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  1. i am looking for an xls 2502 if you guys do not want it i ll buy it
  2. klipsch might still have the k -1036 or you can also keep checking extads for a beat up pair and just scoop up the woofers
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-KLIPSCH-K-1056-E-Woofer-Speaker-For-KLF-10/264190674868?epid=13028694939&hash=item3d82fdc7b4:g:fUsAAOSwo8NcYGE2 2 of those available
  4. looking for 2 xls 2502 or maybe more for my kl 30s and 20 s and dual c7 s as i love how they all sound
  5. how much for the klf c7 ?
  6. these are the originals poly and not the titanium right Moray? zip code 98295
  7. hey i am n canada as well bc , i am intrested in the woofers and horn but can do the bundle ...my offer is 100 cad shipped i dont need the crossover ...if you have any klf c7 woofers i am intrested
  8. hi, are you selling the 2 woofers and horn and xover for 1 klf 10 ? do you have any klf c7 woofers ?
  9. bonzo ,would you ship em to me 98295
  10. good luck bonzo ,great speakers and will be a steal of a deal for any forum klipsch brother on here
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