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  1. I just noticed your signature says you're an Iron Butt member? Impressive. Did you do that on a Ducati?
  2. Ceptorman

    What I Got Today!

    Nice wall, with the amount of block remaining, looks like you're going up quite a few more courses. Those block are the big boys, solid. I normally use the hollow style then fill the middle with stone. Do they rely on their weight to hold them or is there some kind of anchor, glue? Nice place Eric.
  3. Ceptorman

    What I Got Today!

    No such thing as going over board!
  4. It was a Harley....so! They just don't crash well. They have occasional recalls from their frame welds, usually around the kickstand area. Cool racing story. 24 hour endurance, that sounds like fun! How many riders, 3? I've always wanted to ride a 2 stroke on the track, but never did. I was passed by a TZ250 once while I was on a CBR600, on my first lap of my first ever track day, it was awesome!
  5. Like Wuzzer said, shouldn't make a difference. But you might try connecting them to the lower set of inputs just out of curiosity. Are these new speakers, warranty? It might be a setting in your AVR, try to get into the setup area and see if the fronts are set to large, and you might disconnect all the other speakers from the AVR. Just power the 8000s. Any chance of connecting them to a different power source, receiver? Those speakers have a lot of good bass in them.
  6. Those look great, look to be made well. Just curious.....what does all of that weigh, plywood, stand, driver, horn? Does it need to be mounted to the bass section, and movement?
  7. Ceptorman

    What I Got Today!

    Gotcha.....nice bike. Most of my buddies have traded in their street bikes for adventure bikes. They look to be a lot of fun. Might be surprised how much weight you're saving. Does it need any tune or re-flash? Pics would be great!
  8. Ceptorman

    What I Got Today!

    Nice, will probably save some weight also, if it's replacing a stock exhaust. What's an SDGT?
  9. Ceptorman


    He deserves them. Huge crabs.
  10. "They're real..............and they're spectacular"
  11. I've heard great things about the Schiit dac, @CECAA850 had one at the SWAG and it made a real noticeable improvement over the standard dac in an Oppo CD player. I believe it was the Bifrost 2.
  12. Don't they already make this, KPT 884? Would this work and finish it in Heritage style?
  13. Correct, I doubt many Khorn, LS, or Belle owners would buy a DR sub. So should they market towards the extended Heritage line? Would their current sub work then, and dress it up like a Heritage?
  14. But with the extended Heritage lineup, there are more models of DR than FH.
  15. There are so many horror stories involving bikes, I have a permanent limp from a busted up knee 44 years ago, I was a headstrong 23 year old. Heard a story about a guy that didn't ride much, but wanted this new bright red sexy Ducati. He wrote a check for it, started to ride off at the dealership, hit a curb in the parking lot and died from a head injury. @grasshopper you should tell him to ride on a race track.....it's WAY safer there.
  16. Does it even need to be a folded horn design? Most of the Heritage lineup isn't, so make this new sub match in appearance, but would it sell? Will Khorn and LS owners even consider this?
  17. Could a smaller box work for a Heritage style folded horn sub, like the size of a La Scala bass bin?
  18. @grasshopper there are 7 ABATE locations in Arizona. Is he somewhat cocky about motorcycles? They want you to leave your ego at home.
  19. Yes, some of those schools are great, especially when they can adjust their teaching based on your experience level. ABATE can be a good source. He might even inquire locally about someone teaching a newbie some motorcycle skills. You're right about an enduro bike, if he's on gravel roads a lot. Some of those adventure bikes are pretty cool, they're more than a dirt bike.
  20. I like that you called it a "course"....most call it a row.
  21. That Starplayer Rusty Steel is a very unique guitar, I like it. I did check it's price....not cheap. There was a used one on Reverb.
  22. Good buy on that speaker. Too bad you're so far away, the Klipsch Pony Express speaker transfer system would be a good option.
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