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  1. OK try this. I ordered a set of Ti tweeter ones from Bob and put them in a set of K-792's. For some reason I decided to run a sweep on them and one was great the other one barely audible. Well heck brand new so whats up? There were three detente knobs on the driver and I remember reading about guys who used a sweep generator to dial diaphragms in just right so I thought all i can do is rotate the bad one 120 degrees and see. Absolutely nothing and then I rotate it again and perfect and the two match by ear. I don't know which one was eccentric and maybe both were but rotation solved the problem. Perhaps this will work here too.
  2. Yeah I am thinking hard about trying these out on the S-MWM's first. See now you want me to buy two sets of 15C's don't you. Go on you might as well admit it.
  3. Those 15" spacers are small enough for me to cut on my mill which I will have a go at doing when the 15C's you and Claude forced me to buy arrive.
  4. Say speaking of "you guys" how come you guys are always trying to spend "our" money eh?๐Ÿค‘
  5. Jason are you fabricating the spacer or do you know where to buy one already done? You guys have talked me into trying these 15C's on my current LSI two piece rebuild project. I can sell the old K-43's for more than these will cost if they do all you guys say they will and I have no reason to doubt.
  6. Good to hear and how many hours do you have on the DE-120's? They are nice drivers when fully broken in. That bigger lens cavity ought to help a lot too.
  7. Great misleading comment. Based on manufacturing output and the quantity of pollution generated to do so the USA is far more efficient and less polluting. So things are getting better here and worse there even though our output is rising fairly fast once again. Perhaps total output might be the reason for your assertion we are the third worst but per person per man hour of work and product produced we are way below third. Prove me wrong. You want to save the environment bring manufacturing back here.
  8. No one knows preccisely and unequivocally why things really happen. No one could measure accurately until the advent of satellites worth a flip so good data generation has been around a very short time and please inform me again how accurate long range weather forecasting is? Then of course there are well documented instances of fraud on the data collection by those who get grants by crying the sky is falling. It would be much easier to believe if the sky is falling crowd were not so eager to take things from everyone while flying around in great big private jets and living in 10 different large houses and using specious lists of "concerned scientists" as front men. Funny how so many concerned celebrities have beach front dwellings when the world is going to end in 12 years. Again. Will it be warming or cooling depends on what is getting traction not what is really happening.
  9. You can't go wrong changing old caps out. Even the cheapest Erse and Dayton poly caps are a big improvement over 30+ year old caps. If you wish to you can easily spend lots of $$$$$$ and Dueland is my favorite over the top stupid expensive line. https://www.partsconnexion.com/DUELUND-77862.html Dueland is a great advertisement for MiniDSP which you can use on any speaker.
  10. You bet and 10,000 years ago there was an ice age but no pollution to speak of to cause this warming. I will say this guy gets an attaboy for being willing to spend his own money and not money forcibly taken from others which seems to be the suits in DC's way. Misguided yes but still a man of conviction with his own money. The very best thing he could do would be to advocate for manufacturing to be brought back from the two greatest polluters on earth namely China and India who always get a pass from eco warriors and the Chamber of Commerce types. They took down the glaciers are retreating signs in Glacier National Park this year because they are not anymore.
  11. I recommend gluing these to the bottom of everything. I even use one under the seat in my van and they are amazing. Not only is the ride better I could swear the sound system has improved by a surprising amount. Stacore Poland Basic+ Anti-vibration pneumatic platform Price: $5,800 Product Features: STACORE BASIC+ โ€” High End anti-vibration pneumatic platform for extra heavy audio components. Almost limitless load capability opens a chance to isolate even the heaviest audio equipment. Ideal for heavy turntables, amplifiers, monoblocks or speakers. Visually BASIC+ platform is identical with the BASIC model. Each platform is packed in a deluxe flight case with a CNC milled foam insert to ensure a safe transport. * Due to high manufacturing cost this product is only sold direct through Aaudio imports in US & Canada * Intro Platforms & CLD Footers are also sold through dealers Product Specifications: Dimensions: - 22.8โ€ x 18.9โ€ x 4.25โ€ (WxDxH) - Larger custom sizes available per request Weight: - 136.4 lbs. Max Load: - 352 lbs. - Max load capabilities up to 1000kg available per request Brand News: Stacore High End Vibration Control, May 2019 Read More ยป Official Website: http://stacore.pl/en/
  12. Good advice and also check the banana plugs on the back to make sure your hookup is not just flopping around loose. Had a Chorus I recently that was really sour sounding but a recap fixed all that. That old you plan on doing it in any case because all of those old caps are out of spec and some of them probably badly so. Also loosen and re-tighten barrier strip screws if you have a crossover on a board. Take the spade ends and make sure they clamp tightly to the drivers and if they are loose take a pair of pliers to them and bend that little curved section closer to the back side of the spade end. Check solder joints to make sure they are good as I have seen some poorly done ones work loose. My favorite vintage speaker and well worth restoring and then upgrading.
  13. Larger lens is right so unless you rebuild the top part of a La Scala you must use the smaller MAHL and DE120 on La Scalas. I did rebuild an LSI recently and made it a two piece (bass bin with 25mm Baltic Birch sides) so it could perform as a sort of test bed for using the larger MAHL + DE10 and also to build a two way with a horn similar to the K-510 to see how they do. I have done the K-400 + K-55-V soldered lug and large MAHL + DE10 so far and once I added an L-Pad to the DE10 it is the finest sounding LSI or La Scala I have ever heard. Stock AA build with zeners removed and Sonicaps on the crossovers so nothing fancy there. K-43's were reused since I prefer these over the K-33's. Never tried the woofer you guys are talking about so that will be next on the list to do.
  14. Sadly nothing. Claude and I are both suddenly very busy so I have just loafed along with what I have for now and not done anything more. I will get around to it some day soon perhaps.
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