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  1. It's the heat insulating garment you put on your hands when soldering with rosebuds. Mine are normally gray.
  2. #1 OEM replacement parts with a generous markup. #2 Their MBA CPA told them big wheels cost too much.
  3. I would not replace anything until I had recapped those old out of spec crossovers. Why are you wanting to just dive in and start replacing things? Work first on the thing that effects your sound in a bad way and is cheap to fix which is of course recapping.
  4. What color is the insulation?
  5. The vibration threshold is rather small I think. I had a set of LSI's once that were really good without work. The plywood for some reason was about .07" thicker than the others and it made an audible difference. Another LSI that was fiberglass coated and had trim strips did not suffer from resonance at all from what I remember. I really don't think the back on the horn section makes a difference in the bass bin area.
  6. I have no idea as I have never owned a tube amp. I have had a couple of people telling me I am missing out and they will bring theirs to prove that to me. However they have not shown up yet. I don't know what tubes would bring to the table but I am of the opinion that there is nothing they could add that the Xilica couldn't duplicate with SS. All I have now is Crown or QSC pro amps and have no interest in spending money on tubes to find out.
  7. You need a rosebud for correct soldering.
  8. I have used an Audyn 68uf poly cap from Parts Express with very good results. https://parts-express.com/audyn-cap-q4-68uf-400v-mkp-metalized-polypropylene-foil-crossover-capacitor--027-123 If you want to do this I will walk you through it. Let me know and we can talk. I have used those dinky electrolytics also and they are not the same and do not sound as good.
  9. I have migrated to pro amps to with no regrets. Recapping all of these older crossovers is the single cheapest best bang for the buck if you stay with reasonably priced capacitors. I have a big system, Super MWM and you can look that up on the forum here. All Klipsch in components and the idea for the bass bin is based on Klipsch also. I tinker but really I am not looking for anything better as what I have is really good. I am with Dtel on big is amazing at any volume and there is no substitute. As close to real life as anything I have ever heard.
  10. @Chris A is there an equivalent "Restorer" feature in Audacity?
  11. Right and so are your eyeballs. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of speaker cables.
  12. There was a post on just this a while back by a guy from Australia I believe. At the end of the day Roy's recommendation to this buyer was get the 1132 for a two way. If you do get this remember to fiddle with aiming your 402's and that will yield big dividends.
  13. One day I was sanding down an LS and when I got to the middle front of the sides the noise from the orbital sander was ridiculous. That's what started me thinking about braces and heavier material.
  14. OK give me an example. I am so used to snake oil I tend to just dismiss these things as hype.
  15. Wisdom comes with age until you fart storgetting everything.
  16. This has been up for months. It started out at $3500 and after some time dropped to this where it has remained for quite a while. You are an old hand Coytee and I though you knew that electrons follow directional arrows and stuff and if you don't guide them correctly you get confused electrons and inferior results.
  17. Dave A

    Is it now OK?

    Now you have two :-D
  18. Dave A

    Is it now OK?

  19. It might come with a pooper scooper you know.
  20. I disagree. 25MM BB is super stiff and very resistant to shock and water damage. I assume the latest La Scala has improvements beyond just thicker (UGH!!) MDF but according to the spec sheet only goes down to 51hz which is not as low as earlier ones which went to 45hz. Eliminating side wall resonance does give the impression of lower bass but all it is is the elimination of the resonance that masked the bass that was there to begin with. Baltic Birch will survive considerable abuse and MDF will not survive one potted plant or drop of moderate severity. I have handled hundreds of sets of speakers now and the survivability of plywood over MDF has been proven to me time and time again. Yes I know these things are not supposed to happen but they do. La-Scala-2018-Spec-Sheet-v01.pdf Heresy-II-La-Scala-Belle-Klipsch-brochure-and-specs.pdf
  21. " I totally agree. I was chatting with Mr. Hunter when I was at a get together in Hope... asked him about this. He said they are the same but the vibration of the sidewalls of the older version is destructive. If you can stiffen them, they should/would sound the same as the newer versions (new drivers/crossovers not withstanding). So if someone like me, has an old pair (1979) I could stiffen them up and noticeable improve their sound, specifically making it "sound" like there's almost another octave of bass there. It's already there.... just hidden by the vibrations of the sides." 1000% agree and every set of La Scalas I get leaves here now with either braces or like a set I am working on right now with 25mm BB sides motorboard and top. The difference is huge and you would swear you picked up lower hz. What has happened is you ended side wall resonance which makes the bass you do have much clearer.
  22. I don't have schematics for these but your LSI should be the same as a stock A or AA crossover as used in an LS of the same age. What are you needing to know about the wiring? You feed the full range in to the 480 and then HF out to the LSI splits. There should be an input there and then a feed from the bass bin to the horn section. Is that what you are wondering? LSI .pdf KP-480.pdf
  23. Who would I report it to?
  24. Sigh, was Bro really necessary?
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