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  1. Where are you located? Bill Canada SK small town named Mankota
  2. Alright thanks! and what i should have said instead of "sounds better" is that from what i have found online some people say Yamaha and Klipsch are to bright. Thanks for your input though it was greatly appreciated! Im going to go and look locally to see if i can get those models recommended and hopefully a bit less with some bartering.
  3. Would anyone happen to have experience running a Yamaha Integrated amplifier with the original Klpisch forte'? or even Marantz I have my eyes on these models Marantz PM6005, Marantz PM5005, Yamaha A-S301, and the Yamaha A-S501. Which would sound best with the forte? if at all, and would the 45 watts even be enough if i went with the Marantz? if neither of these would be a good choice it would be greatly appreciated if someone more experienced than myself could recommend a different make. but I have a $700-$800- budget rather stay around the $500 mark, opinions and recommendations would be great! let me know what you guys think.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone on the forums would happen to have a pair of KD 13 passive radiators 12" for sale or happen to know where i could get a pair for under $130? , PM me or reply bellow, the help is greatly appreciated thanks.
  5. I had found an original on ebay and ordered it should be here soon thanks for everyones help though!
  6. Alright thanks for letting me know Beeker I really appreciate it!
  7. pulled these out of my original forte's and was wondering if they are worth anything at all? if so could you guys let me know what they might bring. thanks! the white/silver stuff is duck tape that the previous owner used to make a hilarious fix.
  8. Hello i was wondering if anyone had an Original Klipsch K23K woofer for the original forte and would be interested in selling it ifso let me know please it would be greatly appreciated! any condition as long as its reparable. Thanks
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