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  1. It’s the chorus ii /forte ii /quartet mid horn and driver. Guessing the k62 vs k61 designation adds a bugscreen molded into the horn for pro use
  2. http://images.klipsch.com/KP-320_635348946280518000.pdf fwiw, the frequency response graph looks like a mistake. Appears to be the kp65 driver chart
  3. 15k is incredibly optimistic with a k53 on a 602 horn..
  4. Look to be in great shape. Not the best sounding pro speaker according to a few threads here tho..
  5. I was hoping you’d chime in. I remember reading about your chorus when i was digging thru old posts. I forget, did you use the k55v on a k604 or a k602 with an adapter?
  6. Gotcha. k55v is done long before the 7,000 hertz cross to the tweeter in the chorus ii. Tweeter high pass should be lowered. Stock chorus ii network relies on the natural rolloff of the k53 at it’s upper end. Unless the replacement mid has the same roll off, a bandpass will be needed for any driver that plays higher. Forte iii (k70) and forte iv (k702) drivers included. The horn itself is used to 20khz in some pro 2 way speakers.
  7. None of those will work as well as the K53 without making changes to the network. Can't discuss that here...
  8. K-61 is the combination of the K53 driver on the K-602 horn that is in your Chorus II The K-604 horn is the 1 3/8" threaded version of the K-602 that is used in some pro gear. Different screw pattern, but otherwise a drop in replacement.
  9. Horn won't help the need for eq either. 396 uses the same cd horn ‘mumps’ version of the k-510…
  10. Zxpc 18x10 is pretty popular. Before the mods squash this thread, head over to audiokarma for discussion about it…
  11. He's not spamming. You in fact did put the woofer driver wires on the wrong end of your crossovers. Too bad you removed all the components. @mboxler and I had a simple rewire for you when you disappeared.
  12. THIS. There are plenty of Klipsch out there that haven't been mucked around with. Those Forte II with the crites woofers you're looking at? If they are the pair I think, no way are they worth that money in clear lacquer oak in that condition.. or any condition personally..
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