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  1. I have all the pieces of the puzzle including an AA crossover, k400 horns k55 drivers K33 woofers and K77 tweeters. I have already had some recommendations to change the tweeters to an Eminence ASD1001 and get the ALK Universal Cornscala crossover. What I am listening to now is a pair of La Scala industrials sitting on top of a pair of KP-480's. For those of you who have built Cornscalas and had La Scalas too I would like to know if the Cornscalas will sound as good as the La Scalas and provide the bass needed to do away with the need for sub woofers. I respect the genius of Klipsch and lean towards using all the original components I have and just changing the cabinet so the parts sit in to a two piece with a bass bin and separate horn assembly. The proposed bass bin would be modeled after the Cornwall cabinet with 5.8 CF a 9.25 shelf and 50 CI open area for the rectangular ports. So before I embark on this I want to know it is a worth while project and not just another attempt by someone doomed to less making less than what I have right now. I would like to hear from those who have actually done this and have had the capability of both to compare side by side. Please keep in mind I am not throwing money into super high dollar crossovers. I am satisfied with the Crites Sonicap kit I installed in my La Scalas AA crossover. Maybe it is ignorance since I have not heard anything with these high dollar deals in them but at the age of 63 with less than best hearing I am not so sure it matters. Perhaps it is best to strive for very good I can enjoy as compared to some "special" audiophile type doo dah I can't hear the difference in anyway. The Alk Cornscla Universal does not fall into the overpriced category for me by the way if using it really does make a difference.
  2. In the for what it is worth category. I stopped in to pay Marcus a visit during a recent trip to Indy. He is a one man show engrossed in his favorite hobby which is Klipsch Klipsch Klipsch. Everywhere in his house. I can't speak for him nor am I trying to put words in his mouth but don't take his postings here to sell to be the limit of his interest. I can assure you he is a Klipsch fan just not as social perhaps as many here. It is a compliment in a way since where else best to sell what you do not need but treasure in the hopes it will go to another Klipsch fan.
  3. Dave A


    It was a good score since I paid $160 for all four. I could afford to experiment with the Eminence replacement speakers and not worry about hurting future resale value because they were not Klipsch pure. I find I like working on speakers but once done doing that they have to go somewhere. I recently bought a pair of KP-301's and as much as I hate to say it these 260's sound better. It makes me wonder just how badly degraded the caps in my 301's and 250's really are for surely these 260's were not designed to be superior to those. The 301's were supposed to be by all I read commercial Chorus speakers which I really like. These 301's were well taken care of by someone who knows how so the only thing I can figure out is caps. The replacement ones are on the way.
  4. Bought four beat up KP-260's recently.They had been exposed to water with crud down into the coil area on the woofers and the metal on the horn drivers corroded. Three crossovers had resistors get so hot the boards were scorched and one had the resistors fried. Another had a capacitor melted into a cute little puddle. Now the amazing thing is they all still played and sounded half way decent. I sent the crossovers off to Crites figuring there could be other problems too and I don't have equipment or skills to check crossovers out. All four woofers were no good and I decided to use Eminence Delta Pro 12A in two as recommended elsewhere and also try the Delta Pro 12-450-A. At $109 and $125 each they beat the heck out of $194 Klipsch wanted for KP-42's and all are made by Eminence I believe. They sound really nice today after all the pieces to the puzzle are assembled. I was thinking they would be like KP-250's but they are far superior to the ones I have had. The Delta Pro 12-450-A's specs dig a little deeper with 44HZ to 4KHZ compared to the 12A at 52HZ to 4.5KHZ. I could not tell by ear much difference between them but the bass in both is very nice and the high notes are very defined also. Placing them in front of the La Scalas it has better perceived separation in my shop environment than the La Scalas do. Anyone have a chance to do a direct comparison between KP-201's and KP-260's? Curious to know how they stack up since the 201's have such a reputation. These replacement speakers are slightly larger than the KP-42's were and will require some judicious die grinder work.
  5. OK why use those big honking caps? I am going a different route and just ordered some Erse Pulse X caps that claim to have good specs and have good reviews on other sites. WAAY cheaper than Sonicaps and I am going to find out if that matters. I hear both sides with some recommending Dayton caps from Parts Express for instance but they are huge. I like the size of the Sonicaps. It is hard to know sometimes what advice to trust and I tend to lean towards the opinion of people who get their hands dirty doing things over those who seem to like to have bragging rights. I am finding out those old caps have collector value and it is possible I could send these off to Crites, have him redo them and then test the old caps. If they are OK they can sell for as much as the crossover rework would cost. These were also from a K-horn.
  6. I am sure these are as built. There is an age patina that would be hard to do on purpose for no good reason. Your AA is like the ones I have seen so far. How did yours get so rusty, were they stored outside for a time?
  7. I have read about Paul Klipsch using WW2 surplus components before in speakers because they were cheap and worked. So the story goes and I have no idea if the story is true but these sure would indicate it might be. Are these worth rebuilding or should they be preserved for posterity by a collector? I had bought these to use in a Cornscala but after further digging I am probably going to use ALK's universal crossover for that.
  8. I would sure like to know where you guys see all these cheap Chorus's. I have been watching and nothing anywhere within hundreds of miles from Nashville for anything even remotely close to that for about a year now. Forte's are selling for $650 around here in a heart beat. If you are including the whole United States that might be true but then the 1000 to 1400 mile round trip kind of removes the value of that "cheap" price. I would like to buy some from you if you have any for sale at the average price
  9. Before you ever go to look at another speaker do this. I have and it works very well. Go buy a $38 lepai amp from Parts Express. Add to that a small AC inverter that plugs into your vehicle power point or cigarette lighter. Next time someone says they can't play them you just hook up the Lepai from your vehicle and have enough power to check things out for big problems like drivers being fried. $100 spent will prevent anyone from ever hiding behind I cant play them from ever happening to you again. A wall outlet works just fine too and it has a USB port so load your flash drive with test music and have at it.
  10. They sold for that too in four days.
  11. THANKS John, it was the physics of the situation I was wondering about and you have explained it.
  12. Need to get one maybe two of these.
  13. Moray let me try to explain it like this. A direct smaller connection will have a smaller volume of air to deal with. Air is compressible and therefore my thought is larger volume with the whole speaker interior to cushion the effect of sound waves, reducing compression so to speak, would not yield the same compressive transfer of energy to the passive as a controlled direct square pipe between the two would. The answer is something not addressed yet and it is will this work and does it make sense or no it will not work and here is why. Yes I get the idea of volume for bass but is there a way around that is the question I am trying to ask. I am figuring to some degree sound is like air. Blow it into a box and yes it will hit the other side and every other part to. I blow that air into a sealed chamber between two points it goes from point A to point B and does not fool around with dissipating its energy. I don't know how to explain what I mean better than that. Listening to how directional the sound output from my La Scalas are tells me that sound can be directed and channeled. Horn designs have an angle of sound coverage. So to my mind without technical training in this field shape can improve sound wave transmission.
  14. I have a re-coned K-1001-K Quartet woofer and a re-cone kit for the same. I am tired of fooling around with trying to sell it on EBay and figure if I am going to give it away it should be done here. So pick up the price of shipping and I will send these to the first respondent. Thus ends my sojourn into the world of re-coning.
  15. I had a quote recently for K-42 and they were $194 each plus shipping. I want to say a number I heard recently for Klipsch direct k-43 was around $224.00. I ended up buying Eminence woofers recommended elsewhere on the forum as a replacement for the K42 for $124.00.
  16. OK maybe sealed chamber would be better as a description. I can still take and recreate the volume of the, lets say a Forte, and make the cubic feet inside the chamber the same as the open area inside the Forte. What my question really is does a a contained "stiff" column of air offer any improvement over a box with air which would I assume act to some degree as a shock absorber and be subject to potential interference from mid range sound waves freely roaming in the same area? That is an interesting site John. Do you suppose that plastic tubes would be a violation of sonic purity construction methods
  17. OK a picture is worth a thousand words and here is what I mean. A sealed chamber from front to back and side to side. Besides adding stiffness does this accomplish anything? I ponder improvements and recognize the genius of Klipsch. Someone will come up with the exact perfect acoustic variables some day I suppose but are we there now? I go back to everything is a compromise in manufacturing and what we can do today as individuals does not depend on some CPA penny squeezer cutting corners. I am interested in utilitarian solutions and wonder if this plenum idea would work.
  18. Hi John, JAMS? When I last spoke to him he was moving, too busy and recommended the guy who is sitting on my money and K-42 core. Since re-coning is turning out to be such a chore and results not optimal I have ordered two sets of Eminence woofers. By the time the dust settles I have something right away, price is at worst no higher and in this case cheaper. Mailing two ways and then paying the East Nashville dude would end up running me about $135.00 and the new Eminence I went with is $125.00 each. I would prefer getting the original K-42's re-coned but I have no good answer yet.
  19. Catching up and these replies are not encouraging. If I am not going to get factory specs with the re-cone kit I might as well buy new Eminence woofers. By the time I pay the re-cone dude in Nashville for incorrect parts I am over two thirds of the way to new. Actually in the case of 15" K33 woofer replacements I am money ahead by buying direct from Eminence. Surely there is a better answer.
  20. OK I find I have a need for five K-42 woofers. Klipsch quotes for retail customers is $194.80 each plus shipping. The Eminence Delta Pro Eminence Delta Pro 12-450-4 4 ohm speaker. The Eminence Delta Pro 12-450-4 is a 12" 4 ohm speaker. The Delta Pro-12-450-4 speakers available here. is $109 each plus shipping. Is there any reason not to use the Eminence? If I were to get these old K-42's re coned does anyone have an outfit they use that can restore to exact factory Klipsch specs?
  21. Please check your mail.
  22. Question for you experienced speaker fixer uppers. I had a K-43 re-coned here in Nashville a while back. It was supposed to be an exact duplicate of the factory specs. I recently ordered a re-cone kit for a K-10-K from Simply Speakers and it had a lower Db rating by about 1.5 if I remember right then the factory original. They said it was their K-10-K re-cone kit but it was different than factory specs. This re-cone guy orders kits too and the K43 he re-coned now requires the balance adjusted to favor it since it appears to need more watts to drive it. No wonder he said both should be done to make the sound equal. Now you know the back round my question is where does one go to get exact factory spec re-cone work done preferably close to Nashville? Coulter has suggested an outfit in Indianapolis and I have an email into them but no reply back yet.
  23. Looking at all the various things done with modifications and I have not found the following. Is the idea of a sealed plenum going from a woofer to a passive radiator of worth? I wonder if this has been done and what the results were. Is there some value to cubic inches of space (also I would imagine interference to some degree from other components radiating sound waves) over a sealed volume of direct connection to a woofer/radiator allowing perhaps for more dynamic energy transfer and better isolation from the squawker and tweets? Pondering building some speakers and just wondering.
  24. Interesting you mention amps. I am buying a Crown XLi 800 and expect it to be delivered tomorrow. You are welcome to come by and hear it and it was $250.00 with a pair of speaker cables delivered. The KP-480 has a crossover and does not require an additional amp to run it with. You will however need amps to feed the setup with. Had to chuckle at one of your replies to the off topic posts here.
  25. I have a pair of KP115's and a pair of KP-480's and I am off exit 27 I-65 south. I also have a Miller Kreisel V-75 Mark II. Guy with Chorus II's was using this for his home theater.
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