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  1. Dave A

    More Gender Angst

    Look it up. England and Canada right now. Passed in the state of Massachussets a couple of years ago and you can find the statutes if you care to dig. Other states like California and Washington are looking at doing this to.
  2. Dave A

    More Gender Angst

    Yes and I want my old color back and a carry forward credit on the years.
  3. Seriously Jeff there is a lot of talk regarding audio quality here.
  4. Dave A

    More Gender Angst

    Which one is it. " there are people who identify as transgender and Sports will have to make the adjustment" or "It seems we all agree that a transgender person shouldn't be allowed to compete as a women because of the male hormones either administered or born with" These are diametrically opposed statements. Yes and my hair has turned gray as I get older but my sex has not. Hair color? Really? I also get a tan in the summer but I still remain a man. I have a question. Why should the right of maybe 2% of the population supercede the rights of the rest of the population? How do you determine this? Subject the 98% to legal tyranny for the 2%? You have to know in time that will create real and serious problems and is why this stuff has always failed throughout history.
  5. Dave A

    More Gender Angst

    That is an interesting choice of words. Parents are responsible for their children and held to be so legally. Yet somehow liberal policies where this sex stuff is concerned, parents are then told they will be prosecuted and children taken away because when the child is told they can be whatever sex they want and encouraged to do so at school, then parent says no and then gets in trouble. So whose rights are important here? The biological parents or the liberal guidance whatevers at school? There are indeed two sets of value judgements here. Mine is based on biological function from the beginning of mankind that has been proven to work and the other is a social construct meant to change things that do work into things that don't. Somehow though each group of people that propose to rewrite things are going to be the ones smart enough to finally do it .....without failure. They always sadly fail and history adds them to the reasons why certain principles work and others don't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTTXE3K_0AY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pxxBQm114k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncl3ZFitt84 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncl3ZFitt84
  6. Yes they do Dean. It is why you run your cables suspended on towers with a slight slope down towards your speakers and no dips anywhere. If you don't the electrons will puddle in the dips and that is not good. That's what causes that pop in so many systems when turned on since not only are new electrons flowing they pick up the old puddled ones to and cause a surge.
  7. And how do you analytically and scientifically assess things?
  8. Dave A

    More Gender Angst

    No I am trying out my new life as a liberal where I get to rewrite all the rules. God is so yesterday you know.
  9. I think you have some great advice for beginners. Have you looked into this thread yet?
  10. Dave A

    More Gender Angst

    Double standard. If you care about competition in sports you care what sex they are too. Look the whole thing boils down to what sex you were born with and the unfair advantage mentally aberrant people wish to acquire by competing against women because they can't win championships against men. What religious person do you know that is stranger than a parent who puts their grade school child on hormone therapy to screw around with the child's body before the kid has even thought seriously about sex? Now the idea you can find a fringe lunatic religious person I have no doubt but these sex mutilating parents are a whole new level of strange. I know this was not your comment but I grabbed it from your post. Why encourage insanity and say it is OK? He is a HE with a mutilated body incapable of doing what a women's body was designed to do. Men help make babies and women carry and birth babies. The two are different and that this is even a topic of discussion is a clear sign of how dangerously out of kilter the world has become. So doctors can give the appearance of the opposite sex they don't have biologically accurate nor biologically correctly functioning parts.
  11. Dave A

    Heresy $70.00 Jackson Tennessee

    Scam or not they don't reply. I would drive over there and get them at that price cash and carry only though.
  12. Dave A

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    I was asked about what I thought of these 1132's but remember I am not using them on a Jube they are on MWM's and soon to be Super MWM's. Still in a purely two way system I don't see how these could be bad and settings can be tailored to suit. I know to my satisfaction by actually listening in person to both the 456's and sitting on my MWM's with the 402 they are awesome drivers. I have not listened to many bigger drivers so I cant compare to others but I am not looking further at this time. By the way here are the specs for the DE75 and it sure looks like the same thing as the 1132 for frequency response. Specifications: • Power handling: 110 watts RMS/220 watts program above recommended crossover of 0.8 kHz/12 dB slope • VCdia: 3" • Impedance: 8 ohms • Frequency response: 500-18,000 Hz • Dimensions: 6.7" diameter x 2.5" depth • Net weight: 9.9 lb.
  13. Dave A

    More Gender Angst

    Truth indeed. People can be delusional about what they wish they were but genes do not lie. Man or Woman like it or not. There was a time when the mentally ill received help but today they get scalpels, hormone therapy and preferential legal treatment. Pity the poor children who are told at the age of five by crazy parents that they can choose what sex they want to be!
  14. Dave A

    More Gender Angst

    CNN CBS NBC ABC NPR? They still are. Chicago Jussie being the latest case. I learned all about how normal people are really oppresive cisgendered constructs there too.
  15. Dave A

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    The 1132's are a matter of having extra drivers from some of my KPT-456 buys. So I have heard them in those two way systems. I was fortunate to get a set of 402's but no drivers. I see the two and four woofer 942's using these same drivers and the 402 so I figure if it is good enough for current Klipsch offerings it's good enough for me. So far after a week of use I see no reason to change to another driver for the 402. I am sure there are some better, isn't there always it seems, but this is good enough for me. Keep in mind they sound really nice on a passive MCM 1900 crossover hooked to the mid output so I am certain it will be much better when I get the xilica and bi-amp thing going. I read about 402's a number of times but had never heard any except at Cory's on his Jubes where they were very nice. When I took the mids and tweets off the MCM 1900 and put the 402 - 1132's on there instead the very first time I played them was a revelation. I had no idea how much better than any other horn lens they were.