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    Made some cool changes to my main system. I'm now Bi-Amped

    McIntosh MX110Z Preamplifier

    Schiit Audo Loki 4-Band EQ

    Dyanco ST-70 with upgrades done by Justin Webber of Amps and Sound (powers.the squawkers and tweeters)

    NAD 902 (powers the woofers)

    Pro-Ject RM-5.1 SE Turntable with Denon DL-110 cartridge

    Nakamichi CR-2A Cassette Deck

    Klipsch Forte II's with upgrade Bob Crites woofer and Tweeter Diaphragms. Also using additional Bob Crites woofer crossover to bi-amp.

    Audio Desk Systeme Premium Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner PRO

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  1. I want to recap for Klipsch Forte. There are the original Forte's (not Forte II's). Please let me know the cap values
  2. First questions. Has anyone ever tried removing the passive radiators and sealing the back of Forte II's? Second question. Should I buy ALK Engineering Crossovers or Bob Crites Crossovers for my Forte II's?
  3. Though most purists are against it, I could not disagree more. Bi-Amped sounds like LIVE MUSIC. This is my second bi-amped system. Here is what I’ve done. My preamplifier is a restored McIntosh MX110Z with Mallard’s. I send the signal from my preamp into a Schiit Audio Loki 4-band equalizer which boosts the signal just a little without degrading the sound. From the equalizer, I use RCA Y-Cables to divide signal for two amps. Driving the low end is a NAD 902 solid-state amplifier which is rated at 30 watts per channel (with lots of headroom). For the squawkers and tweeters, I’m using a modified Dynaco ST-70 that was upgraded by Justin Webber of Amps and Sound. My RCA cable has a volume control to fine-tune contrast between the NAD and the Dyanco to get a perfect balance for all types of music and all types of listing levels. You’ll really love how rich, full, and lifelike you can make low volume level sound. For my speakers, I’ve got Forte II’s with modifications. They have Bob Crites woofers and Bob Crites tweeter diaphragms. I have an ALK Engineering tweeter attenuators dialing back the tweeter 3dBs. For the crossovers, I use the stock crossover for the squawkers and tweeters, and for the woofers, Bob Crites made me a custom set of crossovers. I installed a second set of banana plugs intoo back of the Forte's. The last thing I did was for cosmetics, though I think it improves the sound a little too. I removed the ugly Forte raisers and put furniture legs on the front using the same screw holes the raisers used. They sit slightly slanted back Heresy style and look so much cleaner and modern. Reach out with any questions. Local Southern California’s are invited to come over for a listen.
  4. I have a pair of Forte II's. One of my woofers just got blown. Do I want to replace it with a stock Klipsch woofer? Or, do I want to buy a pair of Bob Crites Forte woofers? Which sounds best? I power them with an all tube system consisting of a McIntosh MX110z and Amps and Sound Single-Ended KT88 Amplifier. Cheers, Michael
  5. Customer built with attention to all details by Dave Harris of Fastlane Audio. No expense spared on the build. Hearing then will make you a believer.
  6. The horn is very similar to the horn from a La Scala. Some would say it is even a better horn.
  7. Incredible Klipsch Cornwall with all upgrades to make this one of the nicest Cornscala's you'll ever hear. It starts life with 2 original Klipsch cabs with matching serial numbers. The cabs were refreshed by a cabinet finisher and look close to new. The grills are new as well. The K33 was replaced with the mammoth Eminence 15C which is a direct drop in. The original K33 is made by eminence as well. The K700 mid horn and fried K77s are replaced with B&C DE85TN a true 2" driver able to cross at 400hz. The DE85tn is mated to Dave Harris/ Fastlane audio's crazy elliptical horn and is flush mounted into the cabs. Dave built this pair of speaker to prove his horns and the B&C DE85TN fits. Crossovers are ALK which is the only way to go with klipsch products. This is the APT12-500. Risers are tilted like Klipsch Heresy's for improved sound and imaging. What you're getting is a vintage set of cornwalls/ with 100% new parts that are much better than even the Cornwall III.... Local pick up preferred. Shipping is possible. Due to weight and size it might cost a bit. We can talk about it and get a quote to see if it makes since. Call or text Michale with questions 805-208-9713
  8. Matt, The Pioneer dual-sub says it in 8 ohm on the label (see picture). Though is says "8 ohm", do you think it is really 4 ohms? Let me know. Thanks, Mike
  9. Is it safe to run two sets of speakers on a Fisher 400 using a Passive Switch Box (with protection) like the one in the picture? One set of speakers would be vintage Grundig's (see photo) from the 1960's that I believe are 6 ohms. The second set of speakers would be a passive Pioneer S-W33 Subwoofer (see photo) that is 8 ohms with duel speaker inputs. If it is safe, do I run the Fisher 400 in 8 ohm or 4 ohm mode? Thanks, Mike
  10. Hi Klipsch Fanatic About 80 hours on the Sumiko Blue Point 2 The Fisher 400 is completely restored.
  11. I have a Pro-Ject RM 5.1 SE Turntable that came with the Sumiko Blue Point 2 High Output Moving Coil Cartridge. I am going to be hooking it up to The Fisher 400 Tube Receiver. Would I be better suited with a Moving Magnet Cartridge? Should I buy something like the Ortofon 2M Bronze? Will there be a noticeable difference?
  12. Without modifying the unit, is there a safe method to use a Fisher 400 just as a preamp without damaging the output transformer? I see it has a Speaker on/off switch. Does turning it to the "Speakers Off' off mode solve this issue? Please no guesses, only reply if you're 100% certain. Hope I don't sound rude, just cannot risk damaging the unit.
  13. I am thinking about buying a Fisher 500 or Fisher 800 I see in pictures they have an single RCA Center Channel Output and Speaker Terminal Outputs. Can I use the single RCA Center Channel Output for a powered Sub, and then run (4) speakers off the Speaker Terminal Outputs?
  14. wdecho, Do I just enter 8 ohms? Or do the K-616K's and K-76-K's have different values? And if I do L-Pads, if 15 watt okay, or should I spend extra for 50 watt or 100 watt?
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