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  1. RIP.....one of the best shows ever on TV.
  2. Ceptorman

    What I Got Today!

    I hear those are nice at noice cancelling and comfort. Anyone find it ironic that Bose excels at keeping things quiet?
  3. Nice looking business, you should be proud.
  4. He starts an American tour this summer, all over the place. The closest show to me would be Cincy. I saw him once in 95, he played DSOTM entirely. Tickets are kind of pricey....https://rogerwaters.com/tour/
  5. RIP Kirk, you sure had an incredible life. Thank you...
  6. Pretty good deal, and they're close.
  7. If RF7llls are on your list, better get two of them and an RC64lll, that's a spectacular front three.
  8. Here’s the fireplace/mantle I built
  9. John's career in pictures...https://racer.com/gallery/john-andrettis-career-in-pictures/?fbclid=IwAR1xFK5RFR6ZjsdwCc_yafDx-_vs5HrEhhM6HqUtDAPNkrqkXB-mqMnWTWs
  10. RIP John, he died Thursday at the age of 56, from colon cancer. He was one of my favorite racers ever, and was the nicest Andretti. We grew up in the same town, same age, competing high schools. He was an exceptional racer, won races in different types of cars that nobody has ever accomplished, probably never will (IndyCar, Nascar, Rolex 24 at Daytona, Top Fuel dragster, sports car) He raised millions of dollars for local Riley Children's Hospital, with a charity go kart race. Dozens of top racers would show up....Tony Stewart, Ricky Rudd, 10-12 IndyCar racers, Dario Franchitti, Mark Dismore (owns the track) Vitor Meira (track lap record holder) Sarah Fisher, Josef Newgarden (won this race when he was 16) Scott Dixon and Dan Weldon (in their matching Target race suits) local celebrities. I raced in one of these events, even alongside John, but not for long, he passed me and was gone! He was just a good guy, always approachable, never rude, always smiling. A Riley spokesperson said today that John would just show up all the time, just to talk to the kids and their families. He didn't care if there weren't cameras around, that wasn't why he was there.
  11. I think I would ask $500 for the center and $1000 for the towers, you can always come down in price. Your local market will determine the sale price. I would not give them away though, still pretty nice and sought after speakers. Are you replacing them with something?
  12. The way I look at it....even if I lost a little bit of sound quality, I more than made up for it in practicality and comfort. My home looks much more modern with one large room instead of two smaller ones, and being open into the kitchen makes it seem even bigger. I bought laminated flooring and installed it myself, I actually did all the work myself. My living room now is 28'x24'. I even built the wood mantle on top of a new cultured stone fireplace front.
  13. OSB is much more stable than plywood. But it does have its downfalls.
  14. You know any time we see a thread about building we all act like Tim the Toolman Taylor 😀 He should use the Binford 8100 air nailer!
  15. I think you'll be fine with that thickness of OSB. It's stronger than it looks, great stuff, as long as it doesn't get wet. Is it tongue and groove?
  16. Looks familiar. I removed almost 40' of walls in my home 2 years ago. Made a huge difference in looks and comfort. 800' of hardwood floors did make a difference in the sound, but some treatments helped a lot. Your finished room looks great.
  17. I think the P39s in Chicago is a pretty good deal, and they look mint. They are close to Wisconsin OP.
  18. RIP....a real bummer.
  19. So sorry....may she rest in peace.
  20. It's the new world we live in 😀
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