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  1. Thanks. I wonder what that list is based on. I don't quite believe it. But hey, its the internet so it must be true! I'm with you in thinking that Heresy would have been number 1.
  2. Klipsch Forte II vintage speakers For Sale. KLIPSCH'S #1 SELLING SPEAKER OF ALL TIME. Just saw this as part of an ad on CL for Forte II's. Just curious if this could be true. Where would the info come from? Is there a list of such? Thanks
  3. I auditioned the EVO line last June at Upscale Audio. I had previously auditioned the Mac you have. It was no contest from my perspective. I did save a few hundred bucks and buy the Dialogue Premium HP to go with my Forte III's. Now that I have had my system for nearly six months and have the speakers located and finally made serious progress with Room Acoustics, I'm blown away by the PL. You won't go wrong with the EVO line for sure. Good luck and enjoy.
  4. I acquired a PrimaLuna about six months ago. Can't compare it to anything else since its all I've heard in my listening space, but I'm very satisfied. I use it with my Forte III's, and a TT. All the best in your search-thats part of the fun.
  5. I also live in Arizona, (Green Valley). I went to Upscale Audio and auditioned PL with the Forte III's like I own. I was sold after an hour. I've had my Dialogue Premium HP for about two months and couldn't be happier. If you're up for a trip this far south of Sedona, you would be welcome to come and hear this combination. I'm very happy with the combo. Good luck. Lots of good options out there. Del
  6. I've owned the RR2160 for more than a year. As great as Steve Guttenberg and others who have reviewed it say. Used it with Cornwalls and it was great. Price is so reasonable for what you get. Now it is the centerpiece of my two channel TV system using the RF 600 M's. I am currently enjoying an integrated tube amp for music and really enjoying that as well. I believe you'll like it.
  7. I listened to the MA252 on three different occasions. Sounded good through some very expensive speakers, but I didn't think it sounded "better" than my Vintage Pioneer SX-1250, which surprised me. I then started to rethink if tubes were the next step for me or not. I auditioned some local Craigslist Tube units and realized I did like the sound. After attending a couple of high end shows with lots of tube equipment including both PL and Mac I realized I liked the sound of the PL better. The extended audition at Upscale Audio with the same speakers I own, really sealed the deal. I also like the HT pass through (don't remember if the 252 has that, the Triode/UltraLinear switch. I think we all have different tastes when it comes to audio and there are so many factors in choosing a complete system. To answer your question though, yes I think PL is a completely different listening experience. Anyone else may well have a different response, but this is mine. Good luck with your search for the best system, it's a never ending quest I fear.
  8. Have had the Dialogue Premium HP for a couple of weeks after visiting Upscale Audio in LA who let me audition them on Forte III's just like I own. I also had several listening sessions with the MA 252, which I liked, but not enough to purchase. To each their own, but I'm definitely a happy tube guy at the moment-along with some great vintage gear as well. I also purchased some RP 600M's for the TV, since I don't need to listen to the TV via the tubes-thought the HT setting works great when I want to with a movie, etc. Haven't added a phono stage, but will soon.
  9. I also have Forte III's, (have had lots of various Klipsch over the last 40 years). I have been to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and LA High End Audio show in the last year. Lots of great equipment to lust over, but much of it just crazy expensive. I recently was in LA and visited Upscale Audio who auditioned PrimaLuna for me with Forte III's so I could have a good approximation of the sound I could expect. Was able to spend a great deal of time listening to the list of songs I brought with me. I am now the happy owner of a PrimaLuna unit and very pleased. Lots of different paths to follow in this hobby, but for me, I think I'm going to be satisfied for at least as long as anyone normally is in this hobby-there is always a "next step". Good luck on your search and whatever you do will be "right"-for now at least.
  10. I only recently became interested in Head Phones after about 50 years after my first Koss leather covered headphones-I do prefer speakers for music, but appreciate there are uses for me and others that drive the demand for such. Still it is disappointing that this issue hasn't been resolved. It would seem that the right thing to do if they aren't going to support the old model is to provide the new model to those who ask. It would cost Klipsch less in the long run than the damage to their reputation it seems to me. That and it just seems to be the right thing to do given what I read here. I'll be anxious to see how this turns out.
  11. The show at the Hollywood Bowl was really good. Didn’t hear every song I’d liked to have heard but that’s always the case. The acoustics were great from my seats which were about dead center. Can’t wait for Boulder on the 5th of July.
  12. It was; Ginger Baker was so drugged up though, he couldn't stop drumming and they literally had to carry him off stage, he was sweating buckets. Might have been part of the reason the group didn't make it for long.
  13. As others have mentioned here and elsewhere Forte III's (probably many if not most speakers) are very sensitive to placement. I have ended up without any toe-in and about 10-12" from the wall-and I'm still adjusting after nearly a year. The biggest adjustment I've made though is putting a blanket over the huge glass covered artwork behind my listening position (a temporary solution). No other adjustment has had the impact that I experienced doing this-mind boggling difference really.The other big difference has been returning to my '77 Pioneer SX-1250. That sounds with the Forte's makes me to wonder what more could it want-though I am about to experiment with some tube amplification just for the experience.
  14. I was fortunate enough to see Blind Faith during their brief existence in '69. Still one of the greatest concerts I ever experienced.
  15. Here is a good example of where he's at with the group now. I'm pretty impressed. It will never be the same, but that doesn't mean it can't be great.
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