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  1. Yeah, I was secretly hoping that they would be priced out of the market! ;0 Just don't tell the wife. Thank you davis419b for the correct date of manufacture. I knew the folks here would know more than I do about these! This is the first time I have listed them any where, so I am taking an educated guess on the pricing. Of course I will listen to all reasonable offers. I would much rather hand deliver them to someone from this forum who would appreciate them, rather than having them taken by a low bidder on Ebay.
  2. I have a pair of 1980's Klipschorns in Walnut finish for sale. They are consecutively numbered and in pretty good shape. All side panels are intact and there are very few dings or scratches. There is one minor scratch on the near the top front of one speaker. All mounting hardware is intact. The model and serial numbers can be seen in the photos. They were my Father's and he purchased them in CA from a dealer in San Jose, I think in 1980. It severely pains me to sell them, but I do not have a room with corners that they will fit in. Plus my Wife says we have no room to store them and she "likes those little mini speakers like everyone else has!" Now you can see the battle I am fighting!? As most fans of these realize, shipping them is no easy task. I am located in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. I will bring them to any buyer in South Carolina. If the situation is right I would meet a buyer somewhere within 250 miles of here. If you wanted them shipped I will get them to a crating and shipping company of your choice, but the buyer would have to pay all costs. $3500 Cash or Paypal I can e-mail higher resolution pictures if these are to low-res.
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