8. Mornin' guys. Thanks for the welcome back. You are appreciated!!


    Speaking of nutty weather, we had 3 (count 'em 3!!) fricken' days of snow this past weekend and now it's sunny with temps maybe hitting 80 by the end of this week. Springtime in (or at least near) the Rockies. Anyone for late season skiing? Come on out.


    Happy Tuesday to all and, of course, cheers.

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  9. Hey folks ...back again after an extended absence. Had some medical stuff (kidneys) to take care of and may have some more. BUT ...no excuses. Been negligent in staying in touch.


    Thank you again - so very much - to Tarheel (Chuck) and MKP (Mark) for getting in touch and expressing concern. I owe ya.


    Feeling pretty chipper these days and even cranking up the 'ol B-3 again. Good to be back!!



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  10. Mornin' everybody.


    Chuck ... hope you're feeling better and major sympathies to all with dental pain. I went through the vast majority of my life never taking pain meds until dental pain left no choice in the matter. Really nasty stuff.


    Weird Colorado weather this week ... but that's the norm this time of year. Supposed to hit the 60's and maybe even 70 and we still have our big snow month of March to go. We're never out of the woods on snow until late April to early May.


    Have a good Wednesday guys.

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  11. AWOL since Friday, but back now. Will have to catch up on some likes.


    Happy VT's day for all to whom it may apply.  Took Better Half Unit to an annual dance with some other friends Friday night. As we were dancing to a nice slow song, I suddenly remembered a poem I composed for her maybe 3 years ago. And, yes, I chose that moment to recite it. Here goes.....


    "You don't have to bi*ch and whine,

    Cause I'll be your valentine."


    I know. Incurable romantic. Luckily, she has a sense of humor and cracked up. Cheers, gang.

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  12. Prayers on the way and God bless you and your family. Please try to take it a day at a time. More will be revealed and I'm betting much of it will be joyful and rewarding, despite the way things may look to you right now.



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  13. Happy Friday, all. Just checking in and catching up.


    Dave .. love the Alaska pics and stories. The only personal experience I've had was a cruise in the mid-90's on the inside passage and that gave me a big desire to come back and see more. Still have the pics of a humpback whale breaching, sea otters, glacier bay, etc.but there's so much more.


    MKP and Boss ....thanks for the follow-ups on your great story.


    Cheers folks.

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  14. Morning gang.....

    It's a cold 20° out this morning.....coffee is good for sure....

    Can't wait for more Gary.....that's some really cool stuff.....

    Just got back from picking the grandkids up from the BOSS's parents house. We have to pick them up in the mornings to get the school bus at our house. With my eldest daughter now living with mom to look after her we have a few rings of fire we have to jump through. A few days out of the week the BOSS has to stay with mom while my daughter goes to college. My daughter has cut her classes in half so she can take care of mom....

    Ya know it was just over four years ago that my eldest daughter was lost to the streets of Baltimore. She went missing when she was about 22 for a life heroin addiction. Me and the BOSS were at a point of our lives were we knew we was going to get a phone call to identify a body. But my daugter made it back from the madness.... very few recover from heroin....most are 6' under... my daughter and I are very close we share one thing in common "addiction" we have our little meetings.....and she tells me how "sick" I am with all the speakers and amps I own....lol lol

    All is good....doing what we gotta do.......and speaking of that, I gotta roll.....

    Check-in later...

    MKP :-)

    Bless you both, MKP. Carl is right. God indeed has a plan for that young lady, and that plan can only unfold once sanity has been restored. Thanks so much for sharing. Beautiful story.

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  15. Where ya at guys? Just a quick check-in. Have a post-op doc appointment in a bit.


    Huge Super Bowl party/reception/parade downtown yesterday. Checkout  the Denver Post online. Wish I could have gone but just not ready yet. Supervised the kid putting a new floor in our laundry room. Slower than molasses and, yes, he charged by the hour. :angry:


    Will try to check back later. Happy Wednesday.

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  16. Maybe Cam will learn some humility, grace and good manners as he matures (if he does),  but maybe not. Heard one report today that he's 'doubled down' defending his childish, ill mannered behavior. We'll see, huh?

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