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  1. k703 1 3/8” threaded k702 klipsch tweeter small 3 bolt pattern Both 1” throat exit EDITED... Thx dirtyernie
  2. Going to guess a car…. Why he’s asking in a 6 year old klipsch home audio thread is anyone’s guess 🙄
  3. Here is PWK's paper from 1963 on the development of the k-400 horn and the effect of a baffle or flange on the low end extension of the horn.. K-400 Article.pdf
  4. I’d think L pads (adjustable or fixed) would be the easier solution to drop the mid and tweet output if he finds them too “bright”
  5. All Heresy 1 and 1.5 have rear mounted drivers and removable backs. The K76 is a front mounted driver and did not appear until the Heresy II
  6. For anyone interested, they're auctioning a pair of them. Individually 🙄. Here's the other one. 1978 khorns obviously. Not 1993 as listed Walnut oil finish, not "White oak"... lol https://hibid.com/lot/188306003/1993-klipsch-klipcshorn-k-55-v-white-oak-speaker?ref=catalog
  7. 912-715-6898 Number this scammer moron has on the Savannah ad for those that may be interested.....
  8. Nevermind.. I see you saw the post already
  9. Try emailing Support@klipsch.com Whatever the current titanium tweeter diaphragm that klipsch uses in all those small 3 bolt tweeters should work.
  10. Just call Klipsch parts. Will be less expensive for the same replacement diaphragms vs simply speakers
  11. Varies significantly with what part of the country you are in… Especially in that condition…
  12. It's a scam. Been posted all over the southeast for MONTHS. Same scammer has posts for Forte IV and Forte II
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