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  1. Just a listing of what components were utilized? It’s not a pro audio piece? Was 82 a good year overall? Never owned speakers this good before. I’m Pretty sure they haven’t been modded in any way.
  2. Info on these would be appreciated. Considering their purchase from a friend 28X733 is serial number of one of the pair Sorry they are sideways. I didn’t take them and they were upright in my feed. thanks in advance
  3. Thanks to all for the info. I think there was a repair or a replacement of some sort on the one with the grill off. I can't wait to get these and then start to pick out equipment.
  4. I am just starting to attempt to put together a vintage system. I have a friend whose father in law passed and left him these 4 Cornwall speakers. I want to buy them, but I have several questions. What exact models are they, and what are they worth in the real world? I think there is a sequential serial number pair and then a mixed pair. Thanks for any help.
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