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  1. ..for the warm welcome, encouragement, advise and critism....lol...... I am ashamed to admit that at 56 years of age not only is this the first pair of Klipsch I have owned, but the first time I've listened to any, even though I've been aware of their exixtence and reputation since 1979. If there is a silver lining here, is that at my age, I've actually gotten excited about sometihng!


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  2. I see the risers are gone. You might want a low chair or slump down to get your ears at optimum level. Listening to my forte IIs right now. You will love them.

    there was on intact....Im going to make my own

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  3. Getting my first Klipsch tomorrow. They are the Forte II model. They may at some point need to be refoamed. Stiill intact, but they seemed a bit dry.


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