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  1. I am still wanting to sell the Aragon Stage One. I'd be willing to sell it for $150 if someone can come pick it up. I'm in the Chicago area, in Schaumburg.
  2. I need to sell this set by the 18th if possible, so please email me if you are interested. If you have any intentions of buying these and are near the East Central Indiana location, feel free to pick them up personally. Email. ryanm1288@gmail.com
  3. So, do you have an inside track when the Acurus Act 4 pre/pro is going to make it to market? If it will at all. Bill As far as I know, the last time I spoke with the company they were looking at Q4 production for this year. But this was roughly 2 years ago, so I am not sure. If you haven't already, I'd follow their Facebook pages to keep up to date on the Act 4
  4. Here is some photos showing more detail of the speakers and the Stage One: http://imgur.com/GYNMcMh,kOvOzJl,z4h7ATr,PmM2QEZ,ZxIDaNc,slPKb96#0
  5. Beeker, I used to work as an intern for Indy Audio Labs, the company that bought Klipsch's 2 audio brands, Aragon and Acurus. They now make amplifiers for those 2 brands and while there I was able to take home some speakers and the Stage One pre-amp. I fixed it up myself, as it needed a functional rotary dial and Digital to Analog converter board. I tested the speakers using an Acurus 2-channel amplifier and the Stage One and they sounded great. I can add photos of the Stage One also later today. If I make it a combo, I'll sell the set for $750.
  6. I need a quick sale on these...I'll sell them for $500 if anyone is interested.
  7. I also have an old Aragon Stage One that's fairly operational that I could potentially include in this sale.
  8. I am also taking the best offer for these...minimum of $650
  9. The speakers are in the east central Indiana area. Here are a few photos: http://imgur.com/SiBPNfF http://imgur.com/f2TKTD1 http://imgur.com/aHX7TiI
  10. Hello all, I currently have a pair of RB-81 II Cherry bookshelf speakers that I am looking to sell. These speakers have only been hooked up once for 10 minutes to ensure they worked properly and they sound great. They are still in the packaging that I had received them in. I'm looking to sell them for $750 and I will include the shipping to anywhere in the US. If anyone is interested please let me know. http://imgur.com/GYNMcMh,kOvOzJl,z4h7ATr,PmM2QEZ,ZxIDaNc,slPKb96#0 **EDIT** Speakers have been sold!!! **EDIT** I am also selling an Aragon Stage One preamp for $250 that is still ongoing.
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