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  1. DRUM ROLL PLEASE $%^&^%$^&*&^%&* I am tired of messing with this. Final price is........$2,495. if you bring cash and pick it up. Price does not include any fees, shipping etc.
  3. Pick your favorite number! and you will be so happy with it!
  4. Weekend Special, come get it for only $2,500!!!
  5. 2Bmusic


    i removed my offer
  6. I Have had great results rolling SS. I actually tried many of the name brands, wound up the SS nirvana in my Sansui BA-F1 and CA-F1. I also rolled speaker parts.. The volti full set up is hard to beat. But individual board mounted components, that is not a good idea unless you are an Electronics Engineer with tons of measurement equipments ~ about $40,000, and the skill to use it.... or if you have lots of money and a place to put the stuff that you let the magic blue smoke escape from! LOL
  7. As for yamaha products they are very Very good. My Aventage 1030 is about 80~ 90% as good sounding as those Mighty Sansui DC amplifiers. And I would be willing to bet that the Yamaha S3000, would be even closer. In fact it might be hard to tell the difference https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-S3000-Natural-Integrated-Amplifier/dp/B00F0DI3PQ/ref=pd_lutyp_simh_1_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00F0DI3PQ&pd_rd_r=WB6YQ4MYG0WZQDE7CQ3A&pd_rd_w=gL4ml&pd_rd_wg=NDoLS&psc=1&refRID=WB6YQ4MYG0WZQDE7CQ3A
  8. Srinath, Yes, Sansui, was half asleep when I typed that. and yes I can here a difference between the Sansui BA-f1 / Ca-f1 vs yamaha or any others for that matter. As a musician, I can with out reservation, say with great confidence, that Volti full k horn mods and the above sansui, have not been out done by any amps, speakers i have heard over the last 45 years. I am not saying that to justify my purchase. Money does not enter into the equation. Faithful ( as possible) sound reproduction does. My quest has taken me to Audio stores over 15 states, hundreds of systems from 5k to 250k. Of worthy note, there was a system for around 5 k that did pretty good. Even the mighty Reference set up from Peter Snell and the best amps yamaha could make back in the 80's , do not come close to my volti/ sansui set up. I have attended live performance's and gone back home to listen to my beloved volti/k-horns, and OMG they were so close ! FWIW....The sansui ba-fi and ca-f1 are completely gone thru, and spec out as new....and yes slew rates are super important! ( if you want all of the content to be played.... this is where tube sets lack. it a matter of physics d=rt) )
  9. Srinath... simple question, have you listened to the BA-F1 CA-F1 playing into Horn Loaded speakers?
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