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  1. Hey Brandon. I'm just 30 miles away from this guy. You want I should go check 'em out for you?
  2. What's the likelihood that they would match a real pair of '88 K-Horns? I'm thinking for example - using these clones as surrounds while using my real ones for front channels. I'm really happy with having Cornwalls for surrounds now but I wonder...
  3. Behringer amp is sold and gone. What will it take to move these cabs? How about $200 for the pair?!! I'll be waiting in my garage... John
  4. Sure and thanks for the reply. My e-mail is fan4fan1@yahoo.com. I have several Heathkit items already, an AA-151, matching tuner, and a real pair of Heathkit speakers. Looking forward to seeing it. John
  5. What kinda deck is it? R2R or cassette? Could you snap a pic?
  6. So how many times can I bump myself before I go blind? Seriously, the amp seems to be sold. Subs are still available. John
  7. I've owned a PV-5 for years and years. CJ stuff is awesome and I wish I could find a place for the matching amp! Good luck with your sale! John
  8. Btw. Of all the Heritage line, Corns are my favorites. Congrats!
  9. I had some 1/2 inch glass tops made for mine (not to cover any blemishes, just cause I liked the idea of protection). Any glass shop can do this with the measurements. Get smoked glass and you'll not be able to see the water stain.
  10. They are big as I'm sure you expect. I'll make measurements later for you. You would probably need a small truck or van, a passenger car wouldn't cut it.
  11. Having lived in Orlando for 17 years, I know exactly how far away you are. That being said.. I have a nice pair of KP-1000's in my garage I would love to find a home for. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/149763-klipsch-kp-1000s-and-behringer-a-500-for-sale-in-tennessee/ Going to Dollywood anytime soon? John
  12. Just a self-bump to make sure that everybody keeps these in mind. The shipping thing is an issue so hopefully I'll eventually find a local buyer. They're stored away safely until I do. John
  13. That's very kind of you to offer Bruce. I will take you up on that one of these days and you must come and see us as well. Congrats on your sale (and I hope you get to replace them soon!) John
  14. Thanks guys! I'm a little dizzy from all the bumps! The amp does seem to be as bullet proof as any I've used and it sounds fine to boot. If it never sells, I'll be OK with that. Always nice to have an extra amp in the closet. And I'm practically giving it away. But the KP's need to move on - they take up a lot of real estate. I replaced them with a Behringer B1800D Pro Eurolive sub (self powered). It thumps!
  15. Nope. We're named after Pittsburgh. But not even close!
  16. Belay that offer. Still available.
  17. Thanks Billybob! Hope so. And BTW, I have been around a while as fan4fan1. Just couldn't get "moved over" to the new forum, so I gave up and joined again. John
  18. Not ready to tackle the learning curve of posting pics on the new site, so I just thought I would link to my CR listing instead. I'll better my price for members but I'm sorry - shipping is not an option for the KP's (I guess if you want to pay the freight...). Will be happy to ship the amp of course. Thanks for checking these out, John http://chattanooga.craigslist.org/ele/4438957373.html http://chattanooga.craigslist.org/msg/4448610011.html (Behringer is sold)
  19. What are the dimensions? I would like to buy, have sent PM. John
  20. That is exactly my "front-end" in my HT. Somebody will be very happy. John
  21. Details please. Are the buyers local? John
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