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  1. I continue to be pleased with the kindness extended to members of this forum. We are quite a family.:)
  2. Assuming that you changed out the woofers, and the insulation, and the plywood is still ok... you would have a pair of Cornwalls. Gee, even a quick shot of spray paint on the woofers would cover that watermark. From a technical standpoint, how different is flood water than being exposed repeatedly to high humidity? There's no doubt that moisture is going to affect the stiffness of paper, but at what exposure level does it matter? Oh my too much coffee this AM. Must stop wondering about this.
  3. Hi Hatrack1971, a shorted capacitor in the tweeter circuit will likely be the cause of the dead tweeters. Capacitors used in tweeter circuits are mostly used to keep low frequency energy from getting to the tweeter.
  4. When I bought my Cornwalls, I wanted them to be factory original, and they are. I couldn't imagine paying more than market rate for a mutilated pair. Now many will say that the modifications improved the sound of these speaker, maybe it does, but how to convince the next buyer of that at resale time. Frankly, all the 16 gauge silver core wire in the world will not change the sound of a speaker, it just runs up the cost. That alone, brings into question the value of the other 'upgrades'. What I see for sale are speakers that have been abused. Call me cranky, I guess. I have to say that my Fortes have Crites tweeter diaphragms. They also have a patched passive radiator. I think that the Crites helped the sound, not so sure about the patch job.
  5. No afiliation with the sale. If you are in driving distance to Windsor Ontario, these seem to be quite a deal at $500 Canadian. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/windsor-area-on/klipsch-forte-2-hardly-used-very-good-condition/1398224965?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  6. Sadly, I had to buy a Klipsch Badge for my Cornwalls, the badgeless one I mean. By the time shipping was added, I am still wondering if I had lost my mind, when I clicked the BUY NOW button.
  7. It's beautiful. Wow. My budget is far more mainstream, sadly. Best of luck with the sale, I've admired Mcintosh since I was a kid.
  8. Sorry for the loss of your father. It surely was a sad way to start a retirement. The numbness that you are feeling will fade with time.
  9. The listing is now dead, and so are it's clones
  10. Not mine, but presently bidding at $4.. http://maxsold.maxsold.com/auction/6571/item/klipsch-speakers-a-619580
  11. Thanks, that's astonishingly good value
  12. It's not my sale, and I wish that I had space for more speakers. $400 Canadian, seems like a great price. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/city-of-toronto/klipsch-hersey-speakers/1282022234
  13. I am always amazed at the content of this forum. Good luck with the sale. May I ask what you did with a NAS of this size?
  14. Bruce,PM me your address and I'll send you the horns. You can pay me when things get back on track for you. No hurry. Mark Part of the joy of Klipsch speakers is the family that comes with them.
  15. Where oh where are the finished speakers? Please Mark post a photo
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