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  1. With my system, covering the wall hung 65 in TV makes a noticeable difference. When people come over to listen and I'm in the process of covering the TV, I get some quizzical looks which I have come to expect. The "tell" is when I slowly remove the cover across the face of the TV. Everyone agrees that the difference is noticeable as it comes off. Hoodoo? Who knows, but its cheap and easy to do. A friend recently gave me a very thin quilt made from Album Covers of my favorite band. Now it not only works well, but looks great as well. I would say that the change is not dramatic, but more than enough to make it worth the effort.
  2. I've seen these and I don't think they are in much better than average shape. Last I heard he wanted $2250 which I explained to him is unrealistic. Still, he is a small business owner and he gets to price them as he sees it. I should add that his thinking if new Cornwall (IV's) cost $6,000, then $2,000 makes sense for his. I did explain the difference as I've owned both and many other Klipsch. Still up to him.
  3. Apparently so! They were made for Audio International in Frankfurt, Germany. Thanks!
  4. Would that indicate that there may be some kind of difference between the non-export model?
  5. I ran into a guy I know today who has recently obtained 2 sets of Cornwalls, one is a set of II's, the other which looks much like the two's are Cornwall E's. These are an unknown model to me. I'm going to help him price these and am wondering what significance the "E" has. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks all. Just picked up the latest generation, cheapest iPad. Thanks for your thoughts. As I stated in my question, I'm an Apple guy since the first Mac. Thanks, Del
  7. I'd like to buy the cheapest iPad possible for primary use as an interface with my Bluesound Node 2i. Is there any difference in models that I need to consider, or does even the least expensive iPad work as I intend it? Thanks in advance. I know I could buy something besides Apple, but I must like spending more than I need to for things-or why else would I be into HiFi? Thanks!
  8. Edgar; Thanks so much. Great info and that might just be the ticket. I'll check out all options, but I can certainly visualize the acrylic in black as fitting well.
  9. In my recent attempt to tidy up the presentation of my system, I have acquired a nice piece of furniture with 3 large doors each about 23 x 24. The doors are solid wood. I'd like to have the center door redone and largely covered with some material that is not necessarily see thru (unless there is no other option). Are there cloth, speaker grille type materials that would serve this purpose, or will I need to metal screen type. The nicest might be grille covering material that would match or accent my Cornwall IV's which I have on each end of the piece. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, as would sources for such. Thanks Del Bomberger
  10. And we actually know each other.
  11. Listening to my CWIV's with tubes as we speak. I've owned many speakers and auditioned many more. This is the end game for me (famous last words, I know). Just couldn't be happier. Ignor most if not all naysayers, but be sure to audition them somewhere. I drove 500 miles each way to do so, and knew within about 5 minutes they were what I wanted. I should say that I had Forte III's at the time, and they are also worthy of your consideration-I loved them also. Good luck with your search.
  12. Grew up in Lincoln, lived in North Platte, and Omaha (mostly) until 4.5 years ago when I retired and moved to Green Valley, AZ. A half hour south of Tucson. 20 minutes to home depot, a retirement community of about 30,000. I've always wanted to live in Arizona and when I retired it happened. This is the Sonoran Desert at about 3000 feet. Great place really at least from my perspective. I actually bought my home about four years before I retired and spent plenty of time there before. The annual monsoons started yesterday, and they are a great experience. It does get hot, but much more comfortable than Omaha in the summer.
  13. If I didn't have CWIV's already, I'd be checking these out I think. Don't have other info other than I read on Craigslist. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/ele/d/surprise-klipsch-cornwall-iv/7149521233.html
  14. This is an amazing album created for his foundation. Something very special about this LP and the performances on it.
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