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  1. Chris, you have me smiling! With that excellent technological, physical/practical, and spiritual argument. When I "slip these mortal coils", the music will be ever so much grander, true "surround", and eternal. Until then, I will enjoy the wonderful sounds of the present! ^ Robert, thanks for the info! Love listening to Pepe--and the others. In fact, back in 1965-1966, while living in the San Francisco area, I attended a concert by "the Romero Family". I suppose Pepe was among them. Anyway, it was a fantastic performance, of course. Also had the great pleasure of seeing/listening to Andres Segovia, Artur Rubenstein, Isaac Stern (I think), and, possibly, David Horowitz. Guess that makes me old, but what a way to get there . . . .
  2. Chris, you have me smiling! With that excellent technological, physical/practical, and spiritual argument. When I "slip these mortal coils", the music will be ever so much grander, true "surround", and eternal. Until then, I will enjoy the wonderful sounds of the present!
  3. Robert, and others, A question, please: any idea how long CDs/DVDs are likely to be around as a current and supported medium? I ask because I am a bit "thrifty/Scottish", and I prefer not to have such wonderful music be likely to be "outmoded" in the next decade or so (am almost 73, ha ha). Oh, and the Concierto de Aranjuez is my absolute favorite of all classical music--well, next to The Messiah! The performance I consider the pinnacle of the Concierto is by John Williams on the guitar, and Eugene Ormandy conducting the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. Absolute perfection!!!
  4. chase, I think you made a good choice w/ the Denon. FYI, I am waiting on my 4400 to arrive next week, to replace my X3400H. Maybe you will find this link of value . . . https://www.zkelectronics.com/compare/Denon-AVR-X4400H/U.S.A./Marantz-SR7011/U.S.A./ ENJOY!
  5. Klipsch--seems to bring out the best in people!
  6. Hi, mj, Have an idea that may appeal. Just sent you a PM.
  7. Hope to get some help here, as have not had response on another forum Have an Onkyo TX-NR1030 receiver (still under warranty). Was working fine, until an hour ago. What I just changed was re-routing my L/R speakers through a Yamaha M-65 amplifier. When I changed to the USB as the source, the video portion comes onscreen just fine, but the audio "stutters" very rapidly. Tried w/ another USB drive. Same thing. The other inputs and audio seem fine. Any thoughts/similar experience and solution will be appreciated!
  8. Howdy, Dave, Opus, et al, Has been a while for me. Having had both the C7 and the KV4, let me add that they BOTH are wonderful, and the KV4 at $300 shipped/$200 local is a very fair price/outstanding price! Cannot imagine that you would not be thrilled with its performance.
  9. Hey, Scrappy, Have a friend who is a prime candidate for a 4200 (or something very similar). Do you have a feel for if/when they may sell for less than the $640 at A4L? Also, am interested to know more about your thought about NOT going 4k. My friend says he wants to be able to enjoy 4k at some point (he does not have a 4k TV presently), but that easily could be years if his current 70" Sharp Acquos continues to perform). I mean, he loves the picture (1080p) that he has right now. But will all 4k require HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0? If he gets an AVR that can upscale to 1080p, and even HDMI to HDMI upscaling, and all to 4k if he gets such a TV, is that something that I should be advising to think about, or not? I suspect that I am skipping/missing something here. It may be that he could be just as well off, or even better off, with a super deal on an AVR that is not 2.2 compliant??? Will appreciate all thoughts!
  10. Jay, when you say that the amp sometimes "cuts out" at very low volumes: Any knowledge about the likely cause? Correction? Is it a kind of "hiccup" of silence for a second or two, and then normal ops resume, or does the whole amp shut down, and must be restarted? (Approximately) what is "very low volume"? Thanks.
  11. Dave, your selection takes me back. Have loved Flamenco music for decades (not "flamingo" as one of my dates referred to it--the only date we went on, BTW). Carlos Montoya, Pepe Romero, Sabicas, Manitas de Plata, were/are among my favorites. Got my start after meeting the first love of my life, a beautiful girl from Mexico (bred, I think, as carefully as the very fine horses her rich family had!). In comparison, most girls were "wrens". She was a beautiful, gloriously-plumed jungle bird . . . .
  12. Chris, Can't wait to listen to your list. It so happens, my absolute favorite "classical" piece of music is the Concierto de Aranjuez. I am fortunate (?) to be old enough to have actually seen the Romeros perform live (and Andre Segovia, but not Julian Bream), when I lived in San Francisco. Back in the 60s! My ABSOLUTE favorite performance of that piece is the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, cond. by Eugene Ormandy, and featuring John Williams as the guitarist. To me, just the right proportions of power, sensitivity, balance, nuance, and controlled--but soaring--emotion. But, Pepe is not far "behind". I also very much like Indian sub-continent and East Asian string instruments. Happy listening!
  13. Oh, I mistook it for the top of a Weber charcoal grill that he poked holes in. Glad to know better.
  14. Wow! having had 30s (and 20s and 10s), the thought of that as a (my) center exceeds my hopes--but not my imagination!
  15. An apology is in order. A couple of weeks ago I responded to some comments (about a couple of my comments) in a deliberately insulting way. For me to talk about the subjects of decent behavior, shared values, and, most importantly, God’s grace, and not live them is hollow and hypocritical. So, dwilawyer and mungkiman and other readers, I do apologize in earnest.
  16. something for less that's the same size? There you go, Scrappy . . . something productive to do between about 2:30AM to 4:30AM, instead of wasting all that time!
  17. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. Every day, every play, every time you see them . . . .
  18. Hey, Scrap, fantastic! I do look forward one day to seeing and hearing for myself. And meeting you.
  19. I don't understand the purpose, the "facts", or the reason for the hostile tone of: "It's the same cadre of lifers that decry 'sociaism' while cashing benefit checks and visiting the VA for prostate trouble" From the “Military Times” today: New VA study finds 20 veterans commit suicide each day. In 2014, the latest year available, more than 7,400 veterans took their own lives, accounting for 18 percent of all suicides in America. Veterans make up less than 9 percent of the U.S. population. About 70 percent of veterans who took their own lives were not regular users of VA services. My personal presumption and starting point is appreciation for a group of people who, for whatever their reasons, did what the large majority of citizens do not do. I leaven that with life experience, and the understanding that all groups have their own bell curve of performers. My "bias" is toward gratitude. I find that much more appropriate than derision.
  20. My, my. Touchy, aren’t we boys? Undoubtedly, your mother continuously told you how “special” you were, and never shared the reality with you. You know, it really is not often that I come across men males who are quite so . . . e m o t I o n a l. Well, g’night. Am sure Mom will remember the night light for you.
  21. Erudite. Mercifully brief, however. I know, I know, it was exhausting for you, searching for something resembling a thought. Perhaps you could open up one of your comic books, copy what you see using your crayon, and pretend it came from you. Do feel free to add something intelligent, even if only once in a great while. You know, just to provide the exception that proves the rule . . . .
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