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  1. A question asked before by us lovers of Chorus over Cornwalls. I think the answer will be no. It would have to be priced just like the Cornwalls since I would expect them to sound even better based strictly on my perception of what I have heard from the two cabinet types. I like the Chorus shape and smaller footprint and audio quality over all the Cornwalls but the CW4. I wonder what Roy could do if he applied the same recipe to the Chorus though. So there is this traditional thing too which has big sway at Klipsch. The Cornwall goes way back and the Chorus was a short termed interloper. I see no way for a blessing for a Chorus when the CW4 is as good as it is now. Why make two speakers that would compete for the same basic market?
  2. OK now listen up. It is a scientific fact that electrons have mass. Don't believe me look it up yourself. Now here is why wire towers in audio are so important. Copper has a face-centred cubic structure with a unit-cell edge length of 3.61A∘. What this means is that electrons can puddle in the wire dips. You hear that pop when you turn on your amp sometimes? That is the inrush of new electrons along with the puddled electrons briefly creating a surge. You have to make sure the cable towers are aligned in such a fashion that there is a constant slope, with no dips, down to the speaker from the amp so they can drain off when the amp is powered down. This will prevent those surges and their resultant pops.
  3. Well not exactly since our point is that cable lifters are wealth transfer devices and not true audio improvement devices. If you like them and enjoy using them do so. Just don't expect many others to think they work.
  4. I can see why. "Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia routinely operates up approx. 10 per cent grades - on switchbacks, too - as traction-only - with Shays and other geared lokies. "
  5. I had forgotten that most excellent thread. Glad you posted it.
  6. Cass uses a side axle Shay steam engine.
  7. I was lucky enough to ride a double header behind it a few years ago with another one just like it they had rebuilt for NS steam excursions. HEY copper Ridge is not too far south from you and is the steepest working mainline NS grade. Want to go there and watch trains some day? Trina watching weather is here.
  8. The forum took a noticeable downward move after Carl stepped down as moderator. Carl was expert at defusing and redirecting bad threads with a few polite PM's.
  9. Ha Ha, cable lifting was invented by those who subscribed to PT Barnum's famous "sucker born every minute" comment to extract wealth from others🤣
  10. I was reflecting on your comment about needing proof. You however decided to apply it to your opinion, not me.
  11. Informed opinion Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster : a belief, judgment or way of thinking about something based on information He has enough knowledge of the system to offer an informed opinion of why it isn't working. and then we have Definition of uninformed : not educated or knowledgeable : not having or based upon information or awareness : not informed an uninformed opinion So yes opinions can have wildly differing amounts of veracity attached to them. Some are worthwhile and others are not.
  12. I don't know how to kindly break this to you but never happen. Go look at the old veneer options available some years ago and look at today's. Klipsch has been bought out and is a profit vehicle for people who are not audiophiles. They are never going to support old speakers and someone had to recruit JEM and Dean to even get crossovers back in but not directly supported or sold by Klipsch. Dean, if I am reading right, had to fund parts from Universal Transformer from his own pocket. The large deep pockets of Klipsch were not available for this if, once again, I am reading what was said rightly. I will give you an example. The old drones from the Fortes were cloth surround. Klipsch did in time offer a compatible part but it had a rubber surround. You want to restore your old Forte you can't to this day as far as I know get a cloth surround drone. It is so bad I once sold a set of Fortes to a guy. He told me to keep the speaker and send him the drones only. A Palladium owner trying to find parts with no luck was posting on the forum a short time ago. The highest end speaker Klipsch sold at the time and no current support parts. Old speaker parts are only important to we old speaker owners and the bean counters at Klipsch are not going to sink time money and inventory into items of no interest to them compared to selling new sets of speakers. DIY Audio is run by and started by audio hobbyists some of whom have gone on to create the commercial offerings you see there at times.
  13. All of us would hate to see it go and corporate has to decide if it is primarily their toy to promote things on, or the toy of people who voluntarily came here because of traditional content that drew them in to begin with. I have a dim view of many corporate decisions made in general and if it continues this way and worse many long time users will leave. I see a fair number of names over on AudioKarma that used to be here and were solid contributors of knowledge. Four years ago I was talking to Roy at the pilgrimage. He was busting out with pride and excitement over all the Klipsch speaker owners there. I have seen him help behind the scenes and for these reasons I tend to believe what Trey says about him fighting to keep the forum alive. The question now becomes for users to decide if the new way is palatable or move on. Or corporate decides to just axe it because they want to not because it is wise to.
  14. I found myself thinking about all this stuff you said and then reflecting on what brought me to this forum to begin with. I had bought two sets of La Scalas and they sounded different. So I go online to try and find out why and ran across this forum. Why did I come here to begin with? To find out how to fix my old Klipsch speakers. Many of us would never have participated in this forum if it was a cheer leading club for unadultrated pure Klipsch. I came here for answers first and foremost. I happen to Like Klipsch more then any other commercially produced speaker and have proven that by the hundreds of sets of Klipsch gear I have sought out and fixed and moved on. I don't look for any other type to work on except Altec A-7's and that has been but a handful. Along the way I know I have sold new systems for Klipsch because I exposed many to Klipsch and some went on to buy new.
  15. And drive a plug in car that you can't charge most of the time and have no heat or air. Allowed natural gas if you eat organically grown beans.
  16. I was curious to know if anyone else has built one of these yet?
  17. Funny thing about fools is that they are the last ones to learn new tricks and the first ones to defend what they KNOW to be right. You are on a roll today Claude. Question, why should someone who has actually done things have an opinion more valuable then bloviators who have not? Just asking for a friend.
  18. I would also recommend highly that you run a couple of 2 x 4 braces from the front to the back sides which will do a lot to eliminate the boomy box sound. The CW 4's have done this for instance at the roughly 10:00 and 2:00 o'clock positions about two or three inches past the woofer cutout. Cheapest improvement of significance you can make and always redo crossovers that old.
  19. That after making him wait how long to get them? I never followed that thread much but I remember him waiting forever to get them.
  20. The Scott brothers are amazing. They pick articulate organs to play on and then record them very well and just play the music as written. The muddiness so often found in pipe organ recordings is not there and they are exactly what I built my Super MWM's to hear.
  21. Just as a point of interest. If you can remember a deleted thread you are interested in and find a link that may not work on the Klipsch site anymore try the "Wayback Machine" site. They archive all kinds of stuff and I have found information on old Pro gear from decades ago on there. Also found a now recently deleted thread I really wished I had archived myself there from 2019 and can save a link to it for future reference. I know the Wayback link will not just go away one day. I never thought to archive threads as I never thought they would just be purged but from now on if I find a topic of interest I will save it as it progresses.
  22. Not sure at all that that is really Ebony but maybe some man altered thing.
  23. I am not crazy about fakebook either. DIY Audio is where some of us have ended up going to. I am going to pay more attention there.
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