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  1. I'm usually a walnut guy too and will probably still go with that but the cherry finish looks fantastic. Also, picking up the MAC 1900 tomorrow.
  2. Great information guys. I do plan to use the Heresy III's on the floor. My only decision now is to decide between the Cherry or Walnut finish. I remember that I had a cherry finish on some KB 3.1's that I used to own which seemed very dark. The cherry finish on the new heritage models seems much lighter without too much red. Thoughts?
  3. So checking craigslist, just stumbled across a MAC 1900 for around $650, fully serviced by McIntosh Authorized Repair in N/Mint condition. If you had the choice between the Marantz 2270 (Good Condition) [70 watts / channel] - $300 and the McIntosh MAC 1900 (N/Mint) [55 watts / channel] - $650 to pair with the Heresy's, which would you choose? Both include original cabinets.
  4. Thanks for all of the replies. I took the advice and found a Marantz 2270 on craigslist, 5 miles away, for $300 and in pretty good condition. Think I might just go pick it up tonight. In regards to a sub, I plan on staying away from it if possible. I previously owned a pair of Heresy's and enjoyed them without it. Anyways, don't think the wife would go for it.
  5. Hey guys, I've been reading this board off and on for about 10 years with dreams that one day I would have an adequate space and budget to start my desired 2-channel system. Well it appears that day is now upon me as my wife and I will soon be closing on our first house. Also, I finally just had to lay down the law with her and say that I was going to be making this purchase and there's nothing she could do to stop me. Maybe not the right way to go about it, but I apologized and we compromised. So here is what I plan to purchase in the next few weeks and was hoping to get some feedback on these components. *Heresy III (2) [Walnut] *Marantz PM6005 *Pro-Ject Debut Carbon *Marantz RX101 [bluetooth Adapter] The system will be used exclusively for music sourced from the turntable (primarily) or Spotify (occasionally). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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