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  1. Funny thing about welfare bums. The more you feed them the more there are that show up.
  2. OK here is the pair. The plywood on the crossovers has the top ply picking out on places. Otherwise what you see is the condition on all sides and these have not been dropped nor under serious abuse that I can see. Cabinets are dirty but in very good condition. Last two pics are examples of Dave not being able to control himself when the ogre of used speakers rears his ugly head. With the S-MWM's coming I am going to start cleaning out some of this. I promise as a New Years resolution to not buy more fixers until what I have here is fixed. I have some Altec A-7's that are good project speakers and if you are interested PM me. I may decide not to complete them and just sell off what I have as is.
  3. I think a big part of the problem with pro gear being blown up is the 20amp fuses Klipsch sent out with their speakers. They did this because field techs complained about changing fuses in hard to get to places so they and Klipsch decided the right way would be to make sure you controlled output electronically. Some sound guys would load them up more and more as the crowd shouted louder and then the inevitable happened. I can only imagine the volume levels you are dealing with.
  4. Had to laugh re-reading your comment this morning. Had a guy over to buy other speakers and of course everyone wants to hear the big boys when we are done with the speakers they came to see. Had them at what I thought was a moderate level and we were talking without struggling to do so. He had a db ap on his iPhone and with surprise on his face he showed me 98db. It is just so effortless you are up there in db before you know it. I probably need to get a db meter just to protect myself and I bet I play louder than I think.
  5. For the price you pay and the sound you get nothing beats vintage pro IF you can find them. I recently picked up four complete sets of KPT-456's and two were gone before I got back home with them and the others will probably sell without being listed at all to standing orders for those. Going to EBay in a couple of weeks after I finish the S MWM set and it will be more there. If you have never heard a set of these and get a chance to don't turn it down. I stop to listen to these every day unless I am out of pocket. One thing I do ask with these to anyone interested is that you preserve the set. I can't make you do it but I am asking you to because these are getting quite scarce and are the pinnacle of what Klipsch made years ago. In it's day you could buy no better speaker and today you can only beat it with Klipsch current top of the line cinema speaker systems.
  6. Klipsch sold these in two basic versions. This is one and complete and the other added an additional mid range horn for extreme output. So basically the stacks came in three and four piece configurations. The other notable variation is the tweeter assembly could have either a stack of five piezo drivers, not good, or a four way manifold with K-77-M drivers which was the best one. MCM1900good (1).pdf
  7. The picture is one of two. They have OEM Klipsch passive crossovers if that is what you are asking. One 2 channel amp runs it all.
  8. Oh he can talk about any of them he wishes. I figure it would be, ah well lets just say amusing.
  9. $2500. They are available any time and as jwc asked there will be pictures in a day or so.
  10. It will be a day or two since I have to clean it off. The junk on them that is since the valuable dust will go with them. I do have one picture though.
  11. The only thing that will beat this is another one with the newer horns on it as far as I am concerned. Unless you are building an SMWM and then sticking a horn on that. You have to admit those La Scalas make nice book shelf speakers though.
  12. This has the K-77 tweeter setup and not the piezo's. It has a Klipsch OEM crossover which has been recapped. This is in great shape except for the theater and shop dust which goes free with the stacks. I want to make space for my upcoming Super MWM build and will no longer need these. If you have the space these are beyond superb and once you hear a set of these you too will be ruined for life. PM me regarding these.
  13. Hey ODS123, did those testers make any recommendations regarding what capacitors to use in their setup? I know those can make a big difference in how the amp sounds.
  14. Dave A

    Super MWM

    I know you are space restricted so if you are interested I can sell you my small MCM 1900 set. I think I am going to need that space real soon ;D
  15. If you agree with me you are smart. If you don't you are not even though I refuse to research what you say. OD = NPC = BEEP BEEP BOOP BOOP
  16. Hi Fi Buys had no Klipsch the day I was there. I would have kept those Jubes too. Star Wars was pretty awesome.
  17. Well you will never find Pro gear in stores. I run KPT-456's and my daily listener is an MCM 1900 so I applaud your decision making process. The Pro gear has far more presence than all the rest. Budget is a relative thing and to some $16,000++ is reasonable. I am a cheap skate and like hunting for good old Pro gear. KPT 902 and 456 show up at times and take up just a bit more space than Cornwalls and have that sound and physical impact you are seeking. My personal favorite (based on systems you are likely to be able to find and getting systems like the MCM 1900 is next to impossible and much larger.) is the systems which use the bass bin found in the KPT 902 and 456 and KP-450. They turn up on occasion for $500 to say $1,600 for a set and they will blow you away. If I were buying new I would run past the consumer Klipsch department and go right to the Theater systems and get the KPT-904 or even better the KPT-942. Third would be Jubilees. Cory is a good guy to deal with for new theater systems.
  18. There are a number of Klipsch forum guys in your area. Keep posting so this floats to the top and they will find you. Or start a new post requesting people in your area get in touch if they are willing to have you stop in. Most will be. You say PA. You mean Pro gear?
  19. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Hey Claude, Festool tracksaw on the way and picking up lumber next Monday. Are you ready for this?
  20. OK I went back to the original OD comment and quoted it correctly this time. How about this version Jason?
  21. Fixed again for Jason and the third time below is the charm.
  22. Soldered lug K-55-V's and the best ones ever.
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