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  1. I have a lightly used Kaleidescape Cinema One. 4TB storage with grandfathered status with import rights. $1900.00 plus s/h.
  2. Great price for an awesome system....the subs are a must for this system, I have four and wish I could fit two more. Bump.
  3. Great system and great price........anyone who purchases will be very pleased. I've had my system a year and this system rocks but you gotta have the subs.
  4. I've got an opportunity to purchase a used Panamorph UH380 for $700 and want your opinion. I've read that there's some ghosting on the picture/image being projected,especially with JVC projectors. I'm looking at various brands but don't want to have this issue and am looking for your thoughts or opinions. Thanks in advance and happy holidays.
  5. Mikey, As previously stated, this is freaking awesome, I'm so happy for you. You gotta tell me how you like the Seymour screen as I have also considered using them (AT) with my cinecurve masking frame. My buddy sells the material to Seymour and he swears by it but doesn't really have one of his own (he owns the company that distributes to them). Mine is almost done and I'm in the process of buying a UH380 which I'd love an opinion if any. Take care and have a great thanksgiving.
  6. Definitely contact customer service as they may replace or offer a replacement at cost or just s/h.
  7. Try onecraigs.com. http://www.onecraigs.com/craigslist-search/index.htm?cx=015798947652255651354%3Acymayug0us8&cof=FORID%3A11&ie=UTF-8&q=Klipsch+epic+cf-4&sa=Search&siteurl=www.onecraigs.com%2F&ref=www.google.com%2F&ss=17856j21132456j27
  8. These are a kick @ss pair of subs, I know I have four.....the person who buys will be super happy. Good luck Bhenry, I hope you're able to buy em. I wish I found this type of deal when I was first looking.
  9. Congratulations! A very proud moment I'm sure and happy for you.
  10. There are arc systems for sale on eBay for $50-60. Posted 9/16.
  11. Over the past 6-12 months I've read that some of you are in search of an Anthem ARC room correction set up. eBay has a seller who has approx 10 for sale at $50/60. FYI.
  12. There are some anthem ARCs for sale on eBay, approximately 10, same seller, for 6 different models. I've seen various postings looking for ARCs so I figured I'd notify the community.
  13. Thanks everyone for the responses and feedback. I'll stay with the kW-120s and not the buttkickers. You've all been very helpful and it's what I needed to make a final decision. Got to love forums and members like you all. Thanks!!!
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