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  1. Haha....I've done that before. I recently bought a Marshall 40 watt tube guitar amp. I always wanted a Vox AC30 (classic British sound) I came across a deal on the Marshall. It does sound good.
  2. Looks good, I say get the 280s and you won't have to upgrade for a long while....if ever.
  3. One advantage of the RF7 is the center that exactly matches.
  4. It's nice when we find the answer to a question, luck or not.
  5. Haha....I remember that crazy program, came on Sunday night?
  6. And he was married to a model....
  7. He was very innovative. He was credited for starting punk, and disco. He always had a cool calming presence, never any hostility. An artist I wish I had seen him live.
  8. I'm old school also, no streaming service, no iTunes. I have to have the actual CD, no downloads. I even just updated my 16 year old Sony CD player to a 9 year old Oppo BDP 😀
  9. You probably just made someone's Christmas....well done.
  10. I remember it as well. I was 16 and had been to probably 25 concerts at that point (a good friend worked at Karma records so getting tickets was easy) I also remember being shoved and pressed against the MSA doors, a few times it was scary. It wasn't long after when festival seating pretty much went away. I saw The Who three years later at MSA.
  11. A sad day, 11 died at a Who concert....https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2019/12/02/who-concert-tragedy-40-years-ago-stampede-kills-11-persons-coliseum-rock-concert/2590113001/?fbclid=IwAR0mTJJ1K7ZlLFoQYf5t0nJX40GYR6BJPmzoVgAxRddKqlx3POIWyNFN-84
  12. Plus with a switch it can be an instant change from speaker to speaker. Sometimes that 10 minute wait to connect gear is enough to forget what the previous speaker sounded like.
  13. One of the contractors I work for occasionally has a project that he needs a price on, and there isn't much info about the project to give him an exact price. So I give him the SWAG price....Scientific Wild *ss Guess...
  14. Ceptorman

    NFL 2019

    I think Bo Jackson was the best athlete ever. He was modest and a nice guy. Unlike Dion Sanders.
  15. I think Lewis will stay in F1 long enough to break Schumacher's championship record of 7, he has 6 currently. I'm sure the Benz will be just as stout next year, but a major rule change in 2021 might bring another team to the top. Ferrari does well, but always seems to shoot themselves in the foot with their wacky strategy, that usually fails. I feel bad for Le Clerc, he was bitten by their bad strategy a few times this year.
  16. I use an Emotiva XPA-2 in a 2 channel setup and it sounds fantastic. Are those RF83s? That's a great collection of speakers you have there.
  17. Ceptorman

    NFL 2019

    I love to see Marcia Brady whining...
  18. Ceptorman

    NFL 2019

    The Colts pretty much secured Houston's #1 spot in their division.
  19. Ceptorman

    5.1 vs 5.1.2

    Your room is definitely not too small, it's a good size for a HT.
  20. This console is now half price, marked down to 15k.....still won't sell.
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