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  1. dbomberger

    Purchasing Chorus ii or Cornwall ii???

    I've owned both and that is about as tough a call as I can imagine. When push came to shove for me though, I kept the Cornwalls and sold the Chorus II's. The Chorus were just plain kick-***, but the Cornwalls, just had something that made me smile whenever I listened to them. Good luck whichever way you go. You win either way.
  2. OK, strolling through the local Walmart today looking for Christmas Decoration oddities for a little project and discovered little strings of lights that are battery operated and sync with your music. Well for $8.00, what do you expect, but I have to say it is kind of fun. Got me to thinking (always a dangerous proposition) about how this might be done with various "rope lights" that are used for various purposes. Any ideas? I'm sure its probably "a thing" but I don't even know where to start. Must have been those Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane light shows causing me "flashbacks". Still, I'd be interested to hear what kind of a device is used to accomplish this.
  3. dbomberger

    Rocky Mtn Audio Fest La Scala AK5's

    I wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble.
  4. dbomberger

    Rocky Mtn Audio Fest La Scala AK5's

    I heard it referred to as the AK5.
  5. Today at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, new La Scala AK5's were being demonstrated. I don't have a lot of experience listening to La Scalas, but they did look and sound as great as I would have expected. RMAF is a great experience and I'd recommend it to anyone. Much to look at, listen too and what seemed to this first time attendee a really great turnout. Klipsch had two rooms at least and was a busy place. A lot of people wanting to hear Forte III's and others.
  6. dbomberger

    Lava lamps WHAT is the current latest and greatest?

    Yes, Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane-its all coming back to me now!
  7. dbomberger

    Prima Luna.....SET

    Going to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest starting Friday. I'm looking forward to hearing several PL integrateds. I hope I like their sound as much as I'm anticipating. Dave, which integrated are you running?
  8. dbomberger

    Forte III and Decware Torri MK IV Amp

    Thanks for the info. I have yet to hear a PL, but am going to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 10 days and will hear them (and many others) there. Unless I'm dissuaded by something else while I'm there, I'll be ordering one when I get back. Been meaning to drive over to his place, but it is 500 miles. I'm sure I'll get there sometime. I might even decide to go pick up what I buy to avoid any delivery disasters-though I know they are well packed.
  9. dbomberger

    Forte III and Decware Torri MK IV Amp

    Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio has a nice little video about the Forte III, which he sells of course on Youtube. He discusses and dismisses the brightness issue. Just worth a listen and of course he is into and sells PrimaLuna as well as many other brands. Very funny video as well.
  10. Very cool. I love listening to them paired with a Hammond B-3 which I heard just a few weeks ago. Also, I almost purchased the amp by itself from a guy who had turned it into a separate unit with volume control. Sounded just great, but didn't meet the ever present standard for WAF-though she agreed it sounded amazing. Just the amp was $400.00 and was sold quickly.
  11. dbomberger

    Prima Luna.....SET

    I'm about to do the same thing and have been asking for a lot of information-and getting it. There is some good recent discussion on the Prima Luna Owners Group on FB. Might be a good place to check out also. Regarding power, I heard a 60 year old Stromberg Carlson integrated tube amp the other day with LaScalas and was blown away. I think it was 18 watts or something.
  12. OK, I have Forte III's currently in use with my receiver for TV and musical uses. I am also about to purchase an Integrated Tube Amplifier. I want to use the Forte's for both. What is the best type of switch to use to accomplish this-or is this a bad idea in terms of lowering the quality of music via the extra switch? Thanks in advance. I don't have to do it this way, I could just have a separate tube based system by swapping out the Forte's which I'm willing to do if there is a good argument(s) in favor of that.
  13. dbomberger

    How 2 maintain Tx residency for college?

    Just sold the lot in the last year. Taxes were low, I don't know for a fact in was in Austin, that's just where she went to school. Worked out great is all I know. Father was a partner in Deloitte, so knew the "ropes".