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  1. Excuse me for saying so,with all do respect,how can you compare a 500.000 dollar magico system with klipsch. I.m from Europe and it's proven that we listen different than the Americans.but this is comparing a beetle with a ferrari,complete nonsese i.m.o Magico is almost the ferarri under the speaker systems and if you really listens good there is no comparison i.m.o I.ve heard the magico on a show in holland with Mcintosh,and Klipsch is not in any way better than you tell us here. So i'm sorry but i must reply to your post,and i don't wanna hurt your feelings and with all respect to you,i can't see your opinion.
  2. I bought the pioneer SC-1223,and now i have to make a choice to loose one of the others. The onkyo TX-NR828,or the pioneer vsx-1123. Still a hard choice,so guys if you could choose,which one was leaving the exit. Choices,sometimes i hate them
  3. i'm using RF52 4x ,sub is the sw10,the center is the rc 52
  4. I bought today a pioneer vsx-1123 and wanted to know what you guys think about this receiver. I read some reviews and they are seem to be very nicely indeed. But you guys are the ones that can tell me more about this receiver. I hope that there will be any replys,so i know that i wasn't a misstake to buy. Thx in advance
  5. Some of you read my post that i bought myself a onkyo Tx-NR828. But what kind of klipsch is the best speaker to make my music and films come alive. Right now i'm playing with the rf52's 4x and sub is the sw10 and the center is the rc 52 But still miss something,and don't know what it is precisely.
  6. helo all,i have bought today the onkyo TX-NR828,because my old onkyo TX-VS828THX needed a replacement. Still good but wanted a new one for my working space. Can you guys tell me is this a good receiver and hopefully not a one that breakes down in a couple of years due to hdmi problems. I hope that my music play that good as on my old one,because i was very happy with this one. Can you tell me something more how this one plays and is video images also that good from what i read from the internet tests. Ok thx in advance for your reply and i am looking forward for your vision.
  7. is there a difference in setting up a front ported speakers or using a of rear ported speaker. My klipsch F1 are about 1 mtr from the backwall.so i was asking myself is this correct or can i put them closer to the backwall. Asking this because i have the feeling the bass is much louder when i, walking through the house. And when i sit down the bass is much less then when i stand up or walking. I know this is the placement of the speakers,but is doesn't seem to matter where i put them. I'm only playing stereo at the moment,i'm busy to change my home theatre,so i can't setup through a microphone. Hope you guys can help me a little bit further. Thx in advance TheHummer
  8. I bought today the synergy F1,i wanna use them for my pc,for music only. Gonna buy a dac,but the question is what is the breakin period for this speaker. I know that most of the time 60 hours will be enough.but am i right
  9. I did two purchases this week.a Harman Kardon 3390 and the boston acoustics A 250. The plan is to put it in my workspace ,plug into my pc and the rest is history.LOL But now i'm in need for a good musical sub . Any ideas,because i had never a sub for music so i don't know where to begin. Thx for your help
  10. My Pioneer is broken so i am looking out for a new surround reciever. I think it will be a harman kardon 270. How will this work on a klipsch 5.1.and can you tell me something more about the harman. And i mean what is music sound like,and surround. I hope some of you can tell me more. And as a backup i was looking out for marantz NR1604. This 2 receivers will fall in budget,and i need to know a little more,and what else will be better than to knock here with you guys. Thx in advance for your information. greetz.
  11. Agreed with ya,i will look in the future for a better sub,and i think i would be a velodyne. Movies is nice but my heart goes out to music,and i think from what i read that the velodyne would be a great addition to my musical soul.
  12. Ok i did a new mic setup and still i am not happy with the sub. It seems that the setup changed the sub to -13DB strange thing is even the messured distance is wrong. For the speakers it's ok,but for the sub it says 15 feet,while the real distance is 9 feet. Every time i'll do the mic setup it changes. Is it a problem that after the setup i change the distance manually,or is this changing the acoustical setup. I hope you can shed a light on this matter
  13. Thank you guys for all the help,i had enough information to work with at the moment. I will try the settings we spoke here. I think ,i will need a couple of days to try them all out. i will get back to you and let you know how everything worked out. One thing,are these settings also good for music,sometimes i love to play my music with the subwoofer on. Or should i stay at one thing at the time. P.S Which movie will you advice to listen to ,to test the settings of the sub.
  14. Hello all, after months of reading this community's forum i'll took the plunge and became a member. I love this forum for the nice and warm people,and the quick response for helping his members. Here's my question: Currently owning 2 klipsch RF52's as fronts,2 klipsch F1,s as surrounds, an completly off center speaker named heco,will be replaced for a klipsch and the sub is a sub 10,also be replaced for a better one. And a pioneer vsx serie a/v surround. My life was always consumed by stereo equipment,but for the last year the movie was a nice change of pace. Ok before i dwell to much,here's my question: I have troubles to configure my sub. I have used the micophone setup ,but miss a smooth bass response from the sub. My room is a square one,15 by 15.5 feet The setup of my set is not in the middle of the room but more to the side of the room. I hope the pics give you guys an idea of the layout of the room. The cross over is 80 speakers at large,and still don't know how to move on with this. I hope you can give me some directions because i'm out of ideas. Music is good and i'm happy with that,it's the HT what worries me. Ok one last thing i'm from Rotterdam The Netherlands so you know who you dealing with. Thanx in advance and i learned already a lot of you guys,thx for that Regards
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