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  1. Priced really well. Somebody jump on 'em! http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ele/5221932343.html
  2. Dah-yuuuum. Wanna swap for a pair of Welborne 300b's?
  3. I am only a couple hours away and I have a property in Marietta. Anybody wants to jump I would be tickled to assist in any way.
  4. I live near Nashville. Let me know if I can help.
  5. We all love Klipsch here, otherwise we wouldn't be here. Good luck with your sale!
  6. Careful...these Klipschophiles will scream "heresy"!
  7. fan4fan14evr


    Boy. That was a sweet lookin' amp. Almost made an offer myself.
  8. Getting some interest in breaking up the pair and selling one. Anyone on here interested in the remaining single? You would have to be local.
  9. Cyber-Saturday bump. (Not that that has anything to do with this). Make a sweet deal for any forum members...give me a shout.
  10. Well, I wouldn't call them "factory stained". Just a nice furniture refinishing shop in Red Bank. Cost $200 a piece to get them to this condition, still some visual issues but you have to be close. I knew you would be on this Brandon! Your designation should be "Chief Enabler - Garage Sale Forum". Wives everywhere should fear your posts. Thanks for the kind words. John
  11. Too lazy and tecnologically challenged to brave the forum pic-posting-pain. So I'm linking to my CL ad, I will do significantly better on price for local forum members of course. (that means you Marvel) http://chattanooga.craigslist.org/ele/4771063607.html
  12. Purple Heart K-Horns? Maybe gangsta rap would sound better on them (doubt it). http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipschorn-speakers-1978-/291269337838?pt=Speakers_Subwoofers&hash=item43d10162ee
  13. Somebody buy these already. I only got so much willpower.
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