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  1. Would you be willing to box it all up and ship to 38472? What would be the cost for that if you are willing?
  2. Bought this refurb from Crutchfield and used it for a short time to try out Audessy which I had heard so much about. I did not like it and here it sits. Time to go and I have the microphone and original box and packing stuff. $400 and I can bring it to Hope if that helps. Otherwise get me your zip and I will get a price to insure and ship. While I am at it an SW10 sub for $90.00 pickup or Hope delivery. I am also going to list a set of fiberglass/aluminum trimmed HIE HSM recapped and with my large tweeter in them. $600.00 and they will also be in Hope. For grins and giggles I have a KP682 sub in good shape I can take there too for $250.00. I also have various K-77 tweeters. Again I can bring these to Hope and they are $100 a pair. If any of these are of interest I will post pictures.
  3. These look a bit like a set that was floating around over there on a big wood base. If it is they were painted black and then had the paint removed. That paint will be there in the wood grain and you need to ask before hand to see the base and a close up of the wood. Or at least ask if these are the ones that were painted and stripped. When I talked to him, assuming these are the same ones, he told me I had to get over there ASAP since he was leaving for a job by the end of the week and was raising money for it. That was about a month ago.
  4. Dave A

    Super MWM

    It is not Klipsch that discourages this but rather it is the number of people who will be there. I have been advised against bringing them and that is what will happen. However anyone who happens to be in the area is welcome to stop in just contact me ahead of time. Give me a call and I will turn the volume up so you won't have to rely on your phone GPS. We have very spotty coverage out here.
  5. Dave A

    Super MWM

    If you look at the picture of the two plenums standing up by themselves on page 13 you will see them on the top of the right hand plenum.
  6. Dave A

    Super MWM

    OK first one all done but the speaker chamber cover, sanding filling and painting. I had to try and figure out how to do this with one person and I ended up putting the corner braces on the top and bottom and then positioning the top over the bottom/plenum sub assembly. Then you slobber glue everywhere and get a couple of clamps out and get busy tying it all together before the glue sets up. Lowered the top until it fit up with the forklift and then raised it back up, slobbered glue and lowered it back down.Working around the outside as fast as you can with clamps pulling top and bottom snug I drilled holes and ran screws in from the top and bottom and sides. Some of the screws pulled in to far and it is not the best looking work with some epoxy filler in the future. However this thing is massive and should never suffer from resonance. I will be coating it all with Duratex inside where ever I can reach and outside I just might do in black for contrast and paint just the inside brown. I will for sure be firing these up this week.
  7. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Hi Bruce, The Allen bins are exact copies of the MWM. The woofers even appear to be the same Eminence construction as the K-43's so basically a true clone of the MWM I went with the taller height because it used up more of the material from the same sheet. Claude ran the numbers and they indicated not only did it use a higher percentage of the material bought it also would go a bit deeper which is the reason for this whole exercise anyway.
  8. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Debating that. I will probably do everything but the tops tomorrow and I may paint all the inside at that point with the Duratex. The outside will come later after final sanding and corner rounding.
  9. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Here is a set of drawings for the CAD challenged among us. If anyone finds discrepancies let me know and I will amend things but I believe they are pretty well dead on.
  10. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Plenums done and sitting overnight to make sure all glue joints are 100% strength. While I have a nailer I have found it does not draw things together like screws or clamps do for good bonds so it is mostly to tie things together until clamping or subsequent screwing. Everywhere the screws go there are predrilled holes either all the way or most of the way through so there is a good bite into the opposite side piece. My screw gun strips these out way to fast so I am running them in most of the way with it and then final tightening by hand. If I ever start building on a regular basis I will set up a perfectly flat table to work off of. It will probably be a 3/4" 4' x 8' aluminum plate as that is pretty flat from the mill whereas steel might be cheaper but is never flat. Since I am screwing it all together clamps are not needed on this one. I am going to cover it in brown Duratex later after Hope and seal that bad boy up with a couple of coats and that will be that. Don't have any science behind the shape but adding a splitter that is a 45 degree 4" x 4" leg angle made of 1" Baltic. I am going to fasten it all in place permanently as I have decided I want it done and I think I will leave the splitter tinkering to the next guy.
  11. OK where is that hang my head in shame icon?
  12. Dave A

    Super MWM

    I have a spiral compressor and now you know as much as I know about compression. This is based on proven good design by Klipsch and Gillam and extended far longer than they ever decided to do. I have never heard bass as dynamic and clear as the MWM bins so that was the goal. To go much deeper and keep the same qualities of output. Correct that is the benefit of the coped corners on the motorboard.
  13. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Motorboards from a set of single bin John Allen MWM clones. Since they are basically exact copies I salvaged a motorboard and adjusted accordingly to height. In passing I think there is a direct relationship based on the volume of expansion. The La Scala motorboard has a much smaller slot but also has much smaller volume of expansion. The MWM is far bigger in every regard and that motorboard cutout is much bigger.
  14. Last set of Chorus I's I sold two weeks ago was recapped with Sonicaps and had my large MAHL tweeters in them and the cabinets were in exceptional shape. Listed for about two weeks and sold for $1200.00. You are probably a bit high but time will tell.
  15. Well Hey Hey My My sounds fat on thin wall regular La Scalas and fat wall La Scalas sound good every where else. You sayin you don't like fat?
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