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  1. Ceptorman

    The Cola Wars

    I used to drink 8-10 cans of regular Coke every day, then I switched to Caffeine Free Diet Coke, then one day I thought this stuff can't be good for me (and my dentist said the same thing) so I quit cold turkey. That was 16 years ago. I'll take a small sip now and it taste absolutely horrendous. I'll drink a can of Sprite, 7Up, or Dr Pepper once a week.
  2. How do you know they did? That's what Klipsch had them on sale for a couple years ago.
  3. Ceptorman

    Denon & Marantz

    So....Marantz is GMC? 😀
  4. Nat King Cole might have the best voice ever.
  5. You don't like the sound of your P37s? Have you tried different amps, pres, receivers? Room treatments? Going back to La Scalas?
  6. Well that's something to be proud of. I can only imagine hearing Jimi Hendrix play the Anthem. So many of those artist are gone now.
  7. WOW.....12 in one game! Dan Patrick interviewed Clayton Kershaw, he was asked is her nervous as a pitcher, Kershaw just said we need to try harder.
  8. Remember, the ball got juiced up this year. They are on pace to hit over 600 more home runs this year vs last year. One day a few weeks ago, 48 home runs were hit in one day, and there were 10 games played that day. The kid is setting records, but the ball is helping.
  9. I saw what you did there 😀 Any chance of selling anything separately?
  10. It sure pays to be close to the water...
  11. So at the same time it's 51 degrees cooler in Oxnard than Palm Springs? How many miles apart would that be.....60?
  12. Use the pony express shipping on here Carl, you know you want these.
  13. Terrific room, excellent gear, those Belles you made sure look good. Breakfast in America!
  14. The pitcher's are thinking "I can get this guy out".....or "should I pitch around him, who's up next?"....but they all know about his hitting.
  15. I heard they had a new HR hitter, Reds need some help. Maybe this young guy can give them a shot in the arm.
  16. Chuck.....nice room full of some awesome gear.
  17. Awesome pics Chuck (I assume that's your name) thanks for sharing. Have you tried playing with placement on those CWs? I'll bet you have.
  18. Welcome to the madness Chad. You made a good choice in your equipment. As far as mounting the TV to the wall, you need to place your center channel speaker on the entertainment center, then the TV just above that. That sequence works so you won't have to raise your TV later. You could always mount the TV high enough for a center to fit, but I think they look and sound better when it's a tight fit. Plus a tight fit will hide your wires and cables.
  19. Ceptorman

    Car Thread

    M ostly O ld P arts A nd R ust 😀
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