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  1. Good day! I got home theatre contains: RF-82 on fronts, RC-64 center, RB-81 as top highs and RS-7(!!) for surrounds. Last year my Integra 70.2 receiver was died and i swaped it on DENON X4100 - aaaand its awfull in soundind - very harsh on big volumes, and completely lack of details and air in music. So last week i tried at home Marantz 7009, Pioneer Elite 78 and Onkyo 3000 series. The Marantz is complete winner in sounding. After that i get and DAC - Yulong D200 which is absolutely fenomenal in clarity and details - its like never before my fronts are playing now. And i want even more - i want a good amp for front channel to make things better! Can you give me variants for choosing - what to look for? I need warm and clear amp with very "white" sound - good scene, neutral tone balance, good control of bass, and with good dynamic power to avoid a distortion on twitter on big volumes. I love to listen natural music as folk, rock, hard rock, blues and such. I can afford to 2000$ +-
  2. there's a up-to-date photo of my center. its looking much better and agressive than RC-42) sry for quality, Note3 not best at this.
  3. Hi and thanks ) the photos is a little bit old, there's no wharfedale rears already, and a new projector mounted for 1 year already. But i didnt make a new one because of lack of camera
  4. Hi to all of you, friends, from Mother Russia, St.Petersburg I want to show you my cinema system based on Klipsch Klipsch RF-82 Klipsch RC-64 (on photo old RC-52, need new photos ofc) Klipsch RS-7 rear Cerwin-Vega XLS-15s sub Integra 70.2 avr Draper Luma HCG 110" screen + EPSON EH-TW8100 projector PS3 + media based HTPC with PLEX (14TB storage)
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