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  1. OLD ...haaaaa. I use a 1970s HK 430 with 24 watts.........Sounds awesome on Heritage.
  2. YES it is but take bottom off and make sure the screws are not just loose. It also could be other stuff in the mid horn area rattling. Check all horn screws the crossover ,Mount..etc. Then check that is not the side walls of bass horn by putting a wood bar clamp on the front of it. Then you might want to look at Crites he has them and better cast frame ones also. I got cast frame ones for Ks. Prices-Other Stuff | Critesspeakers.com
  3. Get pool noodles for sealing corner. Get furniture grippers if they sit on hard smooth floor. The 4500 hz mod for crossover will help a lot. Loosen and retighten all screws on crossover. Make sure horn screws are tight. Bass bin needs sealing horizontally also with pool noodles.
  4. Maybe dampen the horn with sound dampening stuff??? Or maybe needs to be broken in some more. How old are they?
  5. I think price should be 600 to 1000 since the new ones are crazy prices. Where are they located. They look like they are in great shape so go high to start. You can pull that dent out of passive woofer with a vacum cleaner just be careful.
  6. Pic of stained top???? Those have some kind of finish on them. The problem is you need to find out if it oil,poly,laquer. Looks like grill has damage in that pic?? Yes they sold them RAW I have only seen a few that the owner left them that way, They are great looking RAW. You will see RAW Heresy's more often. The minty k Horns are gonna be more than 3000 i would say. Considering the crazy current price of K Horns these days. I told my sons when I die if they sell my K-Horns ask 4000 and no less for them. But that was years ago. Now I would tell them 5 to 6 thousand.
  7. If they have been clear coated you will have to lightly sand that off to repair water stain. Pics would help a lot. Another option is to get smoked glass tops made and just ignore the stain. If it was lacquered you would be in luck then cause the stain would be in the finish and not the wood. But Poly will have to be sanded.
  8. I would get it. But you may want to go with a solid state rectifier tube. Mine went out and I tried getting another one it went bad right away. So got a solid state one and great ever since. Those ST-70s sound awesome on klipsch.
  9. Klipsch Reference RF-52 II Speakers - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org) I could pick these up for you and hold them pretty good deal.
  10. Save up more money.....then wait for RB series or Heritage series and then jump on any deal you find, Keep eye on FB...craigs list.
  11. My Heresy's I With extra panel on inside of back. Rebuilt crossovers. Lambs wool grills. I still enjoy listening o them. Best buy for the buck in audio.
  12. Cornwalls for sale in KC. I can pic them up for someone if they want them. KLIPSCH CORNWALL SPEAKERS- 1980 SEQUENTIAL - MINTY - electronics -... (craigslist.org)
  13. They look awesome and very solid. Did you veneer them on just leave edges showing??? Wish i could come over and hear them....
  14. It is definitely hooked to tweeter its the ground wire. I use type A in my Scalas all stock drivers. use type A with 4500hz mod and crites early tweeter on my K=horns to take load off mid drive. Love them both. I had built ALKs a long time ago didn't really think they worth all the money spent on parts. I sold them if anyone has them my name is on bottom of them. So I wold recoment type A with caps from Crites or JEM...but i noticed his are on high side.
  15. No corner on left. I built a false wall and veneered it then attached it to the K-horn. Works pretty good should have used 2 x 3/4 inch plywood. I just used on 3/4 inch and it vibrates a little.
  16. Do you have it sealed horizontally also along the top of bass bin??? Sealed as in how have you sealed them??? pipe foam...pool noodles??? Another thing you might try is loosen and retighten all screwed connections. Also lack of bass could just be amp or AVR set up is off. I use Ks for home theater and reference center and side speakers cause of being poor and have little room...lol.
  17. Unless your a above average woodworker you will be better off buying some used ones. They will work better on the that other long wall. But I do have mine 14 feet apart and they work fine. Might need to move chair closer.
  18. Saweeeeeeet...........Need serial numbers. Stamped and written on back. Stamped into the wood.
  19. Cal Cory first.....at Paducah home theater.
  20. Look for a used set of older ones I woud say. You got a free Mac amp??? Some people have all the luck...lol.
  21. Then reinforce the back panel on the inside with a slightly smaller board. Then put a seal on the panel to keep it air tight. Capacitors are available from a lot of places. But I would recomend Crites or the guy on this forum that sells Klipsch approved...lol. capacitors at premium price. Got a pic of the front???
  22. ricktate


    Dam i want those sooo bad.
  23. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/d/overland-park-klipsch-cornwall-ii/7345448964.html Very old ones but good price.
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