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  1. Those look awesome. I was wondering where you got the mid horn ? Since Klipsch does not sell it anymore and even when they did it was hard to get one.
  2. The A is who built it probably Andy but im not sure he built Cornwall's. The other numbers are serial and date-built codes.
  3. I would stay with the one you got. Just get new cartridge.....Ortofon is on amazon or even go to a higher priced one. I dont think the costs worth much more than the red. Amazon.com : ortofon blue
  4. I would love to have some oak ones. But yea those are OAK for sure.
  5. I dont think so. But you can get them from Crites...simply speakers....klipsch....speaker works...the speaker exchange....ebay.
  6. Heres mine I built years ago for my Ks. The little old square inductor is not used. The long inductor is a ERSE inductor, Back then Crites had these can type caps.
  7. Another option for replacing the type AA (LaScala, Belle and Klipschorn crossovers), AL, AL-2, AL-3 (LaScala crossovers), the AK, AK-2, AK-3 (Klipschorn crossovers) and the AB or AB-2 (Belle Crossovers) is our special Type A/4500 crossovers. More info about these crossovers here: B&K Sound Type A/4500 Crossover You have to get different tweets for the 4500. Easy to build from Crites parts.
  8. Those are awesome......there is a pair in KC craigs. Klipsch Belle Speakers - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org)
  9. I would replace all and the round inductor also. Crites or JEM can hook you up. I dont think those tested good at all. Those are from the 70s my 1972 Ks had same ones. I changed mine to the Type A with the 45oo hz mod but you have to use different tweeter if you do that. Other wise just make a type A crossover. The woofer inductor could be changd to a better one also. ERSE - Super Q (erseaudio.com)
  10. Klipsch Belle Speakers - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org) Marked down a little now.
  11. If your close to me I got K horns and LaScalas you could listen to help. I am sure someone is close to you.
  12. I think you need to rule out mechanical noises first. Pull midrange out check tightness of driver to horn....check all screws etc. Check the jumpers and wired connections. I have found a lot of jumpers loose on a lot pf problems of my friends. Twist all the RCA connectors to check those connections. Then go to the equipment try different recording or source with that song on it. If it can be checked with headphones that would help also. Is it on one speaker will it do it in mono on other speaker??? Switch speakers left to right. Hope one of those ideas helps. I think if it was speaker it would do it all the time.
  13. The risers could have been made out of scraps. They also painted veneered speakers if there was a flaw in the veneer. Veneering is easy after you practice on some something first.
  14. You could probably find some one that fixes them. But will cost about same as Crites. There are ones that pop up on ebay and such but then you dont know what your getting. I vote for Crites I bought the cast frame ones for my k-Horns. If your in the mood for up grades might as well get tweeters also.
  15. They cant have same serial #. Look on the edge should be stamped into the wood. If there is a A on them Andy [hdbr] from here built them I think. A little sanding and rub down with Watco refurbishing oil will make them look great. You can update the crossovers with parts from Crites or JEM. I would reinforce the back panel by putting a slightly smaller layer of plywood on the inside. They look like walnut. Hand sand with 220 just a little to clean them up then put the oil on them.
  16. There is a pair of Belles for sale in Kansas city MO 4500 if your interested. On craigs list and FB market place
  17. I would do Crites 4500 hz mod takes the load off the midrange driver......get a pair of his tweeters. I painted my metal horns with rustoleom enamel helps with sound I think also put a little dynamax type stuff on the. I made some ALKs a long time ago to much money nothing different in my opinion. I sold them...lol If you decide to veneer them run some screws into the side boards to stiffen up those. 4 top and bottom should do it. I use O-rings on my mid driver cause that washer sticks out into sound path. A friend has industrials with the k-43 and it doesn't sound right. Does anyone have any information on what the K-43 does to LaScalas??????
  18. I still vote for veneer and make the dog hiuse look like a Belle. Here is pic of mine i didnt veneer the inside of dog house just sanded and stained with cherry stain. But this also gives you the chance to put some good screws in the side to stiffen the panels up. You can not even make mine move with a knee and hands. The veneer also helps stiffen the sides up also I think.
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