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  1. Thanks for clearing this up Colterphoto1......when I bought these, the specs listed the tweeter as k-77h, so that is what I listed them as also.....I posted a picture of the xover and the insides later, and another poster said the tweeters were actually k-77....round vs square magnet I believe......his assumption was if this pair was produced in 1983, they should have k-77h, so they must have been switched out at some time....if I read you correctly you are saying they well could have had k-77 tweeters in 1983 from the factory, is that right?.....either way the fact that the mid is different still qualifies them as 1.5.
  2. I have no knowledge that the tweeters were swapped out.....I believe I am the third owner, and it was never mentioned when I went through the buying process and it would not have mattered anyway...however to strictly a purist it might make enough difference to can the deal.....Colterphoto1, who according to a past thread, worked at Klipsch and came up with the 1.5 name, did say that between 81 and 85 there were some "bizarre" driver combinations.....is it possible this particular pair somehow wound up with the k-77 as stock with other changes being made to the mids, woofer and crossover?.....could these have been an experiment?......certainly an interesting question.....regardless the speakers SOUND GREAT!....perhaps someone with ties to Klipsch, Bob Crites or Colterphoto1 could offer more?.....perhaps the original owner was a purist and preferred the old tweeters to the new and swapped them out.....as I said numerous times, I did not go to the point of verifying specific drivers as being time correct and only opened these Saturday......
  3. pictures of Cornwalls from the inside....looks like new!......note Hovland and Sonicaps in upgraded crossover as advertised......I am confident the Crites diaphragms have been installed as well..sorry for the delay in posting.....
  4. Upon further review, I think sometimes our judgment comes on a limited amount of personal interaction with speakers…..for example I have never heard Cornwalls positioned further than about 6 feet away, so I don't have a clue what they would sound like 10, 12, or 15 feet away with a bigger listening area….my belief is that as a big speaker, they would sound better in a bigger environment……at 6 feet they were more than adequate to me, but with no experience otherwise I have no real idea of what I MAY be missing…..I bought these Cornwalls not based on anything other than I wanted to experience all the hoopla around them and I was willing to do that space be damned……as another poster said, I can't really crank them up as they overwhelm the space very quickly and become obnoxious to listen to….but I think the same can be said about any speaker played too loud in a small environment…..I wood be hard-pressed to call someone on this forum wrong, just different…..as John Mellencamp said in Pink Houses, "ain't this America" or something like that.
  5. I have found this forum to be a vast collection of experts and diverse opinions.....it is what make it worth reading....two responses and exact OPPOSITE answers!.....not to diss either respondent, only YOUR ears can discern whether or not your space is adequate for these speakers or not.....if nothing else the diversity of these these responses should prove that.....I have about 6 feet of space, and while I would have preferred a bit more room simply from a physical presence standpoint, I thought they sounded great....this "hobby" is about as subjective as one can get however and nobody's wrong if everybody's right!
  6. Update!!!!!….I can confirm that at least the crossover upgrades I advertised were done….there are Hovland and Sonicap capacitors on the mid-range and tweeter…..again posting pictures is most difficult for me, for some reason…..anyway I am confident that the Crites diaphragms are there also…..additionally the inside of the speakers is 9/10….minus 1 point for being 31 years old!…..I promised this info to one prospect to the best of my ability…..
  7. dwilbourne…. all I know about the crossover upgrades is what the seller told me when I bought them and how he represented them in his post…..I wrote down his description specifically from his post and it reads…..Gothover (David Harris) rebuilt crossover , rebuilt Alnico K77 with new diaphragms from Bob Crites…Hovland caps mid and Sonicaps tweeter….I have not opened them up to confirm all this but I am going to do that asap…..probably naive on my part but I tend to be trusting probably more than others would…I will say that while I was back and forth with the seller, Colterphoto1, who seems to have a good rep on this forum verified as a third party with I assume no interest either way that the seller was accurately representing the speakers…I will check them out and confirm as best i can these upgrades….Colterphoto1 hope you don't mind the reference….if you do, my apologies and I will cease and desist (sp?)
  8. Coytee….I certainly am willing to accommodate that offer……and if you want to act as intermediary for a buyer and check them out, the beer is cold!
  9. To be perfectly transparent (which in todays' world means there is something to hide generally) and fair to my wife, she actually loves the music the Cornwalls put out…..her favorite artist is Rosanne Cash/The List, and there is some great music on that cd….there is no mandate that these must go, however they are dominate in our living room. I love the Cornwalls and all they stand for, but they are not the be all end all to me….not sure what speakers that would actually be…life is a road trip!…….man I went from almost zero responses to Klipsch Forum rage in a few short posts…..I am talking with another forum member at this point and I will offer him first right of refusal……it's all good fellas!
  10. a fair question dwilbourn…..fact is I have too many speakers….Tyler Acoustics Taylos, Heresy II, and a pair of freshly restored New Large Advents….and somewhat of a small listening area…..made a deal with my wife that I would keep these a couple years and alas my time is up…..some say you either love or hate horn loaded speakers, but I kinda straddle the fence…..still can get the horn sound with the Heresies if need be, but right now the Advents are singing pretty good for me….if I had ample space, no doubt the Cornwalls would stay, but a deal is a deal with the wife and time to move on and let someone else enjoy these!
  11. Colterphoto1...I believe you were indirectly involved when I bought these from the guy in Tupelo....can't recall his name but you spoke highly of the seller as far as the quality of this particular pair of Cornwalls is concerned.
  12. These are STILL on the market….perhaps the demand for Klipsch heritage speakers, particularly near mint Cornwalls has peaked…..so being a charitable fellow, I will offer these one last time at $800, and if no suitable buyers surface at this price, well, let's hope there is a audiophile out there somewhere nearby that won't let these slip away…..these are the "holy grail of speakers" in the minds of many, or that is what I read…there was an "outcry" from consumers when Klipsch discontinued Cornwalls, at least that is what I read….if you are looking for a restoration project, these aren't for you….if you want a pair of damn near mint Klipsch Cornwalls with top shelf upgrades already in place, at a price that is more than reasonable, these aren for you and are F
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