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  1. on e-bay has any one seen these before says they are 1980 year look good. i have a lot of old sale books these are not in them....they are on the third page right now.....ricktate
  2. has anyone heard if Paul reads this board or enjoys it at all,i would think he would love it since it is mostly towards heritage line.i wonder if he could have any pull for heritage line getting back on line.Paul if your reading these we love you and wish you the best my ears thank you!!!!!i have had the privilage of meeting you a few times and made my day....rick tate This message has been edited by ricktate on 01-04-2002 at 06:23 PM
  3. when i put my old sony tv that close to my la scalas they killed the tube watch out for the magnets.but yea looks cool setup id like to refurbish mine with oak veneer sometime and maybe alk cross overs wish list is big money short...lol.....rick
  4. yea,i made a small la scala with 12 inch woofer and horn.two way only but works fine made it many years ago so i could have radio at work,very noisy at my old job.you could here it all over the plant with good old amp hooked up to it, boss did not think much of it though.....got it in my shop,garage hooked up to plain old radio now....i know its not a corner horn like you want but you could try it....rick
  5. why do the two cornwalls on e-bay look different even though they have numbers in series?also wouldn't the kp-250,kpt-250,or kp-301 be the close match for heresys.thanks rick This message has been edited by ricktate on 12-30-2001 at 10:02 AM
  6. well i went to a stereo shop in kc,mo about 1974 and heard k-horns and salesman said paul was going to be there sat.so my mom took me there and i meet paul we talked and then all listened to speakers for 2 hours my mom wanted to leave until she heard some of her music on k-horns then she wanted to stay...then i saved up bought la scalas in 1980 and wow.also got and read all of them,got some rolling stones adds too.i went to hope in early 80s got pictures meet paul, saw pleiglass k-horn.then in 85 stereo shop had demo with paul there they had hearseys with a tree felling video and when the tree hit the ground i bet everyone in there thought that tree fell right next to them it was great!!!!ill bet some of those people had to check there uderwear after that demo.
  7. i bought la scalas new 1979 but im sure there is stuff i dont know about them,the number is 23u890,and cross over is AA....thanks for any info.rick
  8. how would i repair the ply wood chips on edges of my la scalas,and can i get new name plates from hope factory.most of the chips on bottom outside edge of speakers from shoes,furniture hitting the wood.thanks for any help.
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