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  1. The show at the Hollywood Bowl was really good. Didn’t hear every song I’d liked to have heard but that’s always the case. The acoustics were great from my seats which were about dead center. Can’t wait for Boulder on the 5th of July.
  2. It was; Ginger Baker was so drugged up though, he couldn't stop drumming and they literally had to carry him off stage, he was sweating buckets. Might have been part of the reason the group didn't make it for long.
  3. As others have mentioned here and elsewhere Forte III's (probably many if not most speakers) are very sensitive to placement. I have ended up without any toe-in and about 10-12" from the wall-and I'm still adjusting after nearly a year. The biggest adjustment I've made though is putting a blanket over the huge glass covered artwork behind my listening position (a temporary solution). No other adjustment has had the impact that I experienced doing this-mind boggling difference really.The other big difference has been returning to my '77 Pioneer SX-1250. That sounds with the Forte's makes me to wonder what more could it want-though I am about to experiment with some tube amplification just for the experience.
  4. I was fortunate enough to see Blind Faith during their brief existence in '69. Still one of the greatest concerts I ever experienced.
  5. Here is a good example of where he's at with the group now. I'm pretty impressed. It will never be the same, but that doesn't mean it can't be great.
  6. Agreed. Mayer is definitely a worthy addition and has proven his self, in my estimation anyway.
  7. Remnants of the Grateful Dead with some new blood. Gathering of the tribe so to speak, at the Hollywood Bowl for a couple of nights. Always a real good time.
  8. Greetings: I attended the RMAF in Denver last September and it was my first High End Audio show. Pretty amazing, but too much to take in at one time and listening isn't optimum of course. I'll be in the LA area for some Dead & Company shows during the same time as the L A High End Audio show. Can anyone comment specifically on this show or compare it to the RMAF, there is plenty to do in the area and I want to make the most of my time there. Thanks in Advance
  9. I've owned both and that is about as tough a call as I can imagine. When push came to shove for me though, I kept the Cornwalls and sold the Chorus II's. The Chorus were just plain kick-***, but the Cornwalls, just had something that made me smile whenever I listened to them. Good luck whichever way you go. You win either way.
  10. OK, strolling through the local Walmart today looking for Christmas Decoration oddities for a little project and discovered little strings of lights that are battery operated and sync with your music. Well for $8.00, what do you expect, but I have to say it is kind of fun. Got me to thinking (always a dangerous proposition) about how this might be done with various "rope lights" that are used for various purposes. Any ideas? I'm sure its probably "a thing" but I don't even know where to start. Must have been those Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane light shows causing me "flashbacks". Still, I'd be interested to hear what kind of a device is used to accomplish this.
  11. I wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble.
  12. Today at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, new La Scala AK5's were being demonstrated. I don't have a lot of experience listening to La Scalas, but they did look and sound as great as I would have expected. RMAF is a great experience and I'd recommend it to anyone. Much to look at, listen too and what seemed to this first time attendee a really great turnout. Klipsch had two rooms at least and was a busy place. A lot of people wanting to hear Forte III's and others.
  13. Yes, Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane-its all coming back to me now!
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