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  1. Yup iron ore. That would be Limonite, Do you remember where you got this as I might be interested in making a drive there.as sometimes this cuts pretty stuff. How in the world did you get that in your vehicle or trailer since that is pretty heavy stuff?
  2. Dtel you forgot to attach any pics. Iron ore happens in many places and the town of Lawrenceburg close to me actually had a pig iron plant from local iron ore in the early 1900's. Enough to supply a local operation and when demand was smaller and labor cheaper and transportation not so good there were numerous small ironworks around. Sometimes there are deposits with small rounded quartz pebbles in there and this stuff is tough enough to cut into slabs and they call it pudding stone. Filty beyond belief and when you cut or grind it this nice lovely redish sludge goes everywhere.
  3. I am also a facetor and lapidary and a rock hound. Close to me is a type of agate called Iris Agate which I have dug , sliced and polished. It has numerous lines of banding in the quartz and when they are fine enough, 8000+ per inch, it can act like a diffraction grating and when you shine light through it at the right angle this is what you get. As you move the slice up and down it shows different colors as the wavelength changes. The last piece is what it is like when not backlit.
  4. Sorry but no trades for speakers as I am trying to whittle the piles down to just what I like and or actively listen to. I am in Giles County off of I-65 exit 27. You would probably come down HWY7 through Columbia and you are welcome to stop in and listen if you wish.
  5. Which plastic were you thinking of? I know the Delrin and UHMW plastic I have been buying for some time would be cost prohibitive.
  6. OK folks cleanup continues. These are free to anyone until next Friday when they hit the burn pile. Hate to do it but the surplus things have to leave here one way or the other. Take these home with you when you buy my cheap Cornscalas ;D
  7. Dave A

    KSM2 for sale

    Continuing my epic saga of things I want gone because I need the space is a set of KSM2's. They have been up for sale a while and I am getting close to selling the parts out of them and giving up on selling working speakers. $275.00 which is pretty much what the two K-43-K woofers would run you on EBay. Pick up only. I will cut these up after two weeks from 8-23-18. I would like to preserve them but want them gone more.
  8. Bump and I am surprised they are still here too.
  9. My intent is to perhaps do this on a set of 1" Baltic Birch Super MWM bins I will build later this year. I want to be able to haul these around and it seems the fiberglass is best at resisting problems. OK that MDO and HDO sounds interesting and I might try that for a 1" thick Chorus speaker build I am contemplating. I only see 4' widths though so for the Super MWM it might be a problem to use. That Chorus particle board crap drives me wild and I have a pair here right now with water problems from a potted plant would be my guess. Once that junk starts swelling even humidity becomes a problem. And of course the screw hole problems. As far as I am concerned there is nothing good about particle board in speaker land unless you are a penny pinching corporation cost cutter who does not care about customers. When I was in St Louis at Tim's to pick up speakers a while back he had a gutted MDF cabinet to be thrown into the dumpster. While his two helpers were picking it up and complaining about weight Tim was explaining how they were from a rare set of past JBL things and BOOM this bin hits the bottom of the dumpster. Silence for a second and then words of astonishment over the complete disintegration of the cabinet. This thing looked like a tank until it didn't and that's the whole story of MDF. Looks good and fails in every important metric except stiffness which had it's worth proven when stiff and brittle collapsed into a pile of rubble in the dumpster. Or turns into sawdust because of one potted plant.
  10. Sometimes a search fails because you don't know what to type in. Today I am trying to find out how Klipsch put the fiberglass coating of the Pro line speakers on and not having any luck. Anyone have a link to point me to? Now I would also be interested in an alternative to Duratex which I like but is not as resistant to damage as I would like. I have thought of epoxy coatings but once again like Duratex they are subject to chipping and scraping damage much more so than fibrglass.
  11. The phase plug on the 1132 looks exactly like this. This leads to a question namely since the diaphragms are interchangeable how do you tell what the driver was originally? Is the only differentiator the diaphragm?
  12. OK I dug into the four KP456 horns from a guy in Boulder Co and finding really ugly stuff. Two work and two did not. In the one the edge of the diaphragm is cracked and on the other the phase plug broke into two pieces and both became loose and the diaphragm was a pile of Ti flakes. Taking the diaphragm off of the others it appears the phase plug is glued as it is in there solidly and looks like glue is the only way. Is this correct? Also what exactly is the difference between the 8ohm and 16ohm diaphragms practically speaking in relation to the crossover? There was only one crossover made for these so I assume both will work fine just as long a they are matched in ohms to each other. This leads me to asking also if anyone has any of these drivers to sell and what would you want for them.
  13. Hi Carl, I thought about that but they are nothing special. I will do so later today.
  14. Dave A

    Wtb Klipschorns

    I have to wonder about dealer incentives more than anything. There are surely enough Klipsch fans to support such things here. But if B&W offers dealers say stocking no charge for demonstrators and lets them keep more of the gross sales in their pockets why in the world wouldn't they prefer that which makes them more money. After listening to HiFi Buys sad top end sound systems there is no doubt in my mind if side by side one could compare B&W to KHorns and up Klipsch could sell their better sound quite easily. The B&W 12,500 and 22,000 $ systems were less than a pair of LSI's sitting on top of a pair of KP480's I had when I visited them last year. I mean WAY less. But the B&W had that $1,000 diamond tweeter diaphragm so as long as they could sell that card stating that along with the system it would be good to impress your less than knowledgeable friends with. When I went to see Cory's Jubilee system with it's price tag this system would have ended B&W sales to anyone who valued audio over ego. Audio is a strange world to me where let's disregard the result of what we bought if we can first brag about what we spent on it being such a common trait.
  15. Bob sells one but he will not sell except as a set I believe. I might have a try at making one but my whole drop in K-77 program has been put on hold since one of my best friends has been hovering near death for a couple of weeks now. He is out of the hospital finally so life just might get back to normal.
  16. I have a pair of KP-250 II's and while working on them today discover some differences. One crossover is marked KP 2.5D and the other is not marked at all. In one place one has a 2.5uf cap and the other has a 3.5uf cap. The only schematic I have found online is not the same thing and so I am left to try and figure out what is correct or just replace things as they are and assume there was an unknown reason or they just ran out of correct parts to use in Mexico that day. The closest thing I have found online to this has a 47uf vs 33uf on mine and the online board has no 4uf or 6uf caps at all whereas my boards have one of each.
  17. If you will go to Bob's current CT125 tweeter listing you will see his from Tonsil are also internally threaded and these very same drivers are also shown on Tonsil's site but good luck in getting answers or replies from them.
  18. No the B52 APT50 is different. It is in the "Deals" then "speaker buyouts" section.
  19. Sorry about that I was logged in and I guess they expected you to do so to for commercial prices. Try this one. https://www.parts-express.com/b-52-comp-1-compression-driver--299-2322
  20. For those of you who might be looking. These look like the old style APT50 people brag on as being better than the new ones and these are old stock so for what it is worth. https://b2b.parts-express.com/b-52-comp-1-compression-driver--299-2322
  21. Must be KP3002 week. Getting a set for $100 but it has a bad driver so probably for parts only.
  22. A few years ago we had two hail storms two weeks apart. The first one had hail 1.75" and was the biggest we had ever seen but the second one had hail 2.75". Funny thing about this was after a day or so I realized it was quiet. Between the two storms almost all the birds were killed off and it took a while before they returned. Just south of us it was 4" and was punching holes through roofs.
  23. It is. I had to wait until they were all lined up for the shot and by then the deer was on the move so blurry.
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