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  1. I think they would work fine. You may have to extend that one wall with some wood. But make sure you seal them into the corners with pool noodles or pipe foam. Vertical and horizontal part of bass horn. How wide is the wall with the arch?
  2. Cant get that link to work??????
  3. I am wondering why it matters???? If you want to buy all USA made stuff it will be hard. Only stuff I know of are whirlpool....Tesla.....Klipsch Heritage. Those would be more than 90% USA Im sure there are more products. Just found this list. Audio Research: Audio products Blackbox Case: Wooden laptop cases Excel: Hand dryers Grado Labs: Headphones and phone cartridges Klipsch: Speakers Unicomp: Keyboards & accessories Vandersteen Audio: Speakers Automakers Ranked by Domestic Production Click or tap rows to see which cars were made where in 2016 Rank Brand % Made in US US Made Cars Cars made elsewhere 1 Tesla (U.S.) 100% Model S, Model X 2 Jeep (U.S.) 89% Wrangler Unlimited, Cherokee... Renegade 3 Cadillac (U.S.) 86% Escalade, ATS... XTS 4 Dodge (U.S.) 83% Challenger SXT, Ram 2500 (2015)... Grand Caravan, Journey 5 GMC (U.S.) 80% Acadia, Yukon... Terrain 6 Acura (Japan) 71% RDX AWD, RDX 2WD... RLX, RLX Sport Hybrid 7 Chevrolet (U.S.) 70% Traverse, Corvette... Spark EV, Trax (Mexico)... 8 Ford (U.S.) 64% F150, Taurus... Edge, Flex... 9 Toyota (Japan) 61% Sienna, Camry... Rav4, Land Cruiser200... 10 Buick (U.S.) 60% Enclave, LaCrosse... Regal, Encore 11 Nissan (Japan) 55% Murano - 4CY, Murano HEV - 4CY... Rogue (Korea), Versa Note... 12 Honda (Japan) 45% Accord, Pilot... CR-V (MX), CR-V (CN)... 13 Kia (South Korea) 38% Sorento (2.0L, 2.4L)... Sedona, Cadenza... 14 Chrysler (U.S.) 33% 200 Town & Country, 300 BMW (Germany) 33% X6 X-Drive 35i, X5 X Drive 35i... 228i X Drive Conv/Coupe, 435 X Drive Conv... 15 Subaru (Japan) 29% Outback, Legacy WRX, BRZ... 16 Infiniti (Hong Kong) 25% QX 60 (4cyl, QX 60 HEV (4cyl Q50 4CYL, Q50 6CYL... 17 Mercedes Benz (Germany) 21% C-Class, GL-Class... GLC-Class, C-Class Coupe... 18 Hyundai (South Korea) 20% Santa Fe Sport Azera, Genesis Coupe... 19 Lincoln (U.S.) 17% Navigator MKS, MKX... 20 Volkswagen (Germany) 14% Passat (1.8 liter gas), Passat (TDI)... Beetle Convertible, Beetle (Average)... 21 Lexus (Japan) 13% ES350, RC RX350, RX450h... 22 Volvo (Sweden) 6% S80 S60I AWD, S60... 23 Mini (Germany) 0% Cooper (all models) Scion (Japan) 0% FR-S, iM... Fiat (Italy) 0% 500 X, Spider... Smart (Germany) 0% Smart fortwo Land Rover (U.K.) 0% Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Evoque... Mitsubishi (Japan) 0% Lancer, Outlander 2.4L... Audi (Germany) 0% A3, A3 Cabriolet... Porsche (Germany) 0% 911 Carrera (all models), 911 (all Models)... Mazda (Japan) 0% Mazda3 (Mex), Mazda2 (Mex)... Jaguar (U.K.) 0% XJR, XJ R-Sport - RWD... Source: Made in America Auto Index, AALA Reports
  4. Just like the you tube video of the guy who didnt know anything about setting up K-Horns. Complained and complained then learned he had them set up wrong..lol. What was wrong or what did you do to fix these could be use full for some one else.
  5. I had compression fracture a couple years ago.....Dam that hurt.......but i kept moving every day.....doing exercises.....i knew if i stopped and let it get to me i would never get better. Tell her to keep moving no matter what.
  6. Klipsch Heresy I Speaker Crossover Capacitor Upgrade - Bing video this might help....
  7. 1977 K Horns need crossovers rebuilt. At least the caps bet on that. Do one then test to hear difference. Do you have them sealed into corners good??? I use pool noodles now works better. Dont forget to do the horizontal part of bass horn also. You never said what you were using for source of sound. But 70s HK 430 630 730 930 will make you hear heaven.
  8. Have your rebuilt the crossovers? What year are the K-horns?? You can get a better tweeter from Crites. I did the 4500 hz mod from Crites.
  9. The little square is original woofer inductor. Not used in this mod though.
  10. On your K-Horns i would do the 4500hz mod that does require a different tweeter. Also get new washers for mid range driver I used O-rings. Make sure you got them sealed into the corners I use pool noodles now much better I think. If they sit on hard smooth floor get some furniture gripper's for them also. You can build the crossovers yourself with parts from ''Bob'' or buy whole new ones . I built mine and used new woofer inductor from parts express. ERSE - Super Q (netsuite.com) About Us | Critesspeakers.com
  11. If you can afford it just et Bobs ]BK] crossovers and be done. While at it get the titanium diaphragm for tweeter.
  12. Oiled oak are rare Heresys I would buy them. Where is add at or located at????
  13. Being a slot car guy that old type motor wont run long. What voltage is the motor?? I would think it will take 4 of those batteries to get it to run at all.
  14. They can be run on 8 OHM connections. The price is good I think depending on condition. The used prices are going up because new ones are so crazy price. f you want them offer 1000 but prepared to pay full price. They will probably sound awesome with that receiver. I use HK 430 and 630 for mine. Are they walnut finish??? You got pic of them?
  15. You could offer less but prices are going up. If they look good its good price. Considering new ones are crazy prices. I would ask 4000 for mine cause I have a lot of work and mods in them and they are 1972.
  16. Look at Crites klipsch crossovers for parts or whole units. Put a seal on back panel if it comes off and if it does hey are series 1 usually.. Grills are usually attached with velcro. I added a layer of plywood on inside of rear panel to reinforce it. Has to be smaller so it mounts back in cabinet though. Take metal screw out of the inductor use hot glue or stainless screw. I made lambs wool grills for mine.
  17. Anyone know of a place that could refresh an HK up??? I got a few and would like to get one done.
  18. HK twin power kicks ***. Need to spread those out and get grippers for the bottoms and put on floor. I bet that HK steps all over that Marantz??? I got a 430,630,730.....I think the 630 is the best all around one to have.
  19. Normally Andy [He use to build Heresys] said the black ones were walnut with flaws in the wood. You can take some paint off bottom to see. The carver amp is working ??? Thats awesome just keep it. A newer pre amp would help i would think. The serial numbers were not stamped into Heresys. Mine are number 1s from 85 also. I think around 85 they started to switch to Heresy II, So if the woofers are rear mounted and the back panel comes off those are series ones. You could do some mods to them like I have. Rebuild the crossovers. , I added a 1/4'' layer of ply a little smaller than the back panel on the inside of the back panel to stiffen it up. Put a seal on the back panel so it seals better. I would watch the power going to the Heresys with that Carver . I had my sons Carver for awhile and got carried away with the volume and bottomed out the woofer. No damage though.
  20. I joined 2001 not sure if I ever met him at a pilgrimage but did email him a lot and bought a lot from him. The purist here sometimes didnt like what he was doing but Klipsch would not do it so some one had to. He will be missed I hope his son carries it on for sake of people with older speakers. Love ya BOB CRITES you were the best.
  21. Well I use to have Yammy stereo reciever that had 80 watts. I got a HK 430 with 24 watts. The HK would step all over that Yammy and sound better. Not sure why,,,,Its not always about the watts is what I learned. The Yammy was newer, bigger, heavier. Back in the day the HK was exspensive for sure. I love taking it over to friends house and killing their new high power amp they brag about though...lol.
  22. Deoxit has a lubricant in it......Also it is recommended to clean the problem twice use it one day then the next day.....first time loosens crap up and then its worse. Second time it cleans it better. I would like to re-cap one my HKs not sure how much it would be or who is good at it though. Are you going to sell your HK now???
  23. How does it stack up against the HK receiver??? Those Heresy's would sound better on floor with furniture grippers on the bottom.
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