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  1. Same items that are listed on Jax facebook marketplace?
  2. You’ll need to post 4 more times before you can use private messaging as well. Do that and message me please or send me an email at coexjet@gmail.com
  3. Interested. What is your asking price?
  4. Someone isn’t fixing it.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/134622118082?hash=item1f581a80c2:g:umIAAOSwsqJkkhNF&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwOGxWujZBzFByWu1z2Z3ouuY6sTiUxhN%2BUBSVy1Bn9oOlbIAv33jR7ESMfdcLa30oigpm0rlQegRpHlp%2FmP3f3IR7PLdcja1dAkVAL7pRG7g5xu0uMYh5I40rW%2BhJ4ioJcapOsP6DtVNa2aJ2l80UPonrcQVWEmZ59bxp6NoYz15iqaiMNh0LhMuWxgR0SA69PiI70rL%2FI2wp%2FOLEiRs4RhzagIJPrKPKgFGYdKgsQPjnjRI5MlQL8F4HC957xUX2A%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9bH16udYg
  5. Do either of those amps have 4 or 6 ohm taps to connect the speakers to?
  6. If the amps work fine with the forte, I’d suspect the Belle networks. Especially with the recent recap. Did the belle work good before the recap? Post a couple pics of the networks. What is the resistance measurement of each of the belle? Multimeter on the speaker input terminals..
  7. Does that stock forte ii simulation include the 40ohm resister across the tweeter? I thought it was supposed to tame that hump.
  8. Stock forte II network has the crossovers at 650 and 7,000
  9. By definition, a clone is identical..😉
  10. It’s the chorus ii /forte ii /quartet mid horn and driver. Guessing the k62 vs k61 designation adds a bugscreen molded into the horn for pro use
  11. http://images.klipsch.com/KP-320_635348946280518000.pdf fwiw, the frequency response graph looks like a mistake. Appears to be the kp65 driver chart
  12. 15k is incredibly optimistic with a k53 on a 602 horn..
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