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  1. At half rated output the clipping monitor on the amp shows zero clipping. The lowest light never even starts glowing. I hardly ever go that loud and only do so with hearing protection on and let the visitor that wants to hear thump have at it. Half the rated output of my two amps into those S-MWM's is more than I care to handle. How do you know this amp is distorting at the level you mention and what is your base line for that comment?
  2. Indoors only so far. This spring though I am going to roll the big door up on the shop, point them out and let them rip and we shall see what there is to be had. You show up at SWAG and I might have a chance to do the same thing there.
  3. OK I understand that but just how much extra power does one need? I have never turned my 200 watt per channel amp up more than half way with either the MCM 1900's or S-MWM's. As a percentage of amp output what do you recommend as best practice?
  4. Sometime you just have to shake your head over self inflicted problems. I have been missing my flat end screw driver for some time now and just never could find it. I helped a buyer load some LSI's into his car today and heard a little rattle. So we stop and I pull the doghouse cover and there was a chunk of wire insulation in there. Little things can make big sounds sometimes so I thought that was it. He gets home and after moving them around the sound appears again. He sent me a picture and I know where the missing screw driver went now. Never laid them on their backs after connecting the crossover and must have laid it down behind the crossover where it was forgotten until today. Never heard this while playing them for some time in the after fixing and today in the shop so I figure that screw driver did this while the LSI was being moved and on it's back.
  5. One piece. The splits sold the day we talked recently.
  6. All you are just not right. You scared the OP enough so he brought a vehicle to small to carry 904's home in. What he really wanted to take were the Super MWM's but they were not for sale. He did settle for that yummy set of LSI's though and off they go.
  7. I like to do my critical listening of speaker reviews with my iPhone ear buds so I can get complete and total like I was really there fidelity.🤣 Happy New Years Claude and everyone else.
  8. I think that may be right. I have never gone down that route before because there are great sounding diaphragms that require no alteration to your system.
  9. Jim has not gone anywhere for a few days. His eyes are still tearing up from El Gringo Mucho Caliente Diablo sauce.
  10. I bet they did! What did you say? Could you repeat that? I cant imagine how loud they were at that level sitting anywhere even close. Now how many of those watts were you actually using?
  11. B&C DE120 = mylar diaphragm and DE10 = polyester diaphragm. Both are very highly regarded for sound quality. The very best 1" tweeter drivers I have heard are not Titanium and it has nothing to do with cost. The idea that Ti costs are relevant here is silly. How many can come out of one pound of Ti? Current price of Ti bar stock is $26.35 and while sheet metal is more I think it would be safe to say less than $100 per pound for thick foil which is what these diaphragms basically are. As little as they weigh I figure at least 500 can probably come out of a pound so $.20 each plus the machinery to stamp them out and plastics have mold equipment to form them so both have expenses that are probably close to a wash in production equipment. If only 100 came out it is a dollar each so do the math and plug in how many you think come out of a pound. Bean counters do stupid things like MDF and they don't care what the diaphragm material is just as long as the complete driver is as cheap as possible.
  12. It amazes me that a set of speakers can offend women so much when they have the rest of the house in most cases. I gladly buy from those who wimp out and have had some real deals that way. I would build just the way Claude recommends and ignore the pouting.
  13. I have gone through a number of Chorus speakers. I measure capacitors with a B&K 885 inductance and capacitance meter and what the meter tells me is that every single cap I have ever pulled from crossovers that old have high ESR. Every cap. I can also tell you every Chorus speaker I have recapped sounds better and you don't have to stick high dollar caps in there to get this. Daytons and Audyns have worked just fine for me. I do stick a 68uf poly Audyn in there and not that dinky electrolytic though as they are not expensive and do make a difference to me in bass quality. What happens with these old caps is your sound quality degrades and over time you don't realize how much this can be. I have had some sour sounding Chorus sets brought to life again with nothing more than a recap. All have shown improvement by recapping.
  14. Having had a set of these, or very close to it I can speak from personal experience. I think 200 watts per side is way under rated input but still capable of prodigious sound levels. The owner is happy with that and he should be. I would not be standing close at 200 watts per channel if I had them outside. I sit here amazed thinking about just how much sound comes out of these big things with so little wattage input. Same input as makes a Forte loud makes this giant pile-o-gear very loud. There is no amp to good for these and the fidelity they are capable of is astounding. Yes electronic crossovers would allow for fine tuning and sound better than stock passive crossovers but what he has is really really good as it is. If I had not built my Super MWM's I would still have my set and never consider selling them off. Few indeed are those who are lucky enough to even get to hear a set much less own one.
  15. I aim to please however you have to provide your own ice water bidet. I remember times where I wondered if it was worth trying to finish the El Diablo meal in front of me.
  16. Considering what a leap forward the H 4's are I would be doing my best to get rid of any stock H 3's if I was a dealer.
  17. Just curious to know what you would replace 402's with.
  18. Both. Sadly many of these old crossovers look rough but still work fine after recapping. OP is asking a fair price in my opinion.
  19. Well I don't know about all that. Normally I also bring a trailer pulled by my full sized van so I never have to regret leaving nice things behind and consider it prudent planning. Honestly I never do to others what I have not done to myself first. All kidding aside here for a moment. It is fun to watch people get excited and take new treasures home. Sometimes I get done and when you add up time and material do nothing more than make sure something good has been preserved and going to a happy place for I hope many years to come. Profit is nice but sometimes seeing dreams fulfilled is too.
  20. Serious peril and warnings are of no use
  21. The other piles followed me home. Starting to sort them out and fix them.
  22. As the villain twirls his mustache and laughs.
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